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  1. Parking at one end of the shopping area, The Stranger gets out of the car, then turns to John and Will. "First, we do some shopping. After we get ourselves dressed in the local fashions, we'll be doing some surveillance and investigation of Mr. Vance. This may include some illegal activity. Any problems with that?"
  2. After the rep slams the door, Joe starts grinding his teeth. "Goddamn this job's getting on my nerves." Walking over to the desk, he picks up the phone and dials Miss Cable. "Hello? This is Alloy. I need to ask...if this Mojo Jojo guy throws down, how hard do you want us to push back? I don't want any flak for punching out a fellow Elite, but the protesters are starting to get violent, and Dr. Doolittle doesn't show any signs of trying to restrain them."
  3. Randall nods, glancing at Simon. "Aye, sir. Agreed." He looks at his men. "You heard him. Place the prisoner in restraints. I'll secure his weapon." Hearing the crackle of his comm unit, Randall listens to Vinge's report. "Sir. Engineer Vinge reports almost all systems are offline, including life support. Some of my men are on their way, I'll assign them to help." Pressing the send button on his comm, he contacts Vinge and assures them help is on the way; then contacts the volunteers and instructs them to get to Engineering ASAP and assist with repairs...making sure to take the other crewmembers with them, hopefully there's another engineer in the group they've found. "Sir, as Chief Security officer, I must insist that I and my men accompany you to the bridge. We can't risk you being taken out." After making sure that Simon is restrained and Alex comes along quietly, Randall and the remainder of Team Bravo go with Ran to the bridge, keeping a sharp eye(and noetic senses) out for any threat.
  4. Grinning roguishly, Roughneck nods, pretending to be contrite. "Yes ma'am." "Just a scratch. Little pest at the house managed to get a blade across my belly. I wouldn't want to worry Ms. Morgan though, you can take a gander at it."
  5. Indistinct in the haze, Alloy's form becomes clearer as he steps through the cloud he created. The normal glint of sunlight reflecting from his skin has been subdued by a thick coat of dust, giving him the appearance of an ancient golem. Though not needing to breathe in this form, he still fights a bizarre desire to sneeze. ::blink Glancing behind him to make sure there's no protesters, he unlatches the gate and walks though. "Thunderbolt, everyone okay?"
  6. Years of discipline in the Legions come to the fore as Randall concentrates. Extending a hand towards his men, he focuses, and pushes them into a rough semicircle around the still-armed Norca. Thickly, he issues his command. "If he so much as blinks funny, blast him into paste." Confident in his men's ability, he then address the reporter. "Eject and drop your weapon. NOW!" His comm unit still open to the bridge frequency, he hears Vinge's transmission. Still eyeing Simon, he grabs his comm unit and responds. "Vinge, this is Chief Security Officer Randall Simon. Stay where you are. I'll be sending some of my men to retrieve you and Singh." Looking over at his men, he asks for 3 volunteers from Team Bravo to go to Engineering and bring them back to the ARES chamber. He also instucts the volunteers to check in with him via comms every 5 minutes.
  7. Knowing with absolute certainty there's not a damn thing he can do to stop the jump, Randall Simon still has the presence of mind to be profoundly irritated by the Sudamerican "reporter's" words. That, and the fact that the bastard smuggled a biolaser aboard. Catching the Norca's eyes with a baleful glare, Randall reaches out with his TK, and pulls the now limp second officer to him. As the ship prepares to leap forward through space to destination unknown, the Legionnaire clutches Ran tightly to him, trying to protect the second officer from any potential impact after the jump is done.
  8. First making sure that Thunderbolt's rescue efforts seem to be working, Alloy rumbles under his breath. "Man, that is it!" Stepping a few feet away from the fence, his face etched in anger ::sneaky2 , Alloy tears off towards one end of the fenceline. Reaching it, he spins around and runs back to the other end. Dragging one hand in the dirt as he zips back and forth, faster and faster, he carves a furrow in the ground, trying to use his speed and loose soil to make a huge dust cloud between the protesters and mining site.
  9. Oblivious(or at least pretending to be) to Min's jealous pout, Roughneck listens to the ensuing conversation. Going slightly pale again at Tom's mention of 'test diving', he quickly hides his worried grimace in his port. Taking a deep drink, he then sets his glass down and forces his face into polite attentiveness; hoping no one has noticed his obvious...discomfort, at walking around on the ocean floor.
  10. Doing his best to ignore the shattered remains of Wayne and Clark, Randall makes his way to the nearest control panel. "Security override, open ARES chamber door! Voiceprint authentication: Simon, Randall...Chief Security Officer." Just as he finishes his command, he turns to see Ran groan, and clutch his head as if in pain... "Damnit!" He snatches his comm as he tries to pick himself up. "Bridge, this is Chief Simon. What the hell just happened?"
  11. Looking down at his chest, Alloy casually swipes the dust away with one hand. Inwardly worried about the mob mentality, his facial expression never changes. He stands, unmoving, in front of the gate, letting himself be pelted. Meanwhile, he continues to watch for any real threats to the sites security. (Any molotov cocktails, or the crowd rushing the fence, things like that.)
  12. The Stranger shakes his head in the negative. "Going to the Amp Room right now would be a bad idea. Until I'm positive as to whether Holden's dead or not, I don't want to chance running into Pathfinder or Orzaiz. Let me make some phone calls, see if I can drum up any more leads for us. If I can't find anything tonight, I think we should let MI find what they can for us, and then follow up tomorrow. Standing up, he walks back to his room, and closing the door, proceeds to make his phone calls. Roughly 30 minutes later, he opens the door. "Well, until I get a callback, I won't have any new information. I suggest we rest up for whatever comes next. Good night." With that, he closes the door between the rooms again. Quietly, he locks it from his side.
  13. Cutter looks to Randall, "Get down there & see what you can do, Chief - we're in no condition to perform a jump, & have no idea where we could end up." Already moving before the first officer finishes his sentence, Randall barks out an "Aye sir!" as he nimbly leaps through the door. Tapping his communicator as he runs, he says calmly, "Team Bravo, state your condition, and maintain comms with me. I'm on my way." Listening for a response, he keeps sprinting full speed through the winding corridors towards the ARES section.
  14. Rubbing his chin thoughtfully, The Stranger calls Will over before he responds to Glacier. "That's about what I thought. This avenue of the investigation is a dead end for now. Let's head back to the hotel, and get something to eat while I review the evidence I've collected. Then we'll make a decision on our next step." (If both Will and Glacier are ok with that, they all go back to the hotel, and order lots of room service...uh, just the food this time. ::rolleyes The Stranger will retreat to his own room until the food arrives, then sit down with the other two to eat and share what's he found.) The lower portion of his mask having slid up in order for him to eat, The Stranger digs in. In between bites of his steak, The Stranger gives the details of the evidence so far. "I found plenty of physical evidence, hair, skin cells...the problem is, most of it probably came from the local police force. The whole crime scene has been contaminated, determining the identity of Ms. Holden will be impossible." He pauses to let that sink in. "I do have good news, however. Whoever set the bomb used Semtex, and in huge amounts. It shouldn't be too hard to track down who purchased it, and when. To be thorough, though, I'd like to have a word with Andy Vance. He's the only witness so far. I also need to get more information on Charlotte Holden. I'll be calling Kane about all of this. MI will be able to gather the information needed much more quickly than I can alone." He takes a moment to swallow, and take a drink from his glass. "Do either of you have anything to add, or any questions?"
  15. The Stranger shakes his head, frowning under the mask. "No, I don't. I know there's a lot of scents around here, but can you specifically detect a woman's scent from the interior of the car, then moving away from it?"
  16. Responding to Cutter, he says, "Maybe sir. Just a feeling." Hitting the comm, he answers. "Maintain your position. Do not seal off the corridor yet, but keep a sharp eye. Contact me if you see anything, but do not leave your position." Glancing around the bridge, he looks to see if the navigator Tobias is there. (Assuming he isn't...) Accessing the security controls again, Randall tries to bring up any image feeds from Navigation. If none are available, he checks sensor data for any life forms in that section of the ship. He also addresses Tess. "Tess, provide current location of Chief Navigator Tobias and civilian reporter Barbera Boon."
  17. Dude, if Ghost starts quoting the scripture... ::blink ::unsure "Yea, though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death..."
  18. The Stranger nods. "Good. Now, we know that Andy Vance and Charlotte Holden were supposedly in this car when it exploded. I want you to see if you can determine either of their scents from within the vehicle. If you detect anything, see if you can track any movement of the scents away from the car."
  19. When Bethany walks into the room, Roughneck's grin expands. Yet another pretty woman aboard. *A regular feast for the eyes on this boat...* Already chuckling from Min's comment, Roughneck roars with laughter at the Captain's joke. ::laugh "Well put, Cap'n...well put!" A fiery glint in his eye, Roughneck gives Miss Benson a wink and a smile. "Oh, plenty of excitement around me."
  20. Thanking the officers, he turns and calls to John and Will. "Will, carry John again, and follow me." Walking to the bike, he hops on, and starts the engine. Checking to make sure they're following, he slowly pulls away from the airport, then heads to the crime scene...this time, he obeys the traffic laws. ::halo Once at the scene, he immediately gets to work examining the scene. Starting with a visual survey, he then takes a camera from the equipment Kane supplied and starts snapping photos. The Stranger's actions are smooth and professional, seemingly as if he's done this many times before. Once he's satisfied with the pictures taken, he moves on to collecting physical evidence; pulling on a pair of latex gloves before touching anything. Turning his head to look at John and Will, he says, "This may take awhile. Feel free to rest for now, but stay close by." About 45 minutes later, The Stranger is done. Standing up, he walks over to the pair of Novas waiting. Moving close, and keeping his voice low, he says, "John. I've noticed that Glacier has a tendency to use his sense of smell. How good is it? Good enough to possibly track or identify someone by scent?"
  21. Randall looks up from his console. "Possibly sir, but I'd rather see if we can outrun it before deploying them. The VARGs are good, but the Aberrant's too fast. They may buy us time, but that's about it." Clenching his jaw, Randall opens another channel, worry twisting in his gut. "Team Bravo, locate the area Wayne and Clark we're just in and seal it off. Once it's sealed, make sure nothing goes in or out!"
  22. Dude, I had nothing to do with this...Ayre, you are a twisted little monkey. ::tongue
  23. Alloy, letting Thunderbolt do the talking, keeps his mouth shut. His thoughts, however, ring in his head. *Sacred, huh? Then how exactly did the land get sold to the white man? It's rez property, had to be some greedy native that sold it off in the first place. Gimme a break. If it's so friggin' important, why'd you let someone buy it? Or let someone do surveys to find out it's value, or...man. If something's important to you, protect it beforehand, don't just b*tch about it later.* *Okaaaaay. Good point. Me and Aaron together are awful pricey rent-a-cops. Not to mention the extra publicity from having Novas around. Mebbe I can get Sparky to do a sneak-n-peek down there later tonight. I ain't going down there.*
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