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  1. Cheers, these'll give me a starting point. ,, I'm going to have a brainstorming session with a few of my players to see if we can thrash out just how to make it both flexible and also intuitive for any new players. ,, I'll keep the board posted.
  2. Hi everyone ,, I'm starting a new Aeon/Trinity campaign in October and knowing my usual players the freeform system from the Players' Guide would provide a flexibility that would fit their playing style. My last Aeon campaign ran the normal system but over time had some flex creep in but that was over ten years ago now so I'm a bit rusty. ,, I know the general complaints at the time were that the Freeform rules were just too complicated and I vaguely recall some kind folks put together simplified versions which were hosted at the old site - but don't appear to have been ported over. Does anyone know where I can find them? ,, Cheers ,, Jash ,, (Yes, I know my timing sucks and I'm just chomping at the bit to get the Onyx Path version but serendipty isn't really my thing.)
  3. Several years ago I rang a two-year Aeon campaign starting with the published campaign then spinning off into its own mini epic. There was lots of space travel, lots of Abi and alien encounters and it was somewhat overpowered at the end due to how long the campaign had gone on. Now I'm planning on a new campaign and I'm trying to avoid making it a rehash of the last one as much as possible - small scale, corporate based, mostly on Earth and, even more importantly, possibly pre-Esperanza disaster. I've got a number of the same players and they do remember quite a bit of the back story so it would throw up a lot of interesting decisions. The Chibs and the Jumpers would still have an impact on Earth society and there'd always be the possibility of a paradigm shift in the middle of the campaign if I feel like throwing a huge chunk of metal at central France. I trust my players enough that I'm sure they won't abuse the out of game knowledge (except for never booking a holiday in Paris). Has anyone else tried pre-Esperanza adventures? It doesn't seem to be anything that's cropped up before and I'd be interested to know how it went.
  4. As always, it is a matter of persepective, and of having a very good PR team. The general public's perception of the Orders is very much based on what is public knowledge, therefore the secretive Orders (Ministry and Norça) are painted in a bad light while those who have egotistical gloryhounds as proxies go talk to the press and get reps as good guys ::rolleyes2 Such is the way of things in a media obsessed world. Stereotypes in roleplaying especially does seem to be a way of making a simplified version of a complex system (like entire cultures) a unified perception within a setting. However, without making the game a sociology textbook, I think we'll have to put up with that forever. Jash And it isn't just the Americans that deal in stereotypes, Europe seems to thrive on them.
  5. Blue Planet is published by Biohazard games, They've put out several books for it so far and even done a second ed. The book on the ecology of the colonised world (called Natural Selection I think [memory bad ::dozingoff posting at work]) is the most useful. And hi to everyone out there too. ::smiley5 Jash
  6. I spent about two and a half years running a Aeon campaign with a lot of Blue Planet mixed in; those two go so well together. I like Blue Planet lots ::wub but until Aeon came along I didn't have a workable system to go with it. The sheer amount of info in Blue Planet (especially V2) for running underwater exploration, alien frontier adventures is staggering. It may even be worth getting the books just for Earth based adventures in places like New Atlantis and the underwater colonies. Jash
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