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  1. The thing with Hyde is that he is a caveman. A primitive human. You see , when the novel was written Darwin's Theory of Evolution was a very shocking thing. Most people couldn't belief that man was an animal that imposed the rules of civilazation on himself. That is what made the story so shocking back then. Mr. Hyde physical description in the novel is very similar to that of an ape. Unlike the LoEG TPB inwhich his apperience is that of a monster ( in my opinion at least). I also think that in the LoEG story Hyde is a lot more sinister and "evil" than in the original novel. There is the missconception that when Dr.Jekyll drinks the potion his evil side takes over ; that is not entirely true. When he drinks the potion his bestial and animalistic side takes over. Alan Moore is a genius. And I loved the LoEG TPB. In no way Im I critizicing his work ; on the other hand , reading the LoEG is a lot more fun than reading Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ( which is a great book). ::biggrin Vicious
  2. Is there room ( and time) for one more? I would love to join the game. I already have a character concept.
  3. Hello Ricardo, Well the untouchable knack will only make Extras downright pathethic , rather than exciting semi-foils for the characters. Vicious PS: There is also a Ricardo playing in my A! game. ::biggrin
  4. I am about to start an Adventure! series in a week or so. It is a challege because I haven't run anything like A! in my diverse RPG career. I just came out of an amazingly successful Call of Cthulhu game. This is a 180 degree change in direction and tone for me as a storyteller. I'm going from telling a story about utter nihilism to a story of hope. And I am moving from a genre which I know like the palm of my big hand , to one which I am not so familiar with. I started this thread in order to talk about our serials ; their strenghts and weakensses , and every other thing that made them special and unique for you and your group. I will start by giving you a glimpse of my game: My game will be about the reconstruction of Mexico by a group of righteous inspired men. The gentlemen have joined hands , hearts , wits ,and guns to save Mexico from anarchists, criminals , terrorists , and other things that lurk in the country side. Accompanied by a Jazz soundtrack , it is a truly Cowboy Bebopesque tale inwhich ( like John Woo would brilliantly say): "You give a man a gun and he is superman. You give him two guns and he is god." . I'll post some more details as the game is underway. Come one ladies and gentlemen , write about your serials ( or the heroic version that you had in your head before it became a disaster in the gaming table) ,and don't spare any amazing detail! Tony
  5. A source of atmospheric inspiration for me is the movie "Road to Perdition". It has nothing to do with pulp , or with supernatural powers , but it really lets you know what the world that surrounds the players feels like.
  6. Well all know that the biggest source of inspiration for a A! serial is the pulp genre. But what about other genre's and other mediums? Do you get inspired by anything that doesn't exactly qualify as pulp. Personally , one of the most inspiring movies I have seen for A! is the anime flick "Spriggan". The film is a melting pot of insane fast pasted action , superhuman ( and sometimes supernatural) elements and exploration ; many of the elements that make Adventure! so great. The movie's plot is simple: " Arcam is a secret organization that studies and prevents relics from falling into the wrong hands. Arcam recently found Noah's Ark , but the US goverment's secret Mechanized Corps wants it for their own agenda.To defend the relic , Arcam uses it's top agents the "Spriggan ,a group of "altered humans" to defend the powerful item . Now the Spriggan's main man , Yu Ominae must battle to save humanity from a mad man. Spriggan is a modern sci-fi action flick, like I said before it is not to deep in story line , but the mix of stylish violence and superhuman powers really inspires when composing a great action sequence for Adventure! Vicious
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