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  1. Not too concerned, but still wary, The Stranger politely answers their questions in English. Explaining that he was sent by Masters International on private business, he apologizes for his hurry, but he's a bit short on time. If they are concerned, they are welcome to contact MI and ask for Kane. If there are no further questions, he'll continue on his way. As he talks, The Stranger looks carefully at the other officers on the scene, comparing their uniforms and insignia to the two he's speaking to.
  2. "Aye Captain!" Fingers dancing over his control panel, Randall taps in the commands neededto bring the weapons systems online. Simultaneously opening the channel for the pilots, he gives the order to launch fighters and engage. "All fighters, engage target at will! Do what you can to draw the target away from the Kai Xing!" Orders complete, his concentration turns back to targeting the threat with the ship's weapons. Realizing the creature's speed, he tries lay down a pattern of fire that will surround the Aberrant, making it harder for it to maneuver and dodge the fighters. He maintains contact with the fighters, relaying his plan.
  3. Roughneck perks up. "Port, you say? Well, I've an empty glass here that could use a little something. ::wink" He motions to one of the servers to fill his glass.
  4. The Stranger, upon seeing Nate's entry, only smiles knowingly. Watching with interest as Derek does his disappearing notepad trick, he waits for Terry to finish his speech. "Good idea. Unless you have an objection, Will, I also think you should come back to Ibiza." Once the portal is open, The Stranger wastes no time stepping through, not bothering to see if the others follow. As soon as his foot hits the tarmac, he walks towards where he left the motorcycle earlier. (If it's still there) At the bike, he straps the extra equipment to the rear seat, then waits for John and Will.
  5. Too disciplined to let the nausea affect him, Randall nonetheless grits his teeth. "I have a a bad feeling about this..." *Damn! I should've known! We're a sitting duck out here!* Tapping his comm unit, he opens the security channel. "This is Chief Simon. I need the 10 closest security members to the dining room on the double to escort civilian personnel to their quarters. Second Officer Ran Ao-Xiong will be coordinating the escort." Confident in his crew(and hopefully, the second officer ::tongue), Randall darts off off after the Captain. With incredible speed, he makes his way through the corridors to his own station. Tapping his comm again, he reports in. "Chief Simon at his station. Awaiting orders."
  6. Surprised, The Stranger glances at John. "You may be more use than you know. You're welcome to come along." He looks around the room, seeing if there are any other volunteers before Terry opens the portal.
  7. ((OOC: Assuming that the equipment is delivered, and there's nothing else Kane wants to talk about...)) The Stranger turns to Terry after gathering what he needs. "Ready when you are. Anyone else coming?"
  8. HA! Got mine for 30 USD...waitaminit... ::smiley4 As I continue my search for the elusive TPG...::ninja On the plus side, I did get my copy of Adventure! for about 7 bucks(after tax, of course). ::wink ::tongue ::biggrin Seriously, bud, good deal on that book!
  9. Making sure to keep his face clear of it, Alloy can't help but laugh to himself as they brush themselves off indignantly. He decides to just ignore the insults, keeping a careful eye for any potentially violent action from the crowd. At hearing the question, Alloy thinks to himself, * Aw, crap, the media's here. Hmph. I haven't had the best luck with conversation lately. Better let Thunderbolt handle this.* Still watching for any further attempts to hop the fence, he calls out to the newsman, pointing towards his fellow Elite. "Thunderbolt will be the one you want to talk to."
  10. The Stranger quirks an eyebrow beneath his mask, but keeps his tone level. "Thank you for such a quick response. Somehow I'm not suprised there's a cover-up in the works. Now, this is what I'll need..." Quickly and concisely, the Stranger proceeds to rattle off the equipment needed for his investigation. That done, he turns to Terry, and looks around the table at the group. "As soon as that's here, I'll need you to send me back. Does anyone else want to go with me?"
  11. The Stranger nods in agreement. "Yes. I need to get back to the crime scene as quickly as possible, before any evidence is contaminated. Kane, if you're able to provide the equipment, I'll give you a list. If not, tell me now so I can go retrieve my own." "Once I have the necessary equipment, I'm ready to go. It shouldn't take me long to get the evidence I need, then I'll return here. Terry, would you prefer to transport me back at a predetermined time, or have me make my own way back?"
  12. Alloy rolls his eyes. ::rolleyes *Yeah, climbing over is gonna work. Geesh.* Waiting a moment for one or two of the protesters to start climbing the fence, he lets them get about halfway, then turns around and grabs the fence, shaking it back and forth rapidly to dislodge the climbers. He does his best to not actually rip the fence out the ground, using only enough force to shake them off.
  13. A bit late, but Happy Birthday! ::biggrin
  14. Noticing Derek gesturing to the intercom, The Stranger speaks up, in a very dry tone. "Speaking of which, I don't suppose you've done the courtesy of informing the girl's parents? I'm sure that sometime, they will try to reach their daughter, or her grandfather. You won't be able to keep this under wraps forever, Kane. I am curious, though. What's the line you're feeding everyone not in the know?" While speaking, he picks up the pad again, putting a question mark next to Glacier's entries... telepath= ? indian gift= ? Then adding his own words again, in the same child-like writing: WHO GOES? CAN TERRY GET THERE? SEEN IT BEFORE?
  15. The Stranger nods in response, looks around at the others. Quietly picking up a notepad and pen from the table, he slowly(making sure to use big block letters), writes a single word, then sets the notepad in the center of the table, face up. HOW?
  16. His emotions hidden behind a stoic expression, inside he's worried. *Keep it cool, Joe. Keep it cool. Remember, no fights unless you gotta.* Moving as Running Deer does, Alloy walks backwards, planting his not inconsiderable mass directly in front the gate, his back just inches away from the latch that opens it. (Hopefully) Now that he's blocked the entrance itself, he calls back to Aaron. "Thunderbolt, go scope that vehicle approaching. If they're hostile, disable their vehicle, but don't hurt the people."
  17. Joe frowns back. ::angry "You're right." Suddenly he swells, growing larger, his skin taking on the familiar metallic sheen, the grinding of his skin noticeably louder than before. "This conversation is over." His transformation back to Big Joe complete, he turns and sprints back down the hill to the site. *She wants me to be the big, bad Elite, that's what she's gonna get.* At full speed, he rushes the gate, braking to a stop at the last instant. Positioning himself directly in front of the cellphone using protester, he scowls down at him, silently willing the man to just go away.
  18. Roughneck grins back and slaps the table in good humor. "You can try Cap'n, but I'll always be a Marine at heart!" Looking down at his empty plate, he looks back up at Park, an anticipatory smile on his face. "So, how soon till we make our destination?"
  19. Randall laughs along with him, smiling widely. Looking at the security chief, it's odd to see such perfect teeth in a very imperfect face. "You're right, of course. But I enjoy the challenge of her suprises." Noticing the FSA reporter walking out with the ship's navigator, Randall pauses before he speaks again. "Ran, if you'll excuse me for a moment?" Stepping away from the young Chinese officer, the security chief activates his comm. "Wayne, Clark, this is Chief Simon. Our navigator is taking a stroll with a very pretty journalist. Keep an eye on them for me, but be discreet." Turning back to Ran, he sees the Sudamerican reporter offering his hand in greeting. Not one to miss much, he notices that it's Simon's left, gloved hand that's being offered. Storing that little tidbit for later, Randall steps forward, nodding in a friendly fashion to both of them. Just for fun, he sticks out his right hand, waiting for his own handshake from Simon.
  20. Easily fixed....gimme a sec. Aaaaaand, done. Smiley window is back to normal. Here's another new one: ::offtopic
  21. *Oooh, this chick is pissin' me off!* Joe's jaw clenches as he grits his teeth. With supreme effort, he avoids a retort. *Finally, a straight answer! Kinda, anyways.* Joe's eyes go wide in incredulity, and he opens his mouth before he thinks. "Holy crap, lady! When are you gonna start makin' sense? I'm not asking for a freakin' pay-off. You couldn't afford me anyways." Seeming to calm down a little, he nevertheless starts to pace. "If I wanted to intimidate you, why would I come up here and try to have a civil conversation? Jeez, you're not giving me any credit at all! I come up here, try to work things out with ya, I was gonna even offer to help pay the legal bills so you can get your land back; but no...you gotta rip into me, calling me names and all that." Stopping abruptly, he thrusts an arm towards Joshua. "At least his suggestion makes sense! I'm not gonna trash the mine for you people, but at least I know what he's asking for! He is making an effort to talk to me, you're just trying to put me down! Work with me here! I don't want your land to get trashed, but I still got a job to do." Meanwhile, down at the site, it becomes evident to Thunderbolt that Alloy has apparently disappeared...the glinting reflection of sunlight on his metal skin has ceased.
  22. Don't worry, I'm MUCH more careful now that I know about it. ::wink
  23. (OOC: Erm...Joe stays on the hill, then. ::biggrin ) Throwing his arms up in exasperation, he stares down at the ground, thoughts racing. Suddenly, he closes his eyes, concentrates. Pulling himself down within, imagining his form before eruption. The image complete in his mind, he opens his eyes, now standing before the pair as Joseph Redfox. Running a hand through his long hair, he looks up at Amanda. "Listen. I'm not dismissing you or your beliefs. I just don't get it! I never learned anything about the spirits! All I learned about Paiute history is that living on the rez sucks! If you say there's bad mojo down in the cave, fine! But where the hell do you get off asking me to stop the miners from going in, which is basically me telling my employers to f**k off?!" Nearly panting, he realizes he's shouting. Trying to calm down, he lowers his voice, though his tone is painted with anger and confusion. "You don't get it. Man! I need this job. All I wanted was to run some easy Elite jobs, get some cash, buy myself a place someplace quiet, and relax. You gonna buy my ranch for me, huh?" Pausing, he looks over at the old man. "You say, there must be no miners. Why? Answer me straight, why?" Turning back to Amanda he continues, "Justice upheld? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Look at this from my point of view...why should I listen to you? Can you tell me something, anything, that means anything to me?"
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