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  1. I tend to pick and choose bits of the Meta plot to suit my games, and I'm probably gonna just ignore the plot in the books when they come out. (Allthough I'll still buy them.... gotta tap that vein...) I think the most important aspect here is that White Wolf is going no longer be the Vampire company, I want to see what their new flagship game will be. Hopefully this will open the doors to them at least concidering putting more time into the Aeon trilogy.
  2. Don't forget http://www.villainsupply.com/ a bit more modern, but equally funny
  3. I wouldn't completely take away the "class" structure, just make it more costly EP wise to buy Knacks from other areas. Other then that, the one change I'd make is to actually support the game with supplements, maybe actually advertise the games. White Wolf has a problem with letting lackluster selling games linger, as opposed to making them known i.e. They should have their play groups play changling or the Aeon games in local game stores.
  4. Sorry, this was answered on the Main general discussion board. Move along, nothing to see here.....
  5. Does anyone know the official word on Adventure!? (and the other Continuum games) I haven't seen anything official by White Wolf fully cancelling it. Are they pulling a Changling and releacing one book a year now?
  6. Elves in Trenchcoats? Shadowrun, what? BLOODSHADOWS!!!! Too bad WEG had a problem following up on anyting, instead focuing their energies on classics such as Species the RPG and Men In Black D20 ::sly
  7. Heh... Haven't played Trinity yet, but I've heard mucho good stuff. ::wink But I think we're all waiting for the Storyteller version of RIFTS ::devil j/k anyhoo, thanks for welcome, I look forward to posting here often ::biggrin CU!
  8. This being my first post, I just wanted to say what's up to the fans of White Wolfs #2 best game ever. (#1 being Wraith) Anyhoo, that's it..... continue what you were doing, nothing to see here....
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