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  1. AsAs was released in pdf form (no artwork unfortunately), I don't have the link as it was a long while ago but it's available at baugh's homepage, just google asia ascendant.
  2. I know it's been a week, sorry I've had a few things to do... Anyway I was about to add the ending to the second part, rereading it I realised how damned flat (I guess) it is, any suggestions to spruce it up?
  3. Part 2 has more to go, but I'm out of space for that box and eyeball fuel, part 2 will continue tomorrow.
  4. This part has more to come, I'm running late so I'll finish it up when I return. Part 2: * * * 2043AD Ozone. The mountain of a man called Slim sniffed at the sky above hoping it was coming from the clouds above. "Shade, you smell that?" he whispered just loud enough so that his team mate could hear him from across the street. Slim liked having another member in their group whose senses where almost as sharp as his own. "I tasted it in a moment ago, the air is too calm to tell its direction" It came out barely as a breath, Norman 'Shade' Davies, knew how sharp the other nova's ears were but would have preferred forgoing the risk of being overheard. Following the strongest smell until he could begin to see the traces of ionised air, finding the greatest concentration Slim whispers. "Southwest, I’m moving to investigate". "It could be nothing, Slim, the others need us in position". Slim could sense the frustration in his subordinates’ voice, he couldn't blame him, the kid had his orders after all. "No it's something, I'll report in shortly" Slim began to move, impossibly stealthily for a man almost seven feet tall and as broad as Pax himself. The handsome young man shook his head and let out another breath. "Wait a moment, I’ll cover you, going silent. Have I permission to connect, sir?” Shade hated having to ask to use his telepathy, but he would play by the rules set by his superiors, he'd always dreamed of joining such a renowned organisation and he’ll do his utmost to keep his new ‘job’. "Granted" Are you there? I am, no contacts detected southwest of us. Shade checked a second time again failed to reveal anyone approaching. The density of the charged particles was increasing, he could see them riding the lightly swirling air currents. No. Someone's there, it's Arc. It could be any of the battery powered Nova's, what makes you think it's Arc? Shade’s uncertainty was felt, through their communication, the last thing they needed was such a powerful Terrat interfering with their operation. Worse still, having him directly oppose them, risking such a vital mission. You can't tell someone's mind is there, both our noses say different, it's Arc. We're going to need backup. Slim’s logic hit home. I’ll contact Ja… Just at that moment explosions and gunfire erupted at the warehouse their team was preparing to raid. A blue/white flash returned their attention to the south. Slim, he's closing fast, I'll intercept him and... Shade manages to push his fear aside for the time being. You'll head back and help them, now! I'll stall Arc. Slim's order left no room in Shades mind to argue. His form shifted, becoming semi-transparent and seemingly drifted away. A large mass of sparks stormed across the street, suddenly going out, it's now dark form colliding with the nearby wall of a factory wall. Slim's tackle taking them both through bringing down much of the building in their wake. A two man team manned a ludicrously large gun firring into a fellow team mates force field, Javelin was pinned despite appearing uninjured from the barrage, it was only a matter of time before the field drops and she's riddled with the high calibre weapon. The other members were faring no better, Kalvin was fighting off three hulking men, mitoids by their appearance, Kalvin looked like a child being harassed by the schoolyard bullies. There was also a smaller woman armed with a submachine gun, she would fire whenever one of her comrades would be knocked back granting her a clear shot. Not seeing the other two Nova's in his team, he headed for the Gun team, his insubstantial form allowing him to pass without a sound. Standing above the man pulling the trigger, Shade put his arm through the mans back, his hand finding the gunners heart. His hand became solid for a moment, all the time he needed to squeeze the organ into an unrecognisable mass. Focussing his thoughts on the other target, the man clutched at his head, screaming, for a moment Shade felt pity on the baseline, his friend suffering a quick and relatively painless death. Even though he'd live, the victim of Shade's mental attack would probably need therapy to recover from the trauma this kind of experience can have. Javelin was off like a shot, flicking a quick salute in his general direction, she, like his targets couldn't see him but was aware of what had just occurred. Her beauty still causes him to pause, even after months of training with the dark skinned woman. Maybe someday he thought, and glided towards those attacking Kalvin. Even as he began to move one of the mitoids was sent spiralling off silently into the distance, Javelin's running charge no doubt killed him instantly. Kelvin was using another as a human shield against the armed woman and the third was limping over to a nearby pile of rubble, he could smell blood but couldn't see the wound.
  5. Sorry phoenix. The next chapter will be mostly backstory, which is why it's taking me a little while to sort it out in my head before I begin typing it up, I usually over embelish on back story and I really don't want that feel for this story... This will be the first thing I've tried to write In three years, so bear with me, thanks guys. ::wink
  6. I've had a short story idea in mind for a while now and decided to get working on it in here, when I feel it's ready I'll move it to the fictions section on the main part of the site. Anyway here's the first part. * * * Sirens, hover engines, radio signals, they’re almost here! They’re finally coming to free us from it. Careful! Can’t let it know they’re coming or else it will try to get away, they have to kill it or it won’t stop. It’s resting now, it always rests after it kills, but only rests never sleeps. The others in the corner all whimpering, terrified, all looking at the blood drenched thing, praying they won’t be next. They don’t dare try to escape, others tried when they thought it was asleep they were torn apart by the beast. A little boy, Adrian the others called him, was starring at the window to his left, he knows they’ve arrived, you can tell by the look of hope across his face. He can’t let the others know, they’ll just alert it. “Adrian, careful, don’t let it know, it will be over soon”, There it couldn’t have heard that, it’s still in its slumbering state. Ah Adrian’s nodding, such a good boy, I hope he makes it through this, I hope they all do. Vehicle hatches opening, they’re here! Please don’t wake up, please. Rock a by monster on the tile floor… It twitched! No, rest some more, you’ve worked hard today, so many dead, you’re tired. Thank goodness, he’s relaxing again, but the others have begun to stir, they all know the police, or even the military, are here to save us or get us killed. They have to keep quiet! * * * “We’re three kilometres from our destination, ma’am”. The young officer, Banegri, said to his passenger, uncertainly. ,,She couldn’t blame him, she’d entered a trance a moment earlier to extend her sight, though she was well aware of her surroundings. “Shut the siren off, Mr Banegri, and order the others to do the same” she told him still focussing her attention in the distance ahead of them. She suddenly straightened, startling the driver, she wiped the newly formed layer of sweat from her brow and leaned over the data terminal in front of her and began typing. * * * “Incoming data message from Eyus Miller” The voice of the military client Nomad, chimed through Levin Blyth’s ear piece. He touched the pad to activate its holo display, risking the projections light giving away his position, Eyus must think it’s safe enough to send data rather than just audio. The data was a message and attached were updated schematics and markers signifying possible entry and exit points of the very building he was under and a rough location as to where the target was. We’ve got him now. * * * It smells something, it’s sniffing at the air towards what was a data terminal, it destroyed the moment it entered the room, along with anything else that required power to function. It hated electricity that was obvious, when each time it would rouse from its cat naps and would habitually strike at a terminal or a wall socket as it stalked by. But now it was studying the wreckage, as though it could see beyond it, wrinkling its nose and sneering with contempt. Ha! It’s actually annoyed. It’s leaving, and fast, to deal with something, more likely someone. It’s content to leave these people unguarded, no one will try to escape, it saw to that earlier, displaying the mangled corpses of the all those who attempted to flee when it left the room earlier. * * * “Levin, he’s pissed and he knows you’re there!” Eyus’ said urgently into the com, forgoing any security. “How long to go until the cops are in position?” The big man asked working on a spherical device the size of a melon as best he could in the dark sub-basement. “The assault teams are setting up here, they’ve sent two to meet you, should be there any second now. The actual cops are busy clearing the locals out”. She focussed again, and the sickening feeling struck again. “Three floors until he’s on you!” “Right! They’re here, deploying countermeasures and moving to position c. I hate this part”. He removed the cable connecting the melon device to Nomad and keyed in the activation code on the unit itself. The two officers waited for him to finish, they were wearing full assault garb and each with laser carbines at the ready, Levin motioned for them to gut the power to their goggles. “It’s set, keep the lights off, he’s attracted to it. Let’s go.” Thirty seconds later the entire floor was engulfed in white light. * * *
  7. Though we haven't seen you around lately, on the chance you should see this, happy birthday mate! ::happybirthday
  8. You might want to check out the in game sections (all three games), there are heaps of vehicles in there, I especially like the masters airship in quantum zero.
  9. Good luck mate, let us know how it all goes. ::wink
  10. Ok assuming your using second ed where claws to +2 instead of +1, and you're starting with 5 strength, another 4 for crinos and almost certainly razor claws, where's that extra die comming from? By the way my current werewolf is doing 18 dice per hit... Then he's exhausted for a day but thems the breaks ::tongue
  11. WOD: As I posted above, fire is agg, also agg can be soaked by armour for one attack then the armour is rendered useless. "who cares" Umm most gm's care, agg like AP is an advantage that one character has that most others don't. Agg is balanced by it's "low" (I'd say moderate) damage output, AP is balanced by supersoak characters (common in aberrant) and for it to be truelly effective it relies on a huge supporting dice pool forcing points away from the rest of the character. Just look at it in scale, agg, lethal or bashing it will only take 7 levels to drop anyone without the right deffenses, beit aeonverse or Wod. Any attack dealing 7 HL's would be seen as powerfull, for a guy to aim his pinky and pull off a shot with the same lethality as an assualt riffle to be seen as weak is plain wrong. Aberrant attacks are all overkill, it just so happens that so are abberant deffenses, these people have cyclotrons in their heads. Agg even has some scientific basis in aeon where it's almost purely mystical in wod, andm though I agree the mechanics of agg claws could be oh so much better, (so should immolate imho but that's another story) they suffice. In my games agg claws are using the original rules, I agree that the errata rules are nurfed, but at the same time my players have been told, if the rare powers get abused then they will get the same treatment in kind from the npc's. In the end balance is king, some have argued that hardbody is underpowered as the gm can say that the attack totaly bypasses the forcefield and armour soak before being applied to only the stam/mega-stam soak. And as it's stated the gm is well within his/her rights to do that depending on how the pc's powers are described, it's how I do it for forcefeiled and ff style powers (they keep their Armour power stats though). Sorry for rambling on people. ::wink
  12. In Wod Agg is determined by the difficulty to repair the damage and if it is generated by a supernatural means. Supernatural: Vamp/Wolf claws. Difficult to heal: Fire/chainsaw/pointblank shotgun blast. In Trinityverse. Agg can only be generated by a Nova and is considerred the most distructive to other nova's, as damaging anything but a nova will cause it to have to same end result on the target as if it were lethal. Even plasma weaponry will simply dish out lethal damage. Agg's rarity is what makes it so dangerous, it provides another form of attack for when all else fails. Only a few nova's have aggrivated attacks and a similar number should have a deffense for it, negating the need for the tremendous amounts of damage done by standard attacks. If agg claws were done using wod style rulings then no one in their right mind wouldn't take the hardbody enhancement (at least), agg claws would be every brawlers lethal weapon option all they'll need is 3NP in character creation. If you want to pull off a similar effect to that in werewolf with claws, forget agg altogether and read the armour piercing extra.
  13. Happy 19th birthday phoenix! ::happybirthday
  14. It was quite upsetting that the eternal flame of rememberance was put out last week by vandals (more likely protestors for something totaly unrelated). 91 years ago may seem like history but it still holds with relevance today, troops are not disposable they're just a bunch of young people with a belief that they are making the difference for the sake of all they hold dear. "Lest we forget".
  15. I'll go over the power later to be certain but i don't think it says that the clones know they're a clone. The clones have the exact same memory and mindset that the original has, they can even refuse to do somthing they're told to do by the original. They'll just remember making clones and since they are him/her and are acting towards the same goal then they're not going to think too much about it. The clone may just think "I needed backup, I made backup" once time runs out and they head to each other to merge (not that they have to, they could just fade/disolve) they'll find they can't merge with the other clones and see another absorbed into another one of the copies, then they can realise they're the copy before that they don't need to know.
  16. Let me see... Does it have to be an actual die pentaly if you just want pain as the end result? Either immobilize, disorient and poison can all easily be suited to "inflict pain" as their effect without having the penalties and thus requiring a new power, still if we must then we must. The power doesn't need to be high powered but then it will be next to useless against the tougher nova's, up it and then it becomes too powerfull, we need a middle ground. We can start with the level one psi power, iirc it doubles penalties. Against baselines it's fantastic against low mega-stam nova's it will be merely inconvenient unless they're severely injured, against high, nevermind. Roll psi, if successfull double wound penalties, great for trinity but for aberrant, based on those mechanics, it'd be a level one power but then what's the point in buying more than one dot? Doesn't work, needs a new mechanic, and one that rewards having more dots, that will push the power up in level andl make it feasable in combat. 2 Possible options: Two hits from this power for either option can overwhelm and effectively drop almost any character (especially #2) so I'd say no stacking for either of these powers, remember that these penalties are in addition to any the target may have or recieve while under it's effect. Pain penalties regenerate at the same rate as bashing damage. #1. Agony. Level: 2 Quantum minimum: 2 Duration: 1 scene. Range: Touch. Dice pool: Stamina + Agony Target rolls Stamina to resist. Damage: Net successes add to targets penalties. #2. Agony. Level: 2 Quantum minimum: 3 Duration: 1 scene. Range: ranged (low). Dice pool: Dexterity + Agony Damage: [Quantum] + Agony, successes add to targets penalties. Note: the target doesn't get to to resist the attack but the maximum pentalies is much smaller than option 1, to compensate it has some range. I'm tempted to make this a level 3 since the effect is assured but then it puts it up there with disintegrate and it's not that deadly. Even though they can potentially cripple a character in one shot/touch, a nova can resist pain the next round and negate the effect the next round. However, for the target to attack instead of resist the pain they'll be doing so with penalties, this power can effectively take actions away so it is indeed powerful. At the same time it's a non-lethal power (though it can make it easy/ier to kill the target) and the effect cannot be stacked (I'm thinking kind of like forcefield cannot be stacked) so I'm finding it hard to justify having them as level 3's. The other option is to have the power as an extra for any other attacking power... Pain: +1 level. Each dot in the power add's 1 to pain penalty if you successfully damage/hinder (for immobilize, etc) the target.
  17. Agreed, if the power is already up then the clones also have it activated. For gm's seeing this as an exploit consider this regarding the maintenance of the power, if the character intended to use the power during the scene then the clones have the same mentality. So, when the time comes to pay quantum points, the Pc may turn up dry at that point. Certainly some characters can argue that the clones would know to conserve power for their creator but as I see it there's no reason for the clones to know that they aren't the orginal and the others the copies.
  18. Only 22? damn... ::brick Anyway, happy birthday mate. ::biggrin
  19. What he said, have a great one Nulli. ::biggrin
  20. Gamed last night, shadowrun doesn't seem to bad at all. Played a 14 year old shaman, we're all kids in this, it strikes a resemblance to harry potter in that respect. The idea is that we're all being trained up by a metacorp (is that right?), they want to ensure employee loyalty so they've funded a highschool for their employees kids (who they nodoubt want in the company later on), but only the most talented iirc. Anyway, Scott's seems nice enough, has a strong dislike for white wolf, more to do with scared lands rather than trinity but I'm not to talk about it. He knows about us here at Eon aswell, don't think he's a member though, never got to ask. I'll be gaming with this group on mondays from now on, every second week will be shadowrun, every other will be darksun.
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