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  1. WOW!! Great job, CC! I wish I would have 10% of your artistical ability. ::sad
  2. Even after long absence Chat still works for me ::ultracool At least after I remembered the Password ::brick
  3. X4 (nearly) Last man on board At the base of the long shaft up to the Observation Post, Griff secures his bag and weapons (he grabed his chores before going out) tightly to his Armor. He looks to the lift, but that thing would be way to slow. With a soft hum those two pods at his back break open and unfold into a pair of wings (activating Flight). There isn´t enough space for him to spread them fully but that´s not neccessary for him to get airborne. With a jump upwarts he gets airborne and speeds up to the chamber at the top.
  4. Hi folks! I think I am back again ::biggrin ! And, as it seems, at the right moment. So Griffin is on the move again. Grizzly
  5. Ok, My Character was born in Germany, but his family relocated to Australia shortly before the Esperanca crash. Then he joined the Legions. His last operation are had been at the LAST-Zone in the US. Short time ago Trinity asked the Legions for some support and so he came to the Trinity.
  6. Hmm!! I read trough this and took a look into the Core Book and the APG. The only remark about novasize appetite I was able to find was that thing with Skipjak. ::confused But then there was another point about "nova-health". Without juice a nova looks plain, many powers that doesn´t need juice won´t function etc. All these leads me to a point where I think that we all might have got it wrong a little bit. If you take those remarks by, and about Skipjak as a exception, perhaps he´s just a gluton with the corresponding powers to consume that much, there isn´t much that says that novas need that much food. ::devil Remember, novas doesn´t need to eat at all when they have Adapatability an at least one Point of juice, and all novas regenerate juice without eating. So, do Novas really have to eat those piles of food????? Just an idea. ::devil
  7. LOL ::brick ::devil ::lol ::innocent
  8. Ah, now it makes sense ::wink ::devil Did you get my e-mails with the Psi-powers? ::confused If you think that we have too much Legionaires in this game I still can change the backgroundstory of my character, it´s still scetchy enough so that it wouldn´t hurt ::wink
  9. Hm, somehow I got lost. ::confused ::confused ::confused Could some one explain to me?I don´t think that I had heard about that before
  10. Well, if you are interested I can send you a complete set of all those alternative powers for all Aptitudes except Quantakinesis. I scanned them from the books and converted them to doc-formate. As for me, I can go by those core book powers. I think I stay with the PK legionaire. Norcas never had been a favourite of mine. ::wink Auxilary mode will probably be EM: Stun
  11. Well, I think I ´ll take the Psychokinetic then. Seeing that we already have two Varg-pilots I think we don´t need more of them ::devil Have to take a look in my book for further details. What about those alternative psi powers from the order books? Do you allow them? and iff you do so, how do you want to handle learning them?
  12. Hi folks! I am interested in playing, too. If there is still a slot free, I would like to join. As for the character concept, I am not quite sure because I am a little bit confused about who is taking which aptitude and concept. As far as I have seen my favourite combination of Clear and pilot is already taken ::wink Perhaps you can make up a small summary of the characters so far. Thanks, Grizzly
  13. Hi folks! Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents in this question. We had been playing Trinity for quite a long time, resulting in chars with about 350 XPs. Unfortunately, our ST quited and left us in the void, so Trinity died out. But we had some very intersting ideas about that topic of Auxillary modes. We agreed to that point that beeing dunked would change the genetic code so that the limitations of the doyens would be fully effective. We played through the complete series of adventures until short after the Venezulean incident. The interesting thing was that two of the Chars fell in love to each other and married, resulting in a twin offspring that was born right after that Venezulean incident. He was a tec and she was a rex, but their offspring showed the genetic imprint of BOTH aptitudes. Naturally, that caused some major problems with many different groups that had been interested in those two babies.......... Additionally, don´t forget all those matchmaking and "breeding" of the ISRANs ::wink Othar had some plans in this direction, too. The final idea about it was that the doyen limited the abilities of the first generation of psions but they thought about that universal rule that " life always finds it´s way" ::wink , and so they forgot that nonenergy people breed by exchanging DNA. So after some generations of "crossbreeding" between members of different aptitudes would result in psions with no restrictions. Rulewise we had following idea about "psionic breeding" Second generation offspring from Psions would show psionic abilities depending on their parents. Offspring of a Psion and a neutral parent has a high possibility of being latent (50%), probably with an affinity for that Psions aptitude. (Like a normal human, but with a higher chance of latency) Offspring of two Psionic Parents will be 100% latent with an affinity for both aptitudes of the parents. When getting dunked according to one of these affinities, the Psion can learn the other aptitude as “secondary Modes” till 2 dots and any other mode as normal auxillary mode If both parents have Psi 8+, the whole thing will be getting very interesting. The child will have an affinity for both parental aptitudes, will automatically trigger with adolescence (no need for a chamber any more). The Psion can choose one of the parental Aptitudes as Primary, but can learn the other aptitude as “secondary Modes” till 3 dots and any other mode as a normal Auxillary mode. Example: Father Electrokinetic (Psi 9), Mother Vitacinetic (Psi 9) The young Psion takes Electrokinetic as primary Aptitude, learning it as usual, but learns the vitakinetic modes as if they would be electrokinetic modes, too, till 3 dots. Third generation Psions would be even stronger. When at least one of their parent was the child of two high psi Parents, the child would trigger by himself, too. He would be able to choose one of the aptitudes of his grandparents as primary aptitude, and can take the other as secondary aptitudes, being able to learn these till 3 dots. Third generation Psions would be able to learn Auxillaries till 2 dots. If some Aptitudes of the Grandparents or Parents double up and the young Psions takes that Aptitudes as Primary, it could be possible that he could reach Proxy-level of Power in it. Max Psi might be over 10. Fourth generation Psions won´t have any restrictions according to aptitudes any more. They still choose one Aptitude as Primary but can learn any other aptitude as secondary Aptitude. There are no Auxillaries any more. This generation will trigger itself, too. If there had been some double-ups in his ancestory, a psion of this generation could possibly get stronger than a proxy. When we cobbled this together we had an idea of a very long going story in mind. The arc would be arriving somewhat later, about the time when the second generation Psions would be about 20 to 25 years old and having a little bit of experience. Additionally the doyen won´t be happy about that development, too. Just some leftover ideas of a long campaign. Have fun with it, perhaps one of you has a use for it
  14. Happy Birthday! Another year has gone by but you´re still here ::wink Go for it! ::ultracool
  15. lol Knew a german versoin of that last one, too. It seems it doesn´t depend on a specific army. ::devil Have another one, I hope my translation won´t kill the joke ::ultracool Well, an American Airforce General, a Russian and a German one sitting together in a UNO canteen and having a beer together, talking about who has the biggest transport airplane. Russian:" Well, we just finished evaluation flights of our new Antonow transport airplane. It has enough room in it´s cargo bay to hold 6 Main battle tanks and a fully equipped company of troops." The Amreican snorts and grins: "Interesting. Two month ago, our newest transport airplane got into service. It´s so secret that it hasn´t a name yet, but it has enough room for 12 main tanks and a whole battailon....." The German sits quietly, listening to the boasting of the other two. The Russian, angry, because he was topped by the American, poking the German:"And? What´s new with the German Airforce? Nothing?" Got nerved by the boasting of the other two, the german General gather himself and starts talking. ::ultracool " Well, if you are so inclined.... How could I stay back to tell you about our newest project. Yesterday, I was on the first flight of our newest transport. It was quite uneventfull, everything had run as smoothly as a clockwork. Then there was a redlight, indicating a small pressure loss in the cargo bay area. So the Pilot ordered his engineer to grab the Hayabusa and take a look. Half an hour later the enineer returns with a quite blasé face. Nothing important, he says, it´s just an US C-130 that went through one of the portholes and is now buzzing around in our cargo bay........" ::devil ::laugh
  16. X4 "Captain. The man at the HQ identified himself as Sgt. Heavoc, a former prisoner. Seem to know you. He sais that the 7th hit the HQ and we couldn´t expect any backup soon. I ´ll try to get some more heavy weapons and ammo." *I am a O2, so it´s Sir, not Soldier, Sergeant. ::glare We could need some heavy, man portable weapons and ammunition of all kind and whatever you cane spare for now.* "Anything new about Jubersky?" Griffin still works on the sensor readouts to get more informations about the approaching enemies. Those Tanks are remotes, so there must be some operators near by, long distance radio control in montainious areas won´t function very well. Inside Griffins "battle armor" helmet there is a face that first went pale as a sheet of paper and then, even in his somewhat detached state of mind, there comes the anger, making its way out as an unarticulated growl full of anger and hate. His ,from the outside opaque, visor that has usually a orange color changs to a bloodred, nearly black color and the air around him has a faint odor of ozone. "GGGRRRLLL ::cursing ::nuclear " A second later his voice is as calm as before, even more so, it sounds as cold as arctic ice. without any emotion at all. "They will pay for it,..... later. First we have to survive this" "Large scale mind control? Like Jubersky, or so?" Automatically,Griffin changes the distribution of his datastreams on the remaing screens to compensate his loss of one of them, still processing all incomming datas. "Still on it, Sir. Taking out those tanks isn´t very easy with our limited recources. They are heavily armed and armored, especially at the front. But these are remote operated tanks. Suggestion: Taking out the operators would be easier. They couldn´t be far away, probably all together in a command vehicle of some kind. Still searching for something like that."
  17. I had been looking around a bit. Just entered "Solar system simulator" in Google. There are some sites. Try this one: http://www.fourmilab.ch/cgi-bin/uncgi/Solar But there are many more. Take a look around ,pal. ::wink
  18. Hedonists! ::tongue ::laugh
  19. *..any survivors? What do ou mean? Please identify yourself! As for assistance, we take what you can spare. A Cobra with anti-tank capabilities would be nice. What´s up with the warpers? We´ll try to get that T-Port active......* "The seemed to be hit very hard at HQ, Sir. I still have no name of who´s talking to me, but he says that they are searching for survivors. Doesn´t sound good for me. He offers assistance but there are no more Warpers there, we need to take the T-Port. I hope Jujubee hasn´t bobytrapped it."
  20. ok, so no warper=no T-Ports. There are no warpers at X4, so no way to get that T-Port funktioning. I think I wait for Heritage bevore I make my next post. Need some more datas ::wink
  21. Happy Birthday, pal! Biggest birthday party ever,eh? Nearly the whole world is partying! ::wink ::laugh ::tongue
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