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  1. With MC you can stop the train with the bomb. Or the car crashing into you. Gravity is affected with Gravity Control.
  2. The Aberrant d20 version only adds some NPC at the end as far as i remember. An this descriptions are taken out of other ST Books i think.
  3. Sorry, but as we know today the sanctions worked. Saddams army was once the biggest and strongest in the arabian world. After the first war and with all the sanctions there were no real oppostion when your troops invaded the Iraq. How can you say the sanctions didn't work? Where are the dangerous weapons? Where are all the missiles? The Un Weapon Inspectors told it. But Bush and his guys didn't even want to hear 'cause they knew it would be nothing they like. And what about Guantanamo? You say Saddam was a terrorist? Then you are saying Bush is a terrorist too. I hope you will never selected as a terrorist bei the U.S. Gouvernment only because you was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rumsfeld, as far as I remember had stated that they lied to the world recently. Got anyone a link?
  4. Just read in my favorit magazin (SPIEGEL): Our friends of th U.S. cannot say: "okay, Bush and his men don't stay for America. They are only a gouvernment." any longer...
  5. But it is possible that it was and is used by the Iraqi Liberti Fighters against the foreign occupants... Don't explode ::tongue Just a view from the other side. Reminds me of the american liberty fighters long time ago.
  6. Hoi Just follow the Link. I don't have the money and I didn't investigate this side. Maybe it's a valuable link for you. So Long
  7. (Response to Alex Green posting on Nov 8) But the Job in Germany was done by more than America. The Kapitalism needed a safe border to the USSR. I think we had only luck to have Stalin before our doors. It was another time and America was not lead by the interests of the PNAC (Project for the New American Century). Look at the Iraq. They didn't wanted a functional state. Only the oil counts.
  8. Look here and here and here. Don't forget to smile, even if it kills you. ::rolleyes
  9. Hitler was far less sucessful. He never got the majority of all votes... Let's see if Bush will change the Constitution for a third period. The judiciary will be soon on his side if i'm informed correctly. I fear this president Bush an his Junta...
  10. I think they wanted the 'new' system as fast as possible. Don't know why and hoped for a really new system.
  11. I didn't read the new books but was thinking the major difference between WoD 1.0 and Trinityverse was this fixed target number. The other stuff was very similiar imho. So if they use it, they use the cinematic storytellersystem.
  12. Okay, i missed the point. But i would say: no, it's not. A cleriv is not invulnerable. If you look at it using only your brain and no rule a dagger can end the life of a human (or other vulnerable beeing). If you use rules you must first get superman in a compareable charactersheet. That's very tricky and i don't want to do it. *gg*
  13. Got it this weekend. In Germany we got a Paperback with Supreme Power 1-6. Paid 15,50€ and i think this was my best buy this year. It rocks.
  14. It's moneymaking. I don't blame WW for it. It's their job. But i thought their would be a really new WoD - not only an upgrade. They have taken much of the Aeonstroytellersystem into the new Systems. That's great. But that's not enough for me to get me freaky about an upgrade. Missed Chance.
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