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  1. Lies! Desception! and just plain Naughtyness!!! Tune in for another revealing episode of......................... Truths of the AEON SOCIETY. ::aeon
  2. I know this really late, but that was one hell of a speach pimp! I'm stunned :0
  3. I'd be more than happy if they released the books that were promised in the back of the trinity rule book. If they're not going to release them in paperback then release them in ebook. At least then it'd be a matter of time before those of us without credit cards could get them at a later date, when we, or someone we know get (or lets us use) a card. And I still don't understand why they don't post the books in the out of print list as ebooks. It seems stupid especially in the case of AuAu where there are people still looking for copies of it (before anyone suggests ebay please considder shipping fees). And prophet118 as far as changeling goes I agree, though i've never played it, it's a cool game that deserves more recognition.
  4. How about Message Board of... ah... Doom maybe? ::unsure
  5. So it looks like it's a lost cause, damn! As far as AsAs goes I'd be willing to preoder also, however like many others i don't have access to a credit card and i doubt white wolf'd be willing to take money orders from aus.
  6. Do you guys and gals think petitioning white wolf would help the aeonverse out? I'm really p***ed that they seem to have forgotten that there is a huge fanbase for the games and have just thrown it on the backburner, possibly because they forgot where they misplaced the garbage bin rather than to keep the series alive.
  7. Invader Zim is great! it's a pitty it's been cancelled ::smiley4 Aparently the nickelodeon executives saw Zim as a terrorist after s11.
  8. Thanx ::bigsmile, and i think i speak for everyone (correct me if I'm wronge ::smiley6 ) when I say it's a great forum you have here, keep up the good work.
  9. Oh one last thing about the pc game cd's, the first track is always the game itself so skip to the next track or two.
  10. If you're after apropriate music for virtually any game system try out your pc games in your stereo, many of them let you listen to the tracks and it's verry little effort. The two we've been using lately are heavy gear and dark reign 2 they're old (and dirt cheap if you dont already have them) and among the best i've listened to. The music on these cd's varies from suspensful to blood pumping to awe inspiring (ok i might be pushing it there) to songs that have a sense of victory to them. Pc games are probably the best for their music especially since a company has spent a huge amount on giving their games the right atmosphere. ::music
  11. Ok i guess it's my turn at this, Known on other furums as Ayre el KaBeer and Horrace Livingston. Real name: Fred. Age: 21 Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Ocupation: Currently helping out at my parents resturant, and hopefully going back to uni (I'll settle for night school) to do a computer science course next year. Studied Biotechnology for a while but kept failing Mathematics and Organic chemistry, so I was ousted. I've been roleplaying for 4 years now, I was introduced to it by a friend in the first year of university so i partially blame it for my miserable results. The first game i played was a Vampire the masquerade Sabbat and i was hooked. The session lasted 10 hours before a couple of us had to leave to catch the last train, the 2 that stayed kept playing for another 5 hours. The 2nd game was a Vampire:tDA (great game), 3rd was a our own version of star wars using mostly the WW system but with our own power creations, it was called Jedi: the old republic (loved it, it lasted 2 years). 4th was a Camarilla elders game (Some loved it others hated it), 5th was Werewolf (fun but didnt last long), 6th Demon Hunter X (great fun ::devil ). The rest were a mix of the above mentioned and a few of our own creations, untill a few months ago when we started a D&D 3ed game which to my surprise is quite fun, the only problem (which the DM...err...ST...err...DM is doing a good job at fixing) is that it's too much of a hack and slash game. Oh and we played Legend of the 5 rings once ::ninja , it was great but the other players saw it as an easy way for the GM to force our charcters to do what ever he wanted otherwise we'd all have to commit ritual suicide, so they refused to play any other sessions (pitty) I'm currently working on a trinity game, it'll be my first try at a long running game and it should be ready soon so here's hoping I do it well. ::thumbs-up
  12. No problems Chill, I'm still new to this so moving it to a more apropriate section can only be a good thing.
  13. Hi all, Just wondering where everybody comes from? I'm from Melbourne, Australia. ::smiley5
  14. Hi all, Just wondering where everybody comes from? I'm from Melbourne, Australia. ::smiley5
  15. Thanx for the help harlequin. I just noticed there is no limit on the length, damn, i like having limits it stops me from going overboard... oh well this should be fun if nothing else.
  16. I must admit operations, im alittle worried about that especially when it impacts so heavily on the rest of the party but it could be good for them (and me), it might teach them some serious team work as apposed to just worrying about the existance of their own characters. On the other hand it may reinforce the veiw that if characters do it to themselves then they deserve everything they get. Oh well it could be fun either way. notsoangrydave, you've come up with another idea that im seriously considering using, the only drawback is that the game might never run long enough for me to use them all. But starting the players out as latents will give them a better handle on the rules and ettiquete of the game thanks. ::thumbs-up
  17. Sorry ezekiel I cant remember the name of the place it was in my book list but i recently formatted my hard drive. Thanx harlequine im thinking up a story for the comp just 1 question when you say fiction is it like the "Fiction:" section in the start of the trinity players guide?
  18. I've had a stack of trinity books for a while now and love them all, especially luna rising and shattered europe. So being an aussie it stands to reason that i want Aurora Australis, so i went to my usual retailer a while ago and they told me it was out of print! Since i'd heard that it sold out in 1 month after release i assumed that WW would print some more but I was wrong. So i've been searching the shops for a few months but still nothing, so i have to ask... Anyone know where i can get a copy of Au Au in Victoria, Australia? I would have bought it from a canadian online bookshop but i dont have access to a credit card.
  19. Should have asked this before what do you guys (and Girls) think: Introduce the characters on the battle field, cross-order training camp, in (or just outside) of a mission briefing room, or the classic ::smokin smokey saloon intro?
  20. Thanks, both for the welcomes and for the tips, they've given me a few storey ideas but now i have another problem I dont think the player for the ministry character (also our newest RPG recruit) is capable of playing it well, at least not well enough to keep out of some serious trouble and possibly draging the rest of the team with her. I think ill let her play the ministry character though could be a good learning experience for her, but ill give her some warning and a chance to creat a different character before we start. Oh by the way any ideas for a good warm up session before the main game takes effect?
  21. i see your point but with the clairs i figured i could just treat them like Jedi's and give them flashes here and there, but no one was playing a clair so it never came up, yet another problem for me to think about. but back to ministry, another problem is i can see them scanning vertually everyone they meet, not everyone can have blocks in place.
  22. I've been playing WW games for about 4 years now and finally decided to ST a game. I came up with a rough story for the first few "warm up" missions, leading to a massive bug hunt with a save the world style climax, I thought I was ready, so i gave everyone a character sheet and waited until they were finished. Looking over their characters i came across a sheet with "MINSTRY" scribbled on it, looked it over and came to the conclusion that i wasn't ready. I couldn't see a way of introducing the character in the game without it just reading the thoughts of the npc's and figuring out the "PLOT" well ahead of schedule. I thought of not allowing ministry characters but immediately reconsiddered, i wanted the game to be a proper trinity game. Then i decided to use a whole bunch of middle men and lackeys who didn't know much of anything so when they'd be scanned they couldn't reveal much, if anything, but then the player would feel that i was holding their character back, and they wouldn't enjoy the game very much. I'm out of ideas, does anyone have any suggestions i really need some help?
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