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  1. Hiro spends the first part of lunch eating and studying quietly, although he takes careful note of the comings and goings of the other students. When he finishes eating, Hiro puts away his studies and takes out his palmtop computer and begins going through his e-mail, a morass of correspondence from children around the world, some he knows, some are writing to him because of his noteriety. Because it's lunch and his time is limited, Hiro just skims most of the material, highlighting certain pieces for later study, discarding spam, and watching the occasional short video clip.
  2. Hey Prof, long ime no see. I'd given up on you. Nice to see you back. BN was kind enuogh to drop me a message about yer return tho, and I still seem to have my character sheet, so I fugired I'd start posting again. Nice to see ya ::biggrin
  3. Hey, I know it's been a while, and I appologize, but I've been WoWing and seriously stressed out about things so it's understandable. Anyhow, anyone notice the paralells between Peter Patrelli and my old QZ character? I always sorta wondered what would happen if he /really/ botched a Node Spark roll.... ::nuclear
  4. The EA and EM power suites cover this issue; you want a lot of firepower, take EM:Fire, however this: I agree with for many reasons, but the simplest is logic. ::rolleyes ::cool
  5. Actually, I said that Dying for Power is a conscious decision, and you can't make those types of decisions at Incapcitated w/o spending a temp wp to make a single conscious action. Presuming this also worked at Dead, you could theoretically Die for Power, then start regening, assuming you had the temp wp left for those actions. However, I'm not sure about letting a character take any actions when they're at Dead, willpower or no willpower. ::unsure ::ultracool
  6. Gee, Alex, that's an awful lot of unwarranted assumptions you just made there from the little information I gave you. ::brick So yeah, I'd say it could be done for a lot less, you just have to get a lot more creative than that expensive and ineffective write-up. ::rolleyes ::tongue
  7. Hrm. k. Area, then. That's a broad generalization. There are certainly a few legit characters that could beat Totentanz, given the right circumstances. ::rolleyes
  8. Erm. Why exactly would he get a dodge against a ranged Q-vamp? It's not like it's something visible being shot at him, so there's nothing to dodge. Seems like as long as he's in range, it'd work. As for the Q-Bolt, once his Mega-Dex is gone, he won't be dodging very well, will he? Find Weakness doesn't work against willpower, only things, people, and systems. Read the power again, Alex. It's useless in short-term combat. Sonar goggles, or Q-Attune then. Just because he knows they're distractions doesn't mean he doesn't have to dodge them and attack them to keep them from killing him. His Q+node pool is only 7, giving an average of 2-3 success, so it's not all that impossible to overcome, especially on a powermax. Finally, I noticed you were saying that Q-Leech is resisted by Q+Node, but actually, it's resisted by willpower. Cheers. ::biggrin
  9. You're wrong, Alex. ::brick I'll try to explain why one more time. Transmit is a way of traveling up to a certain distance in a certain amount of time through a certain medium. Transmit allows you to travel at a pretty good speed, but you still have to designate the direction you're traveling in, just like any other form of fast travel. There's nothing in the power description that indicates that you can merely designate any random thing as a target and if it's within range the power will take you there. All the power allows you to do according to the description is travel quickly through some medium or another, nothing more. Your argument that there's nothing in the description that says it doesn't work the way you think it does is specious. The reason that there's no danger of missing your target with Trasmit is because with Transmit you're actually traveling through the entire distance to where ever you're going, instead of blindly jumping from one place to another, giving the character using the power time to see where they're going rather than just suddenly appearing there. Unless you can quote me some text actually saying that the power allows you to target anything and if it's within the radius the power will take you there even if you have no idea where that thing is there's no way you'll ever convince me that that's the way the power is intended to function, because that'd make it more powerful than the level 4 power Quantum Awareness, let alone a level 2 power. In fact, there's no power in the game that can do what you're claiming Transmit is capable of: targeting anything you can think of that's within the power's range without actually knowing where the target is. Telepathy is the only thing that comes close to that type of thing, and it's limited to people. Anywho, I think I've made my point. You're free to disagree with me 'bout this, but I'm done talking 'bout it, 'cause it's silly. ::brick ::tongue ::ultracool ::biggrin
  10. He's got Leech at a high level with the energy siphon extra, so leeching him hardly helps, but you can at least fight the leech, I suppose. Fortunately, his mainp+disorient dicepool is rather low (only 5 dice), so that's not a huge issue, and there are ways to detect invisble characters, or at least prevent ambush. Personally, I'd Disrupt the FF, Q-Vamp the Mega-Dex at range, and blast him with Q-bolts, while tracking him with IR goggles and having a couple of brick distract him. ::biggrin
  11. That's not strictly true, Alex. Aberrant: Project Utopia p. 142So there has to be a target, you have to know where you're going. As long as you meet the conditions for the Transmit power (depending on which, if any extras it has), you'll get there, but you do have to have a physical location, just as with Teleport. It just means you don't have to be familiar with the location, you don't have to know what it looks like or have been there in the past, or anything like that. You can't desinate non-physical locations as your target, though, just like Teleport. Also, if you look at the chart on the same page, level, not successes determines distance of transport through the substance out of combat, with the successes determining the speed of the transport, meaning that it's effectively maxed in pseed at 400,000 kilometers/turn at Q10, mastery 3, which isn't too shabby at about 44.425% of the speed of light, but it's a lot slower than the FTL velocities possible with Teleport and Warp at Q5 or even below.
  12. I'd be willing to bet that has something to do with the continual and accelerating expansion of the universe, but that's all just speculation. ::rolleyes The world is still flat, Skylion. It's space that's curved. ::tongue ::wink ::biggrin
  13. I have an idea. You could simply limit characters to 3 levels of powers (mega-attributes count as 2, Enhancements beyond the first as 1 each) unless they take aberrations. Each aberration would allow them to take another power or powers at character creation or at an appropriate and obviously rare in-game moment, with the strength of the aberration determining the strength of the power(s) gained. Using a simple point based system with 1-3 for low to high level Aberrations with the number indicating how many levels of powers may be taken. For example, a high level Alberration, worth 3 points, would allow the player to purchase a single level 3 power, a level 2 power and a level 1 power, or three level 1 powers. Also, physical Flaws may be taken as Aberrations, with point value divided by two (rounded up) determining the amount of levels of powers that may be bought with each such Flaw. Note that this system applies only to the ability to buy powers, mega-attributes, and enhancements, and has nothing to do with the amount of dots of powers and mega-attrubites that it's possible to puchase, it merely controls the variety. Just a thought. Use it, discard it, modify it, whatever. Just offering my humble opinion on the subject. ::biggrin
  14. Riiiiiight... Okay, I didn't want to get into this, because it's weird and complicated, but let's discuss the real heart of the issue here. The real question seems to be something like "Do real-world physics apply to the acceleration of novas, or are the mechanics in the books an accurate reflection of what's really going on, or is some combination in operation?" That's a pretty valid question to ask, and one I've asked on many occasions of many different GMs in many different games. In this case, as always, the final word is up to the GM, ST, etc. in question. However, there are a few things that can be said about the subject. As Skylion correctly points out, acceleration in is determined by the amount of vectored force (not thrust, but close enough) that acts upon an object, subject to an increasing curve approaching infinity as velocity nears lightspeed. Note that this holds true everywhere and that velocity is always relative to lightspeed which is a constant. These real-world physics conditions make nova flight powers problematic at best if mechanics are anything to go by. This is because nova flight powers as described in the book have an almost infinite delta-v, yet a finite velocity. Simply stated, according to the mechanics novas with Hypermovement 4 can be going 2000kmph in one direction, then suddenly be going the exact same speed in the opposite direction, yet are unable to exceed that speed in any particular direction. In real world physics, the only thing I can think of capable of even hypothetically producing such an effect would be a direct manipulation of the spatial metric, which is unlike force based acceleration, and more like sliding through space. If the nova were undergoing force-based acceleration, their almost infinite delta-v would instant kill them the first time they used the power as near-infinite g-forces squash them flat. With manipulation of the spatial metric, however, they'd just be sliding through space, not exeperiencing any g-force or acceleration. The issue with using the sliding through space metaphor, however, is that in space each activation would theoretically accelerate the nova by that amount up until and possibly even beyond lightspeed. With the force-based acceleration as a metaphor, which Skylion is advocating for, what you could do is (ignoring the weird near-infinite force turning capability) calculate the amount of force necessary to accelerate the nova to its max speed in a 1 g field at 1 atmosphere of pressure and keep it there despite atomospheric friction and gravity. Then calculate the nova's total relative velocity to the star you're trying to get to and apply Einstien's relativity equations to figure out your max velocity relative to the speed of light and how long it will take you to get there. That'll all take a lot of calculus and physics. Alternatively, you can just take the mechanics as the word of god and just ignore the physics entirely, which imho is the most practical option since there are at least three powers that allow for instantaneous (or at least relatively speedy) interstellar travel at PC power levels and the real-world physics of the flight and speed powers are problematic at best any way you look at it given the mechanics. ::brick ::biggrin ::tongue ::ultracool
  15. Only if (and given the mechanics this is manifestly not the case) the powers provided for some sort of constant acceleration. Unfortunately, unlike conventional methods of propulsion, quantum powers move the character quickly up to a constant relative velocity with almost unlimited acceleration, which then drops to nothing at max velocity, at least that's what the mechanics make it look like is happening. Personally I think it was done that way to simplify the mathematics of the situation, acceleration curves being a lot more difficult to calculate than relative velocities, since they're square quantities. To wit: without a method of constant acceleration max relative velocity remains the same even in a vaccum. If you flew into a high orbit then turned off your movement powers and allowed gravity to take hold you could actually work up quite a large relative velocity and then use your Flight and Hypermovement to tweek your delta-v. Of course, you'd have to reverse the gravity-gained relative velocity before you could ever land again, and you'd need another gravity assist to do it.
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