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  1. Making a wide arc on his return path so there's less stress on the weapon, Brandt bolts back to where he'd left Zhenglai. *Get ready to jump through that warp! I'm comin' in hot!*
  2. "Shit." Grabbing the cannon, Brandt leaves a cartoon-like puff outline of himself as he bolts back down the hill. Unsure how well the massive weapon will hold up at full speed, he accelerates as quickly as he dares, keeping an eye and ear on the cannon for any signs of stress. His own stress he was already doing his best to manage. *Incoming fire on my position!*, he yells through the link. *Zhenglai, if I manage to dodge this thing, I'll need a warp to drop the weapon through, so get one ready to someplace nice and isolated!*
  3. Brandt nods agreement. Glancing around, he gestures towards a hilltop a few miles away. "I'll be over there. If there's any return fire after my inital blast, I'll try to take this," he hefts the cannon, "with me, but if it slows me down too much I may have to drop it." He pauses, then looks up at the sky, his face expressionless. Bringing his face back down to look at Zhenglai, he's suddenly sporting a wide grin that's only betrayed a tightness around the eyes. "Alright then. I'll see you in a little while." With a brief stirring of dust, he's gone, darting to the hilltop he'd picked out just a moment ago. Seconds later, Brandt finishes the setup of the anti-spacecraft weapon and waits for it to acquire a target. Reaching out through the link, he messages Paul. *I'm just about to let this thing rip, Dr. Blue...so be ready for any repercussions.* His message sent, Brandt waits for the machine to beep it's confirmation, then fires.
  4. Nodding to Zhenglai, Brandt thinks back at Paul. *Nice work. As soon as Zhenglai here opens a gate, we'll be on our way.* Aloud, he says, "Ready when you are."
  5. The speedster sighs, and glances over at his Chinese companion. "Nevermind Peru, my friend. Dr. Blue has just asked for our assistance. Looks like we're heading back to deal with the guardian ship hovering over the Nevada desert." Just to be sure, Brandt pings the mental network to get Paul's attention. *Just for clarification, I assume by 'other ship' you mean the one positioned above you right now? Zhenglai and I have already taken out the one over the Caribbean. How's it going on your end, by the way?*
  6. Brandt grins. "Agreed. I know a lovely place in Peru that's relatively uninhabited, at least in our world. Or do you require the location to be somewhere you're already familiar with?" ((I'd like Brandt to be able to respond to Paul, but I'm not sure on the timing. I know there's been a few minutes of travel and conversation on their end, and I don't know how long it's been for Brandt and Zhenglai.))
  7. Brandt lets out a slow whistle and glances over at Zhenglai. "Well, looks like it works. I think we should stick around here and see if any reinforcements show up, see if this cannon here is able to take one down that's ready for it. What do you think?"
  8. Err...I thought Brandt was in the Caribbean with Zhenglai, waiting for whatever happens next. As a matter of fact, did I miss it, or did we as a group finally settle on a plan for what Brandt and Zhenglai are supposed to do after shooting down the ship in the Caribbean? Cuz last I checked, that was never settled.
  9. I think it's accurate, but only if referring to average levels of activity. Strenuous activity, like combat, should reduce the amount of time even a Mega-Stamina nova can go without sleep.
  10. Go see it. It's awesome. And make sure to stay until after the credits. ::cool
  11. Agreed, which is why Brandt considers it a serious risk...perhaps too serious for our resident warpers. Brandt himself has more than a few options for getting the hell out of the way, quickly. As for computer targeting IRL...what weapon systems and fast moving targets are you referring to? Anti-aircraft missiles, for example, are designed to get close(but not directly hit) much larger and slower moving targets than Brandt.
  12. ::sad Gee, thanks. However, I'm not sure how well that fits within this particular context. First, I imagine that reaction time to hit a button is based on actively searching for a target beforehand, i.e. already primed with hand over the button. You're also making assumptions on their sensory tech, which may be designed to track objects in the sky(other spacecraft), than objects on the ground(human-sized targets moving ridiculously fast). Secondly, we also have to consider the in-game rules aspect of it. Hyperrunning gives bonuses to avoid being hit while moving full-tilt, and there are also rules for outpacing area attacks.
  13. I may have screwed up my original calculations, you're welcome to double-check them. Well, Mach 7 in kph is about 8500 kph, by the online converter I'm using, so that's close. Since I don't imagine it's a huge secret by this point in the game...Brandt has M-Dex 5, plus Enhanced Movement, plus Hyperrunning 3. I think I originally figured his in-combat speed...but I'm not sure.
  14. I just corrected it, after I read your post. I thought the ship was forty kilometers away, instead of a hundred miles away. Brandt's top speed, without maxing, is just about Mach 7. Please tell me if 2.5 minutes for 100 miles is correct. Still more than fast enough to outrun bullets and fighter jets, even in the Abberant universe.
  15. Brandt returns the smile. "Well, I have both tea and coffee with me, and you're welcome to either. As for desert terrain? To be honest, the type of terrain has never really affected how fast I am." He shrugs, then setting the huge cannon down next to him, slings off his pack and kneels next to it. Looking up at Nathan as he digs around for his food bag and stove, he continues with a wink, "I think your real question is, how fast can I make it to the downed ship from here?" In an eyeblink, Brandt's hands move, and suddenly his small cook area is complete: the stove on the ground, lit and flaming away, a tall metal canister filled with water atop it. Even his bag was re-packed and back on his shoulders. He glanced in the direction that the downed ship lay, then back at Nathan. "Roughly two and a half minutes. Is that fast enough?" ::sly
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