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  1. Hi All, I'm reviewing Bahamuts character now, but otherwise I am ready to go with the adventure. I've got a weekend coming up so if I get Bahamuts character worked out in the next couple of days then I'll start the adventure post and we can start to game. Thanks again everyone for your interest - hope you enjoy the game. Ian
  2. HI Bahamut, Yep - send me the character today or tomorrow if you can. I'll be opening the adventure forum soon. Hi everyone else - I've finallised the length of the advenutre - 4 chapters - and I'm still working on a name - working title is "a spider in the web of the totality" - but it's a bit long Ian
  3. Hi Ayre, No problems - just forward me background n' stats when you have em. Ian
  4. Hi All, Finally found my copy of America Offline, so I'm finallising the geogrpahical details, and such, for the adventure. Thanks for your continued interest everyone. Kimi and Jace - I'll kick off the game around the 10th with a new post and lead in - if you are around then throw in a post or 2 and if not, I'll throw in some "join game" highlights so you can join in smoothly later. Jace - got your character, looks ok, but I'm just checking up on the latency rules for blanks - I have not made one before as a player or NPC so I need to familiarise myself with them again - I had a feeling you coudl not spend points on PSI straight up, but I'll let you know - Background is great though - love it! Fingers crossed I'll have a name for the game soon as well. If anyone wants to do any pre-game reading - I recommend familiarising yourself with FSA laws as they regard your character (citizen or not, psion or not) and a general understanding of major areas in the USA (Blight, texmex, especially) OK - I'll check back again soon to see what you all have to say, Ian
  5. Hey Phoneix, Name of adventure = the hardest thing about writing an adventure. Seriously though, I'll have one soon - I've got the skeleton of the adventure down, just adding the meat now. Once I get that sorted I'll try and come up with something appropriate. ian
  6. Sorry to see you go Asbjorn - ::smiley4 Oh well - I'll see who else wants to play and go from there. Ian
  7. Sorry - there was supposed to be a joke in the above post but I did somehting bad - I'll check my posts form now on before posting them. The joke was; Morons eh, SOUND OF ELEPHANT CANNON BEING PRIMED AND FIRED
  8. Morons eh, Anyway all - I'm reviewing Phoenix and Jace's characters now, so the rest of you send me a character so I can work out some fine tuning to the adventure. I would like to get started next week - the dates I have here are the 6-10th of June as I have some time of work. How does this sound to everyone - is there any issues with that? Ian
  9. Hmmm - would he be an Australian native, or an American? Ian
  10. No no Pheonix, I'm much more subtle than that. The door waits for you to close it, then sneaks off, kills the characters family, ransoms his dog, and then jumps onto him from a 20 story building, splintering into shard, THREE of which pierce his heart. I promise there will be no death by door. I'll use elephants instead ::biggrin Ian
  11. I am not a cat...despite some of the rumours. Seriously though - I'll take both your words for it - once we get all the characters workd out I'll start a new thread from there. Ayre - legion character could be interesting - perhaps a rookie from the USA contingent (the 3rd? - cannot remember) might be more appropriate than a 1st legion character Ian
  12. Okay Ayre - do you think we should start another one for the game itself though, or just keep going on this one?
  13. Hi All, Ayre - a-ok on character concept - naive is fine - let me know. I'll keep the game on the forum - I might see if I can have another open forum like the e-book developers one so I can password the game once it begins so we don;t get stray comments from others, and then open it again once we have finished - I'll look into this now and see what is available. Phoenix - doors are your friend, trust them ::halo Ian
  14. Hi All, Character responses - Ayre - Military engineering is great - this would fit in well - any allegiance apart from FSA should be fine, with one of the psi-orders, or aeon, or a texmex rebel/mercenary. Jace - You mentioned a jornalist - that would be okay - if he has a focus towards photogrpahy and film all the better - again as long as he is freelance or perhpas U.N. or Aeon sponsored there should be no problems. Kimi - ISRAN' who works for the legion is great - you would probably be on loan to the Aeon society due to your scouting/info gathering skills. Abjorn - you mentioned you were interested - if you want more detail let me know. Phoenix has e-mailed me seperately and already worked out some background details - he will be playing a neutral Aeon agent/spy. Okay - thanks for your time again guys - great stuff - send me more character details (private mail ok if you want to work out juicy background stuff) Also - I'll probably allow one more player max after Asbjorn - 6 shoudl make for a pretty rounded group and ot be too hard to get all people to play and respond reasonably quickly Ian
  15. QUOTE The topic is unknown, but speculations are rampant, from FSA research into Taint, Alex Cassells dirty secrets, and even alien hiding places. So naturally it'll be none of the above, huh Grimm? LOL - 'natch - but hey - the setting should be one of espionage and never quite knowing whats around the corner. All the characters know is they are in the FSA for something important, but hush-hush. Oh - BTW - the theme of the game will be based around the Aeon society's principles - "Hope, Unity, Sacrifice" Okay - geting back to character requests now Ian
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