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  1. Because there's an option to add the "Edit By" line within the Edit screen...which I didn't realize was there when I accidentally edited Prof's post the first time. I went back and checked that option, so now, it does say "Edited by Archer". So...the "Edited by" does show up for everyone, I just messed up and didn't check that option. ::rolleyes ::blink ::wink
  2. Oh, man! ::nervous Sorry about that, Prof! I edited your post without meaning to...thought I was hitting reply, but I hit Edit instead. Ack! I'm very sorry about that. ::confused Feel free to repost, I screwed that up.
  3. Joe, looking horribly confused now, responds while pinching the bridge of his nose and sighing. "So, we're in agreement then. Your people will not attack the miners or their equipment. If the miners suffer the wrath of the spirits, then I accept that." Shrugging, Joe turns to leave, unsure of how to continue dealing with the old man. (Unless Two Feathers says something, Joe blasts off back down the hill to the site.) Sunlight glinting of his metal skin, Joe speeds up to the fences, slowing as he nears the protesters. Watching them respectfully, he tries to walk through and re-enter the site through the gate.
  4. The Stranger chuckles. "No, I suppose not." Remaining silent this time, The Stranger looks at Terry expectantly.
  5. Sliding out of the crowd, Randall pats Ran on the shoulder in a congratulatory fashion. "Nice speech. You could barely see the sweat pouring down your forehead." Randall does his best to keep a straight face as he waits for the officer's response.
  6. Moving from his position in the corner, The Stranger address Kane through the speakerphone as he walks towards the table. Sitting down, he arranges himself more comfortably. "Kane, this is Stranger. I need to go get some equipment from another location here in the city. I'll be leaving shortly after this meeting. Will there be a problem with my departure?"
  7. Glad that the hero conversation is over, Roughneck joins in on complimenting the chef. "Right tasty food, Cap'n. I'll have to take a trip to the galley later on; making friends down there is always one of my first errands aboard a new vessel! ::biggrin"
  8. Looking at the guard, The Stranger rolls his eyes beneath his mask. *Masters Building...which means New York. Wonderful.* Moving to a corner of the room, the masked nova leans against the wall, casually reaching into his belt and switching on the audio recorder within, concealing his actions beneath his coat.
  9. Uncrossing his arms, Joe pauses before responding respectfully in Paiute. "Wise Father, I will not prevent the miners from their duties. If the Tobtob Kin decide to punish the miners, I will not interfere. But I cannot allow your people to harm them or their machines." His forehead furrowing, Joe says, "I don't understand. I have no wish to oppose Inyan, only to prevent your people from harming others. Should I tell the Thunderbird man to not enter the mines?"
  10. Raising an eyebrow, Roughneck says with bite in his voice, "Soldiers are soldiers. As long as they aren't on the other side of the battle, I'll not leave one to die." Harrumphing, Roughneck looks back down at his plate, a red flush creeping up his neck. "I just wanted to set the record straight, not crow about things I've done. A man does what he has to at the time. That's all I've ever done. I'm no hero, and I never wanted to be counted as one."
  11. Breaking off his conversation with Derek, The Stranger looks over and answers. "A former love interest of Raoul Orzaiz was recently murdered. I have reason to believe that she actually faked her death. The Count may or may not have been involved, but any information that can possibly used against the Teragen would serve us well. I will need to return to Ibiza, and soon, if I'm to gather the evidence I need. First, however, I need to retrieve some forensic equipment. Depending on where we are right now will control how quickly I can get that equipment. Where have you transported us to?"
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