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  1. Dr. Impossible raises an eyebrow. "Nice of you to join us, Jigsaw. I'm sure your expertise will be very helpful." Then, raising his hands to shoulder level, he gestures downwards to accompany his words. "Alright, everyone, settle down. It's only a bomb, and as Mr. Bridger so correctly pointed out, it's been sitting there for awhile without causing any trouble. It will be dealt with, but only after we have assessed the problem in its entirety." He smiles reassuringly. "Mr. Bridger, please let Haunt know that we are on our way, and he is to safeguard the explosive device until we arrive. Then, if you would open a gateway, we shall depart. If you can, please arrange the gate a hundred yards or so from the media gathered there." He nods, as if that's taken care of, then addresses the others. "Everyone else, please gather closely, I want us all to go through the gateway together. As silly as this may sound, I do want us to make a suitable impression on the media as we arrive on site, so, flyers please make yourselves airborne. Let's give them a decent first picture." He smiles briefly, then his expression turns serious. "Once we are all through, I would like the flyers to immediately move to hover near and above Haunt's location. I want to make sure there isn't anyone approaching that bomb besides ourselves for now. Estelle, Aušrinė, I want you two ladies dealing with the press. Estelle, since you are more familiar with the media, please take the lead in explaining the situation to them. For now, let them know that we have discovered what appears to be leftover munitions, and we will need them to stay clear for a little while until we assess the situation and remove the items. Please steer away from actually calling it a bomb, but emphasize they need to stay clear of that area for safety's sake. Aušrinė, stick with Estelle and keep an eye out for any media types or onlookers trying to sneak off. Everyone I haven't mentioned by name will accompany me to Haunt's location; we'll further discuss how to safely deal with the device once we can see the situations for ourselves." His speech (hopefully)ending in time with the opening of Bridger's gateway, he squares his shoulders, checks to see that everyone else is lined up or hovering and ready to go, and strides through the gate.
  2. Working link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=rOxTGOrj00I
  3. You roxor dude. I hope you have a great birthday. ::smile ::biggrin ::ultracool ::happybirthday ::happybirthday ::happybirthday
  4. "Gaaaah!" Years of training with IDPA and IPSC kick in, and Burt automatically raises his weapon while his right foot slides back into a modified Weaver. Knowing he's got no time for a proper sight picture, he switches to point shooting; punching his right arm into a locked position towards the target, he fires two rounds at the first attacker, then immediately fires at the second, again with two shots. As close as they are, he knows headshots will be the only thing to drop them immediately. He'd seen entirely too many examples on the news and in shooting reports of attackers still coming after shots to center mass. Take out the processor though, and everything shuts down.
  5. Smiling grimly, The Stranger reaches down to his belt, switching on the multi-frequency jammer he'd brought along. "He's not going anywhere." Moving just slightly forward, his right leg suddenly snaps out, aiming for the Templar's knee...and with all the force he can muster behind it. ((Crush on, also spending WP for at least 1 succ to hit))
  6. Sitting in front of the computer in his bunglaow, Joe absentmindedly scrubbed the wetness from his cheeks, then stared at his damp fingers in surprise. He hadn't cried in years, that he could remember anyway. "Huh.", was all he could manage. Quickly wiping the rest away, he dried his fingers on his jeans and went back to reading the auto-response. His mind had already shut down any thoughts or feelings unrelated to what he was working on, avoiding anything that might interfere. He'd moved on. Tapping out his own question, he waited. Grabbing a beer from the fridge, he sipped at it until the terminal beeped at him. Reading it over quickly, he chugged the rest of his beer and tossed the can in the trash on his way out the door. Impatient suddenly, he switched up to Big Joe and sped towards the testing range.
  7. Sort of. I think you're trying to make the Force from the F = ma equation somehow equal to the amount of energy transferred on point of impact. The two are related, but not equal. The calculations used to figure out the amount of energy transferred does use F as a variable, but that's it; it doesn't mean that said Force is equal to that EOI(energy of impact). There's some division in there beforehand, so that Force is necessarily reduced. I think what's bothering me(and some others) about your argument is that you're using the F = ma equation as if that's the only thing that matters, and it isn't. You seem to want to apply a physics equation without considering all of the (very specifc)variables that, in real life, affect such equations. Even in that equation, you have to account for the fact that the variable a(acceleration) has to be figured out before it can applied. Figuring out acceleration has to account for size of object, aerodynamics, friction, gravity, etc. Force is not equal to damage. It is part of the next equation needed to determine damage, but not equal to it.
  8. "Uhhh...." Not really sure what to do at this point, Burt decides to just keep making it up as he goes along. With a wild yell, he charges towards the group, hoping the obviously insane maneuver might give the assailants pause. At the last moment, he drops to the ground in a 'going for home' baseball slide, letting his trailing hand close around the pistol lying there. Dropping his left heel to dig in, he tries to pop himself up back into a lurching run to get clear of arm's reach.
  9. Um, no. People do not necessarily get kicked back from firing a gun, as there are a lot of factors involved with managing that recoil; many of which start with the the gun itself(the mechanics and design), and end with the person firing. And contrary to what Hollywood would have you believe, getting shot doesn't do jack for knocking people people around. Bullets make holes, it's that simple. If a round were to strike a large bone, it might move you a little due to the transfer of energy going directly to the bone, but that's about it. In real life, people fall usually fall down because: A) Getting shot hurts. Lying down seems like a good idea. or There is a physical injury directly affecting the ability to stand. Immediate loss of blood pressure; shock; muscles or joints in the leg were damaged, etc.
  10. Weight may become negligible, but drag and gravity do not. If we're talking real-world vs Abby physics, anyways. Bar none, the sword has ruled the roost of hand-held weapons for thousands of years. It is true that bashing weapons can cause horrendous injuries, and I've no doubt that they can cause instantly fatal wounds. However, outside of the relatively brief historical periods where weapons like the mace were used to solve the problem of sword-resistant armor, they didn't really see much use. It's not hearsay if based on accurate, and actual history. 'Ultimate' may be a bit strong, but there is no question that historically, swords were more commonly used than maces.
  11. I believe what Alex is saying relates to basic physics, though, Sky. It's not that the wrecking ball won't make a bigger hole, it's that the surface area of such a large object reduces the amount of force applied to any single point. And of course, the difficulty in moving such a massive object at a speed high enough to really make it a weapon. It's like a medicine ball vs a dagger. Moving at the same speed, the dagger will, according to physics, end up causing a higher intensity of damage. The ball will affect a greater area, but less effectively.
  12. He didn't even realize he was moving until he noticed the grove of trees getting closer. He couldn't help asking himself why he was running towards the gunfire instead of away from it, like a sane person would. *You know why, you ass...you couldn't leave someone out there hurting.* Sucking air through his teeth as he sprinted, he muttered to himself. "And it's not like 911's an option right now!" Eyes wide, he searched for danger as he ran. If something was in the trees, something might come out of them too.
  13. But he doesn't wonder for long. He doesn't have time. Fear should be ruling him, terror and despair at the carnage and death across the city. After the thirtieth body or so that he'd helped hurl into one of the many industrial-sized dumpsters usually used for construction wreckage, he was just sort of...numb. The fatigue didn't help. He hadn't really slept for days now, just caught naps when he could. Finally he couldn't hack anymore nights in the truck, deciding instead to treat himself to a real bed. Gettin' home wasn't an option with the roads the way they were. He grabbed a hotel room instead...maybe the city would cough up some per diem after all this. Now, this morning? Looking out at the site, the rest of the city...he didn't think per diem was something he should be worried about anymore. He glanced around. Up, down the street. Nothing moved. "Shit." Only one place to go now. Back to the house, the bunker. Get on the radio, see if there was anyone out there at all. Wait. The radio at home had better range, better reception...but the one in truck worked well enough for the city. He knew the frequencies, he had to learn them as part of crisis response. Maybe he could raise someone; a cop, a firefighter, paramedic, something. Any emergency personnel might have some more information. Alright, to the truck then. Checking around himself one more time, he headed across the street, eyes peeled. Hopefully the truck was still where he left it.
  14. Throught I'd throw in a little link for some zed-killin' practice. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/375622 Fun game! Tougher than it looks at first, be careful! ::devil
  15. I was wondering where you picked up all that daily use slang, Ex. I've no idea where that is without Google Earth, but it sounds like a cool place to live.
  16. Yeah, I know. That's part of the reason I started this thread. Just like here, there are lot of regional dialects in England and the rest of the U.K. Shaun is from Northumberland, pretty much right on the Scottish border. I fudged things bit though, by having him spend many years of his life going to University in southern and central England. That, plus his many travels, have softened his accent and changed the way he speaks a bit.
  17. Something I just noticed about that site as I read through it...Dr. Effingpot is pretty good at translating English to American, but he doesn't seem to always know the equivalent meaning of certain slang terms in the U.S. For instance: Getting off - This seems to be the objective of most teenagers on a big night out. Getting off with someone means making out or snoggingh them. In the U.S. 'getting off' means something else entirely(though it could be related, I suppose). Here it means reaching orgasm; so 'get yourself off' generally means to go masturbate.
  18. Alright, let's try for some specifics then. Prof raises a good point. Lorry = Truck Biscuits = Cookies? Pranged = ? Slice of fried gold = ? Garage = Gas Station Boot = Trunk Those are some of the few I know. But! I just found a wonderful website that I think will be very helpful in the future. http://www.effingpot.com/index.shtml Check it out!
  19. As I sit here watching Shaun of the Dead for the third or fourth time, a thought sprang to life. Considering ProfPott's and Knave's predilection for confusing most of us poor Yanks with what I can only assume to be British idioms and slang ::confused(Hunter, anyone?), I thought it might be helpful if our friends across the pond could post some of the more common things people in different parts of Great Britain might say. This would be especially helpful in the areas like the Truth and Justice thread, where at least a few characters(mine included) are actually British! One thing I have a very hard time with when writing for Shaun(notice a similarity to above?) is trying to figure out how he talks, exactly. Having dealt with a fair number of Brits in person over the years, I've not only noticed different accents, but different slang too. I've picked up some bits, like 'bin' for garbage can, and 'brolly' for umbrella. 'Fannypack' means something decidedly different as well. ::sly And to be fair, I'm sure there's some pretty weird stuff coming from the American side too. I know there are quite a few expressions I've used that have puzzled Ex-Pats I've met, and the use of y'all throws 'em sometimes. ::biggrin What does anyone else think?
  20. From the other side of the door, he can hear Shaun's response. "Come in!" Harald's glance around the room is vaguely disappointing. The room, large as it is, seems like any other laboratory one might have seen, though better equipped than most thanks to Utopia funding. What appears to be different inventions in various stages of assembly take up most of the available counter-space. At the far end of one long table he sees Shaun, poking at his laptop screen with the tip of a stylus. Glancing up, he smiles and waves Harald over, closing the laptop's lid as the other nova walks over. "Almost done. How may I help you?" Standing up, Shaun starts to move around the room as Harald talks, picking up odds and ends from around the laboratory and putting them into a battered leather messenger bag, along with his laptop. As Harald finishes, he glances up at a clock behind Harald's head. "Mm. Time to be going. Please, walk with me; I'll try to answer your questions on the way." He slings the bag over one shoulder and tucks it behind his hip in a practiced manner, and gestures for the other nova to go out the door before him. As the metal door hisses shut behind him, he removes a small fob from his pocket and points it at the door. Pressing a button, the door beeps in response. He continues walking, talking at the same time. "I have some ideas in mind, yes. I won't know specifically which will work out best until we're actually on site, but I can at least tell you what I plan for you. There is a very good chance of powering this new town with almost entirely natural energies. Solar, wind, and water from the nearby river should all work together very well, and you can certainly help with that. I also expect your assistance with talking to the local flora and fauna, letting them know that the timber industry will be coming back; but with a closer eye towards replenishing as much as is taken. Of course, your first job, along with some others, will be helping clear the site of any detritus or remains of the old town. In a responsible manner, of course. We may be able to use some of the wreckage for the rebuild itself. Does that help answer your questions?" Stopping just outside the door, he smiles again. "Either way, I look forward to working with you. Shall we?" He steps inside, and waits for everyone's attention before addressing all of them. "Hello all. I see everyone is ready? Good. Haunt, please scout the location for Mr. Bridger here; Jack, say when."
  21. Joe's face resumes its normal expressionless mask so quickly Mani could almost wonder if the openness he'd shown only seconds ago had ever been there at all. His response is very quiet. "You'll get your chance as soon as you stop blaming the world for your life, and take responsibility for it instead. Good luck with the baby." Standing, he turns and makes his exit. Closing the door behind him, he stares at the ground, unaware of the single tear rolling down his cheek. "I tried. I tried, Mani." The whisper is pained. Without another word or a glance back, he heads back to his own bungalow and sends off an email, asking for the next earliest assignment.
  22. And then of course there's the riot factor. Sick or no, unless it's a completely incapacitating illness, there will be many people storming hospitals and government buildings(some with children in tow). Mass hysteria leads to panic, which leads to riots. Martial law, curfews and massive police presence would likely be the order of the day. The President of the United States, along with many other high-ranking government officials, would likely go hide in an isolated bunker somewhere. If it was truly a plague of this level, the CDC would have shut everything down. Instructions to the public would likely be to stay at home and avoid all contact with other people, in an effort to contain the spread of the (assumed)virus. Quarantine would be the order of the day. Medical units from both civilian and military life would probably have self-contained decontamination areas and research laboratories. Personnel would be in Tyvek suits and SCBAs to limit their exposure. Honestly, the way I view the situation unfolding is a mix between Dawn of the Dead and Outbreak. There would be a massive(though obviously ineffective) government and medical response, with all the trimmings that go with it.
  23. I have a lot of potentially annoying 'realism' and zombie questions, just to warn you STs. ::biggrin BTW, Cottus, is my Burt Gummer style character okay? I saw your smiley, but I wasn't sure Phoenix also approved. He'll probably just be a daredevil with Heroic knacks and a whole lotta guns.
  24. Oh, hells yes. ::devil How did I not read this thread before now? I am so in I was there before you guys even thought of this. ::biggrin Burt Gummer, anyone? ::ultracool
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