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  1. so no one can suggest anything? He is the timeline if its uninterrupted Now the first scene i don't like the hired goones Act 1 Red Fog Begins Early Saturday morning, Players sitting out side of a café, Heavy layer of fog or pea soup. Let the players Role play for a bit and get into character, They hear a car pull up, and make out someone getting out of if, successful perception + awareness Its James Johnson. Before James can get across the road, to the Café a man dressed in a long overcoat, Gloves and a scarf pulled up over his mouth. As he walks by he slashes with a razor sharp razor, an none notices until James Falls over, the sound of feet running towards the café. About 6 Thugs, two of the thugs have Tommie guns, and two have Colt pistols
  2. Lol that made me laugh so much. I love the Idea, but i want the opening to the game to kick of in combat, and maybe a chase through old London town, First of the players have never played Adventure! and combat is always a good way to introduce someone to the system. Maybe this Unknown villain could use some of his goons wielding knifes all modelled after him Gloves, a scarf blocking his face. Which would allow this Jack the Ripper person to escape.
  3. The Thule Society is the Nazis before they became the nazi Party. I just wondered if i am being too cryptic for a Adventure! story. Also the SS is active during the 20's i just looked it up on wiki. But i am really stuck in how to hook the characters into the plot. The source says that they are at a Cafe in London, all the characters know each other, and they are waiting to meet a friend, James Johnson who has something important that he wants to tell them, something he doesn't want to say over the phone and as James arrives he is gun downed by hired goons to silence him before he can tell the players. I know it suits the setting, but meeting at a Cafe in London. What do you think? Could it be done differently.
  4. So this is heavily borrowed from another game, i have made slight alterations, like using the Thule Society instead of Nazis like it does in the other game as i want to set the game in the 1920's the current time of Adventure!. It is the first story that the players will get involved in, they are to become protectors of the Crown and the british empire, but for now they aren't until this story climax. THe climax of the story will be a battle upon a Zeppelin like from the Rocketeer. But it does seam a bit well pansy and i don't know if there another organisation like the nazi or even Hydra from marvel, a group that is hell bent on destroying the civil world(might no be the best words to use). The game will become like the League of gentlemen but in the 1920's, as i said earlier they will be defenders of the crown and King. Any suggestions or help from my ramblings will be of great help James (Btw the steampunk idea developed because of whole group just saying why not do pulp as you can sort of include steampunk in there as well so we have more options)
  5. Recently some of my friends have got into steampunk, and well we are looking at posbably setting up a game in steampunk setting, of Skyship captains, things like that, not so much space-ships. I am starting to really think using the Adventure! system is the best way forward, I have Gurps steampunk and Steam-Tech. I just think it would work so well. Has anyone ever used Adventure to do Steampunk, Has anyone got any notes on tech that they may have already done.
  6. Yes that is true, but the feel of the conspiracy that underpins the story with the company. also the who realism of it thats what i want to aim for. Also any one know of good aberrant character sheets?
  7. Oh i do have the players guide as well i thought i put that on there. What i mean by Heroes type, is the sort of setting, which i personally think is the default aberrant universe, The Directive is defiantly the company Noah works for, Syler is an Teragen.
  8. Hi everyone Haven’t posted for a long time, but need help and advice on running aberrant, ok here’s the run down… I think they want to play something similar to Heroes TV show with the conspiracies and just gritty place that it is. So what I want to do is still keep the emphasis on Humans with powers rather than super powered heroes, from what I see of heroes its a lot less powered that aberrant, but I still want the aberrant power level. Also we are from the uk, and I would rather set it in the uk as we know it better than the states. I know the directive is quite big in the uk, but where do I find more on the uk for aberrant the books I own are… Storyteller Screen Year One Worldwide Worldwide Phase II Project Utopia Elites Underworld Just won on ebay The Directive. A lot of my problem is knowing where to start where the hell do I start in creating a game? If any of you were to do this or have done how would you handle it? Any help would be appreciated. James
  9. Any one wanna help me pin point when i suppost to hand them out? thanks i'm going to run remnants of the dead, and i cant figure out when to hand out things
  10. From what i can see is that they are lv one powers from other modes? am i correct
  11. The rules for the setting are perfict, its very good system i think. I maybe wrong, but all my players enjoyed it
  12. I am James I am 25 from Southend-on-Sea in Essex in the UK, I have been role-playing for over 15 years, I am looking for new players to come join a group, which shall meet at some point every weekend. We will change games and GMs at points to give everyone ago at Gming and playing, and testing out different games. As they say variety is the spice of life. If you live in or around the Southend area further if you can travel, then please email me and get in contact with me at Jamescukd@aol.com leaving your name and a bit about yourself and what games you like playing and how long you have been playing for and do you GM. Games we play, we play a lot of White Wolf games(which I mostly run) Adventure!, Aberrant, Trinity, Vampire The Requiem, Exalted, we also play Serenity, BESM, D20, Warhammer fantasy, Heavy Gear, Shadowrun, and many more. We are willing to play and give anything ago, we have still yet to try out Werewolf the forsaken and Mage the awakening, so if you are slightly interested please get in contact with myself. Hope to hear from you soon James
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