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  1. A week and a half too late but Happy New Year all! ::biggrin ::beer30

    Life's been insane this past year and I wish I had more time for this place, my new years resolution is to visit at least once a week! The only reason I'm even online at the moment is it's too hot to sleep and thought I'd drop in on EON.

  2. What the? ::confused Where'd my Will post go?

    Yet another apology (getting old I know) but with illness, works little kick in the rear whenever someone can't get onto non-work related sites. Not to mention my engagement to a great gal and the disaproval of my entire family (they actually like her it's me they have issue with ::huh ) they don't like that I've chosen someone of asian decent as they're so old school that they can't look past their ideal of marrying someone from the next village... I live in AUS there are no villages left! ::tongue

  3. I'm alive! I'm still ill but I have made it through the worst of this sequence of disease, I didn't realise working in a school and living with two children was going to expose me to so much plague but I'm happy to say I can hear in my right again (not at good as before unfortunately).

    Going to try to get a post out today, it's a slow day at work the servers report no serious error and all the toner has been changed so I might have time to catch up on QZ while I wait for a hysterical teacher to tell me how her children "didn't" install limewire and downloaded 43,673 virus' on a department of education laptop for the umpteenth time this year.

    I say again, I live!

  4. Keepin' it Brief

    "Thank you" Will give a respectful nod.

    Once they've left him alone, Will gets out his phone and calls Masters (da udder won) "We've arrived in Japan, I say we because Natalia hitched a ride in the back of the plane, though I get the feeling you already knew that. If it helps she just wanted to get away from the States and see Takashi, I can't say that I blame her."

    "What's happening with Blaze? Is he going to be alright?"

  5. The shield could be a fan style configuration, made out of something stong but lightweight, say titanium. How big would depend on how large you want it to expand to but if it's about the diameter of the characters forearm or alittle smaller it could be used to block the ocasional blow, blast, etc, just don't expect it to survive.

  6. 'Welcome to Japan, Henessie-san,' she says (in English), bowing her head slightly, but keeping her eyes on Will the whole time, 'I hope your visit to our country will be... "uneventful"... I trust you understand..?' ::glare

    "Perfectly, Phoenix. No frightening the populous with nova powers for me, I'm just here to see the sights". ::biggrin

  7. Land of the Rising Sun:

    'Ah - the younger Henessie,' he says, still smiling, 'I hear we have a great deal to thank you for - I'm sure your father is very proud. Welcome to Japan - I am Takashi Masters, it is an honour to meet you.'

    Will takes his hand "The Honour is mine, Mr. Masters" Lot's of Masters in my life lately... Will says respectfully.

  8. Sub-orbit:

    'I like Japan,' she replies, trying to ignore the tension in the air, 'uncle Tak is great fun - I'm pretty sure he'll smooth things over with granddad without sending me back to captivity. Besides,' she lets out a heartfelt sigh & sinks into one of the plush recliners which furnish the aircraft, pulling her legs up & staring out of the window at the awe inspiring vista, 'I really needed a change of scene.'

    The faintest of smiles crosses the young nova's face for a moment "I think I understand...".

    'You know Will, my folks are out there somewhere - doing whatever super-important work granddad has people doing in space... I don't know, maybe I should do that too, you know - jump planet...'

    "What does your gut tell you? I mean other than 'Oh no! Space sickness!'" he blurts out to lighten the mood just alittle. "Is it to get away from everything?" Will regreting asking as the words leave his mouth.

    'I...' she begins, voice barely above a whisper as she struggles to get the words out, '... thanks for... thanks for saving me, Will...'

    Feeling his whole body tense as parts of his mind scream and break NO! She can't thank me! It was my fault! NO! It's not right... She'll hate you if you don't accept it, that is if she doesn't already.... Will takes control of himself once again but can't bring himself to speak and just nods exaggerated enough for her to be able to see the motion ::closedeyes .

  9. Stowaway:

    'Geez Will,' she says in a reprimanding tone, 'no need to be so pushy. I'm just hitching a lift, that's all.'

    Will's stunned expression is hard to conceal ::huh . Disengaging his powers he aproaches Natalia, suddenly having that all too familiar guilt pain weigh heavily in his gut whenever he's been near the girl since her kidnapping.

    "Nat, what are you doing here? You know what, it doesn't matter, I won't be able to convince you to go back anyway... My only question is, why Japan?

    He says suddenly not caring that Masters would probably have his head for not trying to get his granddaughter back home. For some unknown reason Will was alittle releaved to have her onboard with him.

  10. Thanks all ::smile

    I'm feeling pretty old now, like 83 ::unsure , but I had a chaotic/painful week mixed in with heaps of good fun as I battled Flu infestation, works politics and had to install sets of software at ludicrous hours of the night on 300 machines only to see three of them used.

    With this trouble also comes the 3 parties thrown for me one from my parents, one from a friend who is leaving to the States in a 2 weeks and another by my girlfriend (nearly fiance', just have to get the idea pummelled into my parents heads first). These parties were probably to make up for the 24 other times I missed out ::laugh and finally the reemergence of Will in Quantum Zero, it's certainly been a mixed bag.

    Again thanks guys, it's good to be back. ::biggrin

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