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  1. Hey Guys, sorry for the delay in posting (mumblemumbleNTLmumblemumble). Now, to business. Would it be possible for Jamal to use the attunement scan the columbus carried out as a primitive sort of psi print for using scan emotion to get information on the important of the ziggurat to the populance. the reason i'm asking is that action smacks a bit to close for clairsenients (sp?) to me but I thought I would ask. Cheers Chieftain
  2. (OOC: sorry guys, have had no access at all for a few days now, blame NTL and the fact that after almost 4 months they still have not delivered my broadband modem) As they break through to the atmosphere of the planet a brief lump catches in the cadets throat. "I... I never expected to see anything so beautiful..." Catching himself he realigns himself on the job at hand, his breach of radio ettiquete already lingering on his mind. "Sir, without a Psi-print i'm not having much luck with the distance. With your permission sir, I'd like to plot a course slightly closser to the Ziggurat." The young cadet looks to the displays on the Biofighter quickly taking down the co-ordinants. "I should be able to get a clearer reading from Mark 72,21 Omega with Mark 92,22 as our failsafe." Says the cadet, looking over the details. "at this range it's not going to be easy, Sir. Request permission to turn over control of the Locust to the Flight Egent between Mark 83,22.8 and 81,22.1. Given that we are dealing with an alien psyke here i'm not sure what effect it may have on my performance during the scan..." With all this in mind the cadet pulls up the attunement scan data collected by the Columbus, making preparations for the closser scan.
  3. Cadet Singh reaches out and picks up the last bits of his study gear, slipping them into the comrotable pockets of his uniform. With everything gathered he turns to start towards the officers as his reflection catches his eye in the polished bioglass of the observation window. With practiced but unfamiliar action he straightens the slipping turban on his head, rubbing his beard down to get himself looking "presentable" before turning towards the senior officers. The cadet steps quietly towards the officers table, taking in more detail of the aliens stood there as he did so. Suprise rises on his face as he gazes more closely at the Diplomat, Azure, his appreciation of the elegance and grace of "her" form hidden but not deeply. As he steps towards the two aliens it is like stepping towards a larger crowd, the noises that the neutrals hear mixing with the sensation of psi moving, passing between one place and another. A noise he had struggled for years to comprehend, that once stood at the edge of his preception now blazing away as if a third eye had been opened. With a Polite cough the Sikh stopped a respectful distance away, knowing that wether alien or human, to intrude unannouced is highly rude and such would be a bad start with these people who he would be spending a lot of time with. A slightly pained expression crosses the young mans face, as if being forced to rethink what he had intended to say, but quickly disappears from his features. The young cadet looks to the Qin Lt and addresses her in his mild toned english, having heard portions of her comments to the captain as he walked over"I have to agree Ma'am, The English language is much like a peice of 'hard' Technology. It has rough edges but it also has the benefit that it can be used equally effectively by everybody." ::blush ::nervous Realising that he may have spoken out of turn the young man quickly turns to talk to the other senior officers. "Excuse me, I'm forgetting protocol... " he says, stepping into the well know attention stance as he addressed O'Malley. "Cadet Singh reporting as ordered Sir." In his eyes a faint glimmer of pride appears as he speaks.
  4. "I have an exam planned for 3 weeks after we get back Sir. Part of the presentation side of it is for a group of students to perform Caesar. The more practice I get the better. I've been assigned the role of brutus..." The sihk says as if almost embarressed by this, a blush comming to his dark cheeks. The young man looks back to the officer, his face doing what it can to hide the strangers puzzling reaction. You fool, he thinks to himself quietly, you've gone and put your foot in it. Trying to get a better measure of the man in front of him he pushes out with his thoughts, trying to see past what was once a jovial exterior to the emotion laying below. Why did he speak so harshly so quickly. <sense emotion> Feeling some of the joviality return the cadet lets himself relax somewhat. A test perhaps? Relaxing slightly the young man adds. "Sir, with all due respect, i'm going to have to hold that statement over you when It's me that comes to save you." ::sly Seeing the officers reaction to the Qin entering the room the young man stops to watch him for a momment, before turning to look more closely at the two Qin themselves. Turning back to the officer he resists the urge to pry further, pleanty of time for that when he is aboard. "If it's okay, i'd like to go and say hi to the captain. I'll be passing the cook on the way back. would you like me to bring something for you to eat?"
  5. "Thank you Sir" The Cadet says with a small smile, although he stands at ease his stance remains as rigid as ever. "As to your earlier question, Shakespear is required reading for the Humanities course at the academy. It's one of the areas I missed out on back home. The Shakespear database is encoded, or at least the tragedy section is. Apparently we don't want to give our neibours any bad ideas about humanity. Could you imagine what another race would think if the first thing they saw was Macbeth?" He says with a slight smirk. "I take it that I will be serving with you Si... Robert? If so I don't suppose i could ask you to do a bit of reading in for me? the education agents are all well and good but there is nothing like the nuiaces that a human can put into a part." "I've been there since I was little, It's where I met the Captain." he says, motioning with his head towards the table where the senior officers are sat talking. "It's realy strange to step outside, The uncertainty I felt when i first saw the sky. The colony is like a huge bubble, inside is earth but outside... Well I never realy did find out." The cadet closes his eyes and takes a breath in. "It feels better to be under bioglass again..."
  6. THe young cadet smiles at the officers attention, turning up to him with a slight grin on his dark face. "Here, under leave of Brutus and the rest, For Brutus is an honourable man so are they all, all honorable men, Come I to speak in Caesar's funeral. He was my friend, faithful and just to me but Brutus says he was ambitious and Brutus is an honourable man." Taking the hand Jamal shakes it firmly, his own stick thin physique frightfully thin against the tanned features of the officer "Cadet Singh Sir.." he says "Assigned to the Columbus, Sir!" the cadet snapps to attention as his hand is released, slipping the datapad under his arm. Despite signs of recent exercise the officer-in-training still has trouble fitting his uniform. While all the right parts are in the right place, his thin frame and short height combined with his tightly tied red Turban make him look more like a walking match than a officer in the TEF. "Sir, I was raised on Qinshui Sir!" he says, waiting for the inevitable string of questions to flow forth, having answered them so many times before amoungst the other cadets in his "team" at the academy. Without moving from his stance Jamal asks "Permission to speak freely sir?"
  7. As others come and go engaging in their pursuit of relaxation an entirely different scene plays itself across the room. Sitting next to a hollodisplay, a young man of sikh decent sits intently watching the holo characters dance across the air in front, miniature men and women playing out a drama that few in humanity can now remember. As the figures speak and move, so does the young man's lip's echo them and his hand traces notes upon his pad of Caesar, Brutus and Mark Anthony. "Good countrymen, let me depart alone, And, for my sake, stay here with Antony: Do grace to Caesar's corpse, and grace his speech tending to Caesar's glory; which Mark Antony, By our permission, is allow'd to make. I do entreat you, not a man depart, Save I alone, till Antony have spoke." The young man looks in awe at the words, while alien languages he had studies never had he found such beauty in his own. A solitary Anthony takes the podium and speaks to the crowd, and again the light pen moves over the pad only to pause as a pair of electronic chimes break from his pad, indicating that the study period is over. Lazily the cadet informs the entertainment agent to pause the performance and quickly retrieves the data disc it is stored upon. With weary eyes the young cadet looks around the lounge, stopping to gaze at the star field and gaze towards his home. So far away let the light that reaches him from there now left millenia before his birth. Staring away his sight shifts to the other holobooths and the spiraling dogfight contained within. Curiously he turns to the officer standing beside him watching the conflict. "Excuse me Sir, what are those things?" he says, pointing to the two biplanes
  8. sorry prof. have had a hell of a time getting NTL to play ball. that and expanded duties at work but hey, i'm back. I thought the Pm had gotten through to you' i've been waiting for a reply I'll do it again now and we'll see how it goes from there Gerwyn
  9. I'm just wondering. We will be listing secondary areas of expertise in our crew listings or will this be something that actualy is kept in the personell files?
  10. Hi there guys. Finaly back in the neibourhood now and looking to get back into the action. I'm thinking about filling the role of the Damage Control officer but I was wondering what the group currently needs at the moment? Where are we at the moment on orders/primary psi? Do we currently have any Teeps or legionaires?
  11. Hey.... I resemble that remark. opps... that was suppost to be resent.. ::unsure ::tongue
  12. oh thanks guys. i pop my head through the door to see how peps are doing only to find out you've killed me ;-p (sob sob) i'll get you all yet. Seriously though, Just thought i'd pop in and say that i've finaly got the flat sorted and fingers crossed i'll be broadbanded up by the end of next month. see ya then :-)
  13. Hi there guys Sorry I cant stay long but unfortunately i've had my access cut. This meens that I will have to withdraw from the QZ-E game as there is no way for me to continue playing regularly. I'm sorry about the lack of notice guys and I wish you all the best. I'll try and get in touch when i get access back but in the meentime I hope that the proff will feel free to use The Major as an NPC for the name. Cheers and it's been good playing with you.
  14. Marc turns to address the "offensive" nova. "I have missions lined up for each of the different teams, although I will be giving guidance it will be the responsibility of the team leaders to handle day to day affairs. Information on other team activities will be on a need to know basis, due to the presence of a Telepath in the enemy rosta." "I just want to confirm that while you will be working in teams, there may be times when you are on your own during submissions. The idea of putting you guys into teams is so that you complement each other. Do not be afraid to call for help if you need it, but be aware that help may not always be availible." "As to Thor. There are times when you need to ask a god for aid in order to defeat the other. Thor's legend tells of his piusance with clound and thunder but also his sense of duty. He is here to make sure that there is something left for us to fight over. The last thing i want to see is a successful scorched earth campaign." "Now. If there are no further questions. Go and get your stuff unpacked and i'll be around to see you all individualy."
  15. Marc returns the nod of the most famour elite, smiling half to himself and resists the urge to make a quib about entrances. "Good to see you amoungst the masses" ::wink "I trust that the perimeter is secure and I can begin my mission briefing?" This last is address to the new Elite, marcs instincts urging him to trust the quantum enhanced experience of the cold blooded killer. "Gentlemen and Ladies. Oh and of course you as well Shockwave" ::wink "The initial stage of the opperation will consist of 4 independant teams. Each will be assigned missions in line with their respective powers and experience. I want to add here that not all of these missions will be combat orientated so those of you who's skills lay outside that field need not worry that I am going to throw you into the meatgrinder." "The first team will be named Blue. Commanding the team in the field will be The Mojo. Also in the team will be Jolt, Evil Twin & Thunderbolt. Your primary mission will be to gather information for the other teams. I will brief you in more detail latter." "The second team is names Red. I will command this team in the field. Also in this team are Shockwave, Jetstream and DMD." "The third field team will consist of Alloy, Loadstone, Verse and will be called Green. Field command will be handled by The Samurai" "And finaly I'm handing the Lone wolf possition to you Totenanz (OOC or how ever it's spelt ;-p))". You will have free reign to opperate how and where you want, although i may assign you specific targets at times."
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