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  1. Are we waiting on anyone in particular to post thier actions/conversations in the masters lair section of QZ? Seems like something is missing is the reason I'm asking ::unsure
  2. I put it down to them being at least 20 years behind everyone else as far as the latest developments and educatation... Unless the vamp was freshly made.
  3. I have about a page or 2 written up on noetic hardtech (your name sounds better than mine so it sticks) somewhere for the tech manual I started up last year (it's been on hold for almost as long) I'll try to find the disk I backed it up on...
  4. Yes I think that's what he means but for certain weapons ie. greatsword, etc. required a certain base strength for the character to weild them effectively, the greatsword needs 4 strength, katana 2 iirc, broadsword 2. As melee weapons go the Aeonverse handles them quite well, for ranged weapons I feel aberrant let's the 3 down. It's all welll and good to increase the damage values of basic firearms for game balance or story but it wasn't needed in aberrant. All it did was make it easier for baselines to get blown away (and the very ocasional low soak nova) it didn't add anything to game balance. In the case of heavy weapons in aberrant all is fair, though their ratings are high they can easily e explained by nova tech. Also if you're character's enemy has that kind of firepower there's no way you didn't know or at least suspect how dangerous they really were, chances are you have your own means that scares them enough to have anti-nova gear... The weapons in trinity imo are far more balanced and suited to the setting, even the heavy weapons are blend in well to the game. There's more veratility here for any situation and your weapons don't have to kill to effectively take a target down. Though to take down a decent strength abby there's a reason psions have powers, if they don't have the heavy weapons ready to do full auto attacks there's very little they can do to stay alive let alone drop the squid.
  5. Good to see this thread taking off so well, keep it up all ::thumbup
  6. Kenya! ::jealous ::wink Have a great time there, bud, oh and umm study well, (if you get around to it). ::devil
  7. Here we go again... Prof we need to talk about an intervention for you, no more city of games! ::tongue
  8. 014 stops looking for a way open the tubes "You are sure of this? *You don't know enough about these tubes she may be right* and nods to the woman "Alright we'll search for a way out... I wonder much time would these people have?" he concludes almost as an afterthought.
  9. There's been alot of discussion of nova's that want to learn to develop their powers, etc. So for those that feel their characters have to master their power/s, without having a Quantum rating of 6+, once they hit 5 dots in the power they can buy new dots in the powers variant at the cost of the power being one level higher, 2 if it's an extra effect. Seeing that the player would require a Quantum rating of 5 and the power to be at 5 dot's, the new instance of the power won't be coming along too early, or if it does the player would have sacrificed alot of their character's versatility. There are problems doing things this way, but it's another option. Another thing, going along the same lines of characters "developing powers", something I've said earlier I don't feel the game even needs these extra powers next to the ones that already exist. Simply put just about anything a "Feild" character can do with forcefield using extra's he can do with Elemental Master/Anima of the same effect their ForceFeild has, if they even have the power, it's just not needed with these powers as far as theme goes. Together the effects would stack both mechanically and logically as the protections would simply act as more layers for an attack to get through. If it's for the argument of theme there's no reason I can see to require multiple instances of the same power. Even the prof's pretty cool example of the John Woo character can have the same effect using Matter Creation (limit: weapons). The way I see it is that people are trying to get the best possible results as far as numbers go and the best way to do that is to buy multiple's of the most effective specific powers ie. FF, QBolt and Invulnerability. All of which can be traded for other powers with a lesser die/success value, I really do see it as min/maxing. Alterantives to; Forcefield: -General purposes (most attacks): Armour, Mega Stamina enhancement Resiliency, Elemental Mastery Shield, Entropic Shield, Second Skin, Quantum Construct (to mimic the wall extra), Imobilize (can have the projection extra effect in a pinch) -Specific protections: Elemental Shield (EA), Absorption, Entropic Shield, Gravitic Sheild, Magnetic Shield, Mega Stamina enhancement Durabilty, Ripple Shield. Quantum Bolt: Disintegration, all level 3 suite powers Blast, Stun Attack, Telekinesis, Spacial Shockwave. Invulnerabilty: Armour where the soak value has been adjusted to soak Bashing or Lethal to suit the typical damage type you'd expect from a type of attack, ie. Invulnerability piercing/Armour 6L/0B, or Invul hand to hand/Armour 6B/0L or 4B/2L.
  10. Thought as much, oh well I had to ask. ::wink
  11. LOL yeah it is... damned nature loophole ::tongue Prof is it too late for me to change that medicine rating to 1?
  12. [MOD] I have to ask you both to drop this, as I and I'm certain everyone else would not want to see this thread closed. It's a good topic and it would be a shame to end it here. [/MOD] -Fred.
  13. 014 is annoyed by this outburst, *Pointless confrontations do not help matters!*. Looking around the room not bothering to look directly at the others "Right now we have more to worry about than who is boss". Leaning in closer to a nearby tube "Help me figure out what these are, its a pitty the lights are out... Ah, the powers out, see how the... ::blink The tube's with people still inside! Quickly, we must open them! What ever these things do, they haven't the power to do it."
  14. Trying to take in all of what Dr. Chen is saying, Will is impressed by what he's seeing and it shows. "Excuse me Dr. Chen, would I wear my eufibre over this armour, or under so I don't spoil the disguise?" [OOC: he is very fashion conscious afterall ::tongue ]
  15. Ok mate, try to pop in from time to time if you can and deploy a ninja or two ::wink . Fred.
  16. [MOD] Ok all it's natural for people to get deffensive, I'm going to ask you all to limit this to on topic issues. Keeping things civil is one thing, keeping them friendly is far more important as far as I'm concerned. [/MOD] Fred.
  17. So not a background like Eufibre, for what you get it makes sense. Can it be used in conjunction with eufibre? or is that something that should be asked in game?
  18. TFR: Noetics is an eon ebook, give it a look in the downloads section, damned fine piece of work ::wink Your book idea looks pretty good, I like the idea of a write up on cultists, etc. you're bound to get interest from members ::thumbup1
  19. The only thing to worry about nulli is that some of bonus points costs are higher than in Aberrant: Attributes: 5 Abilities: 2 Specialties: 1 Backgrounds: 1 Aptitude modes: 4 Auxiliary modes: 6 Willpower: 2 Psi: 5 Initiative: 1 I'll post the XP one tomorrow.
  20. Stopping where he is "Neither am I, it doesn't seem all that important right now!" he says frustrated. His amnesia has him too unsettled for him to care at all about modesty and proceeds towards her "Look I could care less about catching sight of you naked! I can't remember anything! Nothing at all and I need answers! So cover yourself up as best you can because I'm comming over!" Reflexively jumping back, 014 stands there looking at her alittle stunned ::indifferent before responding "Ahh... I don't know..." ::unsure
  21. *Don't come over here? I'm going to get to the bottom of this!* He moves towards the voice, as he nears where he believes she is, he calls out "Why the hell not?"
  22. Huh? I bought 3 dots brining the character up to 8 willpower, did I do something wrong?
  23. Attempting to stand the former occupant of tube 014 slips in the green fluid dropping to the floor again COLOR=green]"Ngh!". ::angry Looking up at his tube "What is going on?... ::huh Startled by the scream, the man gets up cautiously, his heart thumping in his chest. *I don't know where I am, what I'm doing here, or even who I am. I have to make sense of all this, I need answers* He decides to respond to the voice. "Yes! Hello! Where are you?"
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