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  1. John nods soberly. "I completely understand. That trust has to go both ways. I can promise you this: I will never knowingly put you or anyone else I hire in mortal danger without giving you all the information I can beforehand." Regarding Liz and Vinnie quietly, he lets the oath hang in the air before he breaks the silence with a familiar smile. "So, Vinnie. What's it like, being an Elite?" He arches an eyebrow curiously.
  2. The card exchange is now officially closed, thank you to all who participated! ::smile Everyone who did join in should check their PMs for the necessary info. And please, don't tell who got who; you'll ruin the surprise! ::cool
  3. Joe takes a very brief second to consider, while his leader drops gear. If there is any doubt as to whether he can successfully carry Samurai, he says as much, then takes off at top speed. If he can carry his teammate, he'll impatiently wait for the gear to be dropped then grabs Samurai, slings him piggyback and curtly tells him to hang on before sprinting off. Either way, the metal-skinned Elite will try one more time for the same extra burst of speed he managed earlier. ((Trying for powermax again on Hypermove))
  4. Growling furiously to himself, Joe picks himself up. After Thunderbolt swoops down to pick up Lodestone, he hoists Samurai piggyback again and takes off.
  5. Brandt shakes his head slowly, still trying to absorb what's being said. Finally, he looks around the table, then stares up at the ceiling, thoughtful. "I'm not really sure what I could do. I mean, I can teach; that's what I do for a living now. And these new powers would sure help me get around, but..." He sighs. "Lofty goals...no kidding. I wouldn't even know where to begin. The complications are endless." Letting his head fall slowly down to face the others again, he rolls his shoulders back to ease the tension there. "I'll admit, I came for the money. Don't know if you've heard, but teacher's pay isn't that grand. And frankly I'm not sure I'll have my job much longer. But now, with all this talk of changing the world...?" He puts his elbows on the table, leaning forward to peer at Michael. "Man, I get you. And it's easy to say let's all think of others before ourselves, but...it isn't easy at all. I'm no martyr. How many of us new cool superfolk do you think there are, really? Compared to the billions of regular people? The immensity of it is staggering. And who are we to make it our cause to better the world? I'm not sure the rest of the world is positively keen on novas trying to take the reins...actually, I'm damn sure they wouldn't like it at all. I can do a lot of insane things now, and I know the rest of you can too. Aghhh!" He lets out a heavy exhalation and tries to calm down. "I guess I'm trying to say that yes, I want to make the world a better place. But I'm not sure I'm at all qualified to make decisions for that world.
  6. Thanks for all who've participated so far...please remember, I do need your addresses if you'd like me to select your exchangee at random. Only a few people have signed up so far, I'll let this run till Friday so everyone has ample time to send their cards.
  7. I think the idea was for Thunderbolt to fly, and let himself be dragged behind Alloy because he can't fly as fast as Alloy can run. Basically hover and let Alloy tow.
  8. I'd like to say this is my idea, but someone else suggested it, and I thought it was a really cool thing to do. Here's the idea: Send a Christmas card to another member of EON to wish them happy holidays. That's it. No presents, nothing crazy, just send a card. If you're interested in doing this, there's two ways we can go about it. We can do it randomly; everyone that joins in can PM their address to me(archer, not archer21), and I will pick at whim who gets a card from whom, I will PM the sender with address to send the card. Or, we can all be really lovey-dovey, and just PM or email the person we wish to send a card privately, and ask if it's cool beforehand. Personally I like the first option, it keeps a little surprise going, plus if you don't want a card, you just don't send me your address. ::smile Let me know what y'all think.
  9. Okay folks. Time to just let this thread die. At this point it really seems that we're just beating a dead horse. I'm not going to lock the thread, I don't think it's necessary. But I would like to watch this one fade into the sunset...ok?
  10. Moving to the decanter of peach-flavored alcohol nearby, Ulf' takes a moment to fill his glass. Silently considering the amber liquid and the light reflecting on its surface, he looks up at Eckhardt as Banshee finishes. After a long, unreadable gaze at their host, the Viking turns his attention to the rest of the group, studying each in turn. Something flickers in the blue depths of his stare as he matches eyes with each individual. Banshee gets an impression of rueful amusement; and a distinct appreciation of the skin-tight qualities of her costume. Whistler receives a more serious glance, one filled with consideration for a previously underestimated stranger. Echo, standing close to Whistler, catches a glimpse of something barely restrained. Those blue eyes manage to smolder quite well, indeed. The Watchman is next. A strong glint in the Norseman's gaze indicates he may yet think the vigilante an opponent worth attention. Lotus, standing quietly, is given a closer second look; the Viking stares quite intently into her eyes, questioning. Tilting his head slightly, Ulf' turns his head to watch as Glisten tends the injured Bai Long. Only for a moment does his gaze meet that of the White Dragon, but sympathy, mixed with respect, travels clearly. Finally allowing his attention to rest on Eckhardt, the Viking very deliberately raises his glass to his lips and drinks. Lowering the glass, his mouth quirks in a near mirror of Eckhardt's almost-smile. "I stay."
  11. Fred, you devil! 23 just sneaking up behind you and BAM! ::wacko Happy Birthday bud, have some beer for me! ::biggrin
  12. Ah...the joys of having another old bastard here. You, me and Prof should show these whippersnappers who's boss! ::biggrin
  13. Dormammu: Whooha! I don´t know what this is good for, but reading it sent some shivers down my spine. Good job. (in awe)
  14. Let's not forget TK being able to pull your opponent's pants down, or tie their shoelaces together. ::biggrin
  15. Hate to correct you, bud, but a revolver has more than 3 moving parts. Let's not get into a semiautomatic. Knives and sticks are easy though. ::tongue
  16. Nope, I think The Stranger already won that award. Two actions: Andy traps Stranger inside metal ball. Stranger hurls mitoid at Andy. Stranger wins by KO. Done.
  17. Amen to that! I've always thought that EON is a place for newcomers to feel welcome, and I will do my best to make sure it stays that way.
  18. That, by itself, is probably the best reason I've seen so far regarding this topic. Well-stated. ::smile
  19. Don't worry Avatar, we're workin' hard on those broken links. ::wink
  20. I'm the current Admin of the forums and the EON site. Feel free to PM me if there's something you need help with here. As for CHILL, my understanding is that he's pretty busy with real life right now. If I see him around, I'll let him know you're looking for him. ::smile
  21. Happy Nevada Day and Halloween to all you folks! ::pumpkin Just wanted to extend my best wishes and hope you all have a great holiday. And, yes, October 31st is actually Nevada Day. Pretty sweet when you're a kid and you don't have to go to school on Halloween. ::wink ::tongue
  22. "And The Angel rose as holy protector for all that was created. She fought with honor and valor to serve the good of the world. But the coming of the mankind was her downfall; and end to purity." Some examples of the Angel Form are Michael(Christian) and Hercules (Greek). The Angel is associated with the concept of virtue, the number 2, and the element of wind. Her sign is the zenith sun. As a member of Form 2, you are a person of your word. You generally keep your promises and give everything you do your best. Although some people see you as overbearing sometimes, you know that you have to stay true to yourself and do what's right. Angels are the best friends to have because they are brutally honest.
  23. Hello everybody! Welcome to the new EON forums! My name's Archer, my apologies for not giving you all a hearty welcome before this. I see that we've not only kept on the majority(if not all) of old members, new people are registering all the time. ::biggrin Some of you may onder why I decided to take over the site, and I'll tell you. I've been RPing since I was 11 years old. I've got a lot of great memories of fun and camaraderie. Roleplayers as a group have been my surrogate family for a long time now, and only other RPers really ever understand the addiction. ::wink Bottom line, I just wanted to give back and do something good for the roleplaying community. I hope that makes sense. Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself, and give a big welcome and thanks to all the members here at EON for contributing to such a great community. -Stephen
  24. Forcing a laugh, Roughneck replies, "Uh...right, yeah, just trying to help out." His face flushing, he busies himself trying to get the rest of the suit on. Then, despite Mr. MacKinnon's claims to the contrary, he tries walking over to the pool in the heavy suit!
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