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  1. I wasn't to keen on playing Trinity at first, since our game group would introduce a new game every 3-4 weeks. If we weren't playing a new game then several players had a new character every week. It definitely destroyed game continuity. I went along with it anyway, and boy was I glad. My one and only character was Alexandria, an EK with Orgotek. She was a lab rat who continually got sent out on assignments much to her displeasure. Her first assignment was investigating the disappearance of a Trinity agent who was keeping an eye on an aberrant cult. Fortunately she started with a PSI of six and had a mode natural in technokinesis, so she was able to use more psi than anyone else. We ended up getting caught by members of the cult (outnumbering us 2 to 1) who were to escort us to the cult leader. We went along with it until we could make a break for it. It was a spectacular fight. We had a legionaire in the group who attempted to jump two of them at the same time I attempted to stun two others. We both botched. Since he rolled first, he fell on my character. She botched (her only time ever) and ended up stunning herself, him and another EK in the group. Only the other EK failed to resist the stun. So I blamed my botch on him. This was typical of our fights ::blink , the enemy would fear us knowing that if we were willing to inflict that much damage on ourselves, we'd be willing to inflict even more on them. After several run-ins with the psycopathic telepath in the group she developed a biotech shawl that added dice to resist attempts to mind reading and mental control. She also invented armor that was nearly the same as the Chameleon Bioweave in Aurora Australis. It didn't have camoflage capability, but it did add a die to dex and stamina when it was formatted (storyteller's idea). She was eventually thrown back to the Nova Age to, of all the worst things, save Divis Mal from getting killed and altering the time line. Evil storyteller. ::sneaky2 That's okay, I got mine back when I got thrust into the ST's seat. ::halo
  2. Thanks. I saved it, so if anyone wants a copy, but doesn't want to join Yahoo Groups, let me know.
  3. The main purpose of this topic is for people seeking to hook up with a game group, or groups who are looking for more players. To get started, I live in Harrogate, North Yorkshire (that's in the UK for those in the US). I'm looking for a group to hook up with, mainly in Trinity, but Aberrant and Adventure are fine substitutes. I'm not really looking to do the storytelling right off the bat, though I have done in the past to give our storyteller a break and a chance to play. Send me a message or e-mail me at trinity@corbain.screaming.net .
  4. Thanks. This place is a fantastic find. My last group played Trinity for a bit before giving it up. At the time I really didn't want to start yet another new RPG, but after the first session I was hooked. It wasn't the usual super-powered, overkill game we usually played. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time finding a new game group to play with.
  5. The point of the game to me is playing a psion, as is playing a werewolf in Werewolf, and a vampire in Vampire, but WW recognizes that not everyone plays the main focus of the game and some like the challenge of playing at a slight (or not quite so slight) disadvantage. There are three basic things to keep in mind: Looking at just the main rules, neutrals don't have psi powers, hence their only disadvantage. If you want to make the difference, give them more bonus points. That and technology should fill the gap. Our group lost interest because the rules were so "restrictive" in the basic book. Usually within the first few turns of combat everyone (except me) ran out of psi points to throw around. They quickly became equal with neutrals, while I reserved my powers for more dire situations (and therefore ended up saving their fat from the fire). I was playing an EK. Moving on next to the setting. Aberrants far outstrip psions in powers. It took whole armies to take down some of the most powerful during the Aberrant War. They've grown in power since they left, and now they're back. Without psions Earth doesn't really have a hope in hell. Even then some aberrants have powers than can destroy whole armies of psions. The main book doesn't state it, but psions aren't all that proliferant. Lastly, if you don't like it throw it out. If you want it, add it in. corbain
  6. Thanks!! It's nice to know my web search skills are still intact.
  7. I've seen reference to a Psi Order book for the Ministry called Asia Ascendant. Does anyone know anything about this, or am I on a wild goose chase? Barnes and Noble says it was printed in Nov 2001, and it's out of print. I can't find any reference to it on Amazon or White Wolf (excpet the forum) or anywhere else for that matter. Any help would be appreciated. corbain
  8. Greeting all, The idea of sonokentics is quite interesting. To date I hadn't thought of actually adding new modes just a few more powers, but this definitely spurs the imagination. Since sound is a low frequency, RF (radio frequency) is higher, and light (Photokiesis) higher still, I'd be inclined to add it to the EK. The PK's seem to work more along the lies of kinetic energy, but they do seem to be a little cheated with the cryo/pyro split. Maybe a mode in gravity control would be more suiting. One idea I've played around with is magnetics. In our game my pc developed a power to align/displace electrons in metal objects to create a magnetic effect. Taking a page from the Aberrant powers, it could probably be developed into a mode. Who's to say Alex Cassel isn't holding back a few things? ::halo Sonokinesis could be the cross over point between EK & PK. Since a Psiads can access both with equal ease. That would definitely stir up the neotic science community. Since the Doyon created the Prometheus chambers and therefore guide, limit, and restrict the human race to certian modes, there are probably a whole world of aptitudes that are completely untapped by the human race. But I digress. corbain
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