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  1. That would now be: Shaun 'Doctor Impossible' Beckett. Nova mega-genius and rather dashing to boot. ::wink
  2. Yeah, I'm definitely playing a guy, and we now know for sure Zeke is too. Hey, I think it's all to the better. I mean, who wants a sausage-fest for T2M Europe? ::laugh Oh, that dude is totally going to be called "Thong" on a regular basis. ::biggrin
  3. Joe blinks. *Blew up a city?!* His outward expression doesn't change, however; he's had years of practice at keeping a smooth face before this. "Uh, sure man, I'll go with ya. Whatever you say." He stands up, nodding thanks to the bartender for the drink, and follows Guy. Joe clears his throat roughly. Already watching as her fingers trail down his stomach, he keeps his eyes nearly pinned to the floor to avoid looking up at her. Incredibly embarrassed and not sure what to do, he's still trying desperately to come up with a response that'll get him out of staying without upsetting her when Guy speaks up. But it isn't quite what Joe wanted to hear. ::huh "Uh...right. See you later man. Good luck with that...um, thing." Managing a weak smile, he glances back at Shockwave, and is immediately overwhelmed with the memories of their previous encounter. She was so damn hot! Turning a few shades darker than usual, he forces the smile to a grin and leads the way back to the bar. Eyeballing Thor with a bit of question in his eyes, he takes the orders for whatever they want and puts it on his own tab. As the drinks arrive, the big Elite finally comes to a realization that really should have been obvious to him earlier: Shockwave couldn't really get drunk, which meant that her wanting to sleep with him was...::blink something she really wanted to do! Quickly scanning Thor again for any horrible maladies or bad breath the god-like nova might have and finding none, he shook his head while glancing down at his own shifting, crackling metal skin. *I am never gonna understand women.*
  4. A Norwegian?! Where'd you get the wacky idea you could pull off one of those? ::tongue I'm doing the super-smart leader guy(hopeful on the leader part anyways). I'd like to try European, but I don't know how well I'll do. Probably try a Brit...y'know, raise the pinky when drinking tea, pop down to the pub for a pint, engage in some hooliganism at the local matches, all that stuff. ::biggrin
  5. But...but...unlike other Utopia Robin Hoods, mine can speak with a British accent? ::tongue
  6. Prof, regarding Truth and Justice, I'd like to play, but I'm a bit torn on what to play. I'm assuming this is supposed to be a European team? I've a couple concepts. One is an American, kind of a Superman/Captain America riff...let's call him Patriot. Flight, super-strength; your standard Paragon. The second is an homage to my old A! character, Roughneck; he's a grandson or great-grandson of that burly Royal Marine, and has followed quite closely in granddad's footsteps. My third idea was a mentalist/telekinetic, and my fourth idea was a sort of glass-cannon blaster....big nasty Q-Bolt. I'm realllllly leaning towards the Patriot concept...I can switch him to a Euro guy if needed, but I thought it might be funny to have at least one American for the others to pick on.
  7. ::biggrin At the very least, it will everyone else a sort of WTF?! moment before they start attacking.
  8. Landing in a crouch, The Stranger is thankful for the mask concealing his expression. Of everything that could happen, this was certainly the last thing he'd expected. Unbidden, the vigilante turns his attention to the powerfully charismatic nova Templar, and is surprised for the second time. Expecting a smooth attack of conversation from Vaughn, he's suddenly glad they'd managed to avoid a direct confrontation before this. Subvocalizing into his mic, The Stranger gets ready to move as he addresses his erstwhile female ally, who is currently hiding in a vent. "Slither. I'm going to need that distraction, right about..." "Now." Hoping that Slither will at least do something to help, The Stranger darts forward towards Miss Cable, moving as quickly as he can. Subconsciously, he grits his teeth as he passes through the edge of the nullifying field surrounding her, but immediately gets to work on freeing her from the lock and shackles.
  9. DVNTS HQ, Namibia: Stepping onto the landing stairs of the sub-orbital jet, Joe shaded his eyes with his hand for a moment, giving them a chance to adjust to the bright sun. Looking around at the base before him as he descended the stairs, he watched the scurry of activity, mentally identifying different Elites as they went about their daily business. It felt weird, coming here. It wasn't just another place anymore. On the jet, he'd found himself looking forward to returning, and he wasn't sure how to feel about that. Grunting, he tried to dispel the beginnings of any deeper thoughts on the subject, and stopped in the middle of the road, looking around. Permitting himself a small smile as he read the sign above him and a few feet away, he walked into Masks. Catching sight of Samurai talking to the bartender, his smile expanded, then slowly contracted into a frown as he crossed the room. Everyone in here was down; he could see the pensive expressions, and every pair of eyes seemed to be staring into a drink. Stopping to slide onto a stool next to his Japanese friend, he orders a beer, then glances sideways. Knowing that the Samurai will speak up if he wants to, Joe decides to keep his mouth shut, avoiding the obvious question and simply offering quiet company if it's needed.
  10. Prof, thank you for such a detailed and easily understandable explanation! Outstanding work. It helped me really clear up certain things I didn't understand before. I do still have some questions though. For instance, I'm still a bit fuzzy on that thin line between Gadgets and high-tech equipment, and I blame that mostly on the Elites book. Some of the items are obviously Gadgets, like the Invisibility Suit...it requires Quantum to function. But other things, like the Electro-Shock Pistol or the Monofilament Whipsword, those are realllllly nasty, but still available for purchase(at least with Backing or just a ton of money.) Where would you say that line is?
  11. I'm cool with it Heritage. And I want to let you know that I sincerely appreciate your honesty. You're a good ST, and you meant well. I applaud your recognition of your own faults and realizing when you know you won't be able to give a game the attention it deserves. Don't beat yourself up too much. ::smile
  12. Hardy har har. ::brick ::tongue I'm pretty sure the Teragen attacking your house falls under the "Act of God" clause inherent to most homeowner policies. ::glare Here are some great shots of what how I imagine the interior of Fabry's rebuilt mansion will look now:
  13. I had this weird, but fun(I think so anyways) to do an MTV Cribs style, in-character walkthrough of John Fabry's mansion(s). Then, I really started thinking about what kind of house it would be: How much square footage, how much acreage, what style of design, what's the interior like? So, I scoured the 'net for pictures of mansions and other very expensive homes to try to get some ideas. Because I'm lazy, and I haven't yet decided whether to do a full-text write up of Fabry guiding something through his massive edifice(sounds naughty, doesn't it?), I wanted to show you all some pics of the top contenders for Fabry's possible homes. To be fair to the original site where I found most of these, I'm posting their website here: http://www.terryspraguehomes.com; and I'm uploading the pics directly to EON so I don't jack their bandwidth.
  14. I like that fan idea...maybe a last ditch kinda thing. Y'know...though I'm not sure I like it as a traditional shield, that idea would work reallllllly well as a temporary protective shelter during a fire or explosion. Like a canister that explodes outwards in a cocoon. I can see it working similarly to Batman's cape when Two-Face set off the gas explosion in the Batman(3?) movie. I can also see this being used as a very strong trap; take that cocoon idea and use it against others, maybe make a different version that is more liquid based, like the fibers of steel and kevlar are mixed in with adhesive foam and then hardens very quickly. Sorta like the Foamthrower listed in AB: Year One, but tougher and stronger. A very good point on the traceability(is that a word?). But...if it's based on the Foamthrower, then not too bad. That's just taking a existing chemical formula and modifying it...harder to backtrack that. Polycarbonate is an excellent suggestion; that stuff comes in a variety of different strengths and is easily molded. Now, I had kind of a wacky idea about combining body armor with a shield, and I mean in a modular fashion. The idea is to have protective armor on the upper body(polycarbonate plating, like a breastplate), that, when removed, can be re-assembled into a larger shield. Essentially, removing the personal armor, then slapping it back together(maybe with locking hinges or something) to create a much larger protective cover. Actually, that idea could work for multiple armor components, like taking the cuirass, forearm braces and shinguards to all come together and make a riot shield.
  15. Gotcha. Very slick. I can see that working well. No weave. Trying to do this without it. Learning Weave is supposed to be a very rare skill, while building gizmos is pretty commonplace. Building an expanding shield I think I have to give up on, but the tonfa idea came to me too. I'm thinking of something like Nightwing's setup, where he has slots to hold his batons on the outside of his forearms, like you suggested. The batons themselves could have a lot of different uses as well, I think. Hollow, they could be used for storage of more gear or weapons; they could also expand or screw together to form a short staff. Now that is definitely a cool possibility. The batons I was just mentioning could actually be used as the launching tubes themselves, at least for better range or accuracy. Like maybe some kind of range bonus or bonus to hit. As for capacity, I think it should definitely be more than five or six shots.
  16. Slacker! ::tongue NP, man. I just got done with school for the semester, and I've a brief break before summer classes which I'm trying to make the most of. Get your important stuff taken care of first.
  17. I cannot believe the insanity you guys have put your characters into...but man, good RP. This is where I start hoping your characters actually survive. ::blink ::biggrin
  18. "Huh?" Once he'd realized that his own mask wasn't likely to be in OMA's collection, Joe had started to lose interest. Hearing Lodestone shriek like a little girl behind him, the big Elite turned to see what was going on, muttering, "Now what?" Seeing the black inky mass trying to attach itself to their resident master of magnetic mischief, Joe rolled his eyes and walked back over to try and help. "There was a reason I didn't open that before, genius. We came to get Verse's eufiber-critter, remember? And from what I remember from when he got squished after the Korea job, this thing is grabby and mean." Not wanting to touch it with his bare hands, Joe looks around for a pole or stick he can use to scrape it off Andy and back into the box.
  19. Updated list for the belt itself. Flashlight Lockpicks Handcuffs Multitool or tool kit Recording devices(audio and video) Grapple line or cord. Extra grapples. Firestarter(matches, lighter, etc) Rebreather Chalk PSK(Personal survival kit) FAK(Small first-aid kit) PDA Particulate Mask Tracking devices Forensic kit(fingerprint dust, tape, baggies, swabs) Ultraviolet pen and light(normal flashlight may also have UV beamcover) Handcuff key Glass cutter Window punch Duct tape Superglue Bug or camera locator Space Pen Sharpie I'm pretty happy with this list so far, thanks to all the help. Am I missing anything obvious? Oh, no weapons yet, that will be a separate list.
  20. Thanks Ex! I really like this newer look too. I don't quite understand your first question; do you mean making mox darts and have them shoot out of the gauntlets(armbands)? Or do you mean just making mox darts and shooting them from a regular tranquilizer gun? Your other ideas for scanning fingerprints are very cool, I'll have to see if there's a way I can figure to do that. Stranger's already got a pretty kickin' PDA that he uses all the time, I don't see why uploading fingerprints would be too difficult. I've got some ideas for the gauntlets, BTW, tell me what you think. Do-able, too weird, or just right? Shield: Some kind of expanding metal disc or other shield shape that grows out of the back of the gauntlets. (This one seems a bit wonky to me, but I think that's just because I can't figure a way to make it work. But hey, eufiber-woven shields are possible, so why not?) Launcher: Compressed air or gas for propelling different objects. Could be used for mox or tranquilizer darts, shooting self-adhering tracing devices at people or vehicles, or even used with a grapple and line for swinging around. Claws: Pretty self-explanatory. Retractable claws in fingertips to aid in climbing, or pop-out blades on the side, similar to Batman's spikes/fins on his gloves. Injector: An advanced hypo-syringe similar to the one described in the Abb: Year One book for the big tranq-rifle. Upon contact, uses a highly compressed stream of air to inject tranquilizers, mox, or other drugs/poisons. Compartments: Again, self-explanatory. Small hidden compartments for important or useful items. Compartment space could also be utilized as a magazine for darts, as per Ex's suggestion. These are just some things I've been considering for the gauntlets themselves. If anyone else has ideas, I'd love to hear them. ::smile
  21. Brandt nods, reluctantly. "Yes, I do. I can't be positive without more information, but based on what I know at this moment...?" He trails off, shrugging. "If we can access the news and see if there have been any more reported incidents, and how far away they were from our original point of entry, I should be able to calculate the effects more precisely, but to be honest, I don't think it really matters at this point." Waving a hand at Sticky as if to say, 'You see what I mean now?', Brandt's eyebrows climb nearly to his scalp as Paul adds his own bit. ::blink "Are you insane, or do you really think that's somehow a workable idea?"
  22. Brandt shakes his head, unsure how to answer. Sighing, Brandt reaches behind him for his backpack, sliding it around to his front. Retrieving a bottle of water and a small metal cup he uses for cooking, he pours some water into the cup, filling it approximately halfway. Looking up to check that everyone is paying attention, he sets the cup of water on the floor, kneeling above it. "Imagine that the water in this cup is the quantum field of our home universe." he says, glancing up from beneath his eyebrows at the others. "When anything disrupts it, like one of us using our powers, the quantum field is disrupted, like so." He gently taps the surface of the water, causing a brief ripple that touches the edge of the cup and then rapidly settles back to a calm surface. "Now," he continues, leaning back on his heels, "normally the quantum field immediately tries to correct itself, just as the water did. After all, no matter how powerful an individual is, their effect on the substructure of the universe itself is rather like me tapping my finger on the surface of an ocean; it simply won't cause enough interference to really do anything." He holds up the same finger he just tapped the water with. "But...imagine if this water were more consistent, able to transmit the same amount of interference more readily, and for vastly further distances." He smiles slightly. "Like a bowl of Jell-O. Tap it, and it doesn't stop wobbling as quickly as water does. By its naturally cohesive nature, it just absorbs that force and re-transmits it until the mass finally overcomes the introduced energy." Brandt sighs. "To put it simply, this world's quantum field is like the Jell-O. Even the slightest interference in its field will travel much, much further than it would in our world. Maybe as much as an order of magnitude greater in distance. On the plus side, we don't have to worry about whether it was us or the portal that started this. We found these guys," he gestures to the natives, "on accident. If there are any other eruptees, anywhere on this planet, that are unaccounted for, there will be no stopping it."
  23. When Esteban comes on-mind to share the experience, Brandt closes his eyes, beginning the process of sorting through the cascade of images shuffling into his mind. Absorbing them, he notices immediately differences between his own perspective of the quantum substructure of the universe and Esteban's. The shape-changers viewpoint was more...primitive...no, that wasn't the word. Primal, that was it. It was completely alien to Brandt. His own perception showed the universe in a cleaner, more pure scientific manner. Filing that observation away for future consideration, Brandt focused, allowing the sensations to flow past his mind's eye, over and over, repeating. He hoped to catch a pattern, something he could use to form a hypothesis. There...what was that? Mentally rewinding, he replayed the scene he'd just seen. He watched the wave-form of Sticky's quantum signature mesh with his own as he darted around. It was a bit weird, actually, watching himself from this perspective...but that was something to think about later. He watched as the waves collided, arcs of quantum spilling outward, and still further outward. They should be dispersing, but... "Oh, hell." His eyes snapped open just before the priest ignited the wood Theo brought in. "Don't do that!", he barked. Seeing the shocked look on some of the other faces there, he groaned, leaning his head back against the wall he was sitting against. "Okay, please don't do that. In fact, nobody do anything that might affect the quantum fields here unless you absolutely have to. I think I know what's causing these eruptions."
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