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  1. I dont know if any one has already done this but I've been playing around with the idea of using the Aberrant system for a marvel universe based campaign. The cool thing is that its fairly easy to transfer marvel to aberrant. Taint is used during character generation usually only (especially with villains, mutants)- read Hulk, X-Men, The Lizard, The Leader etc. The power system and Mega Attributes are perfectly suited to this world, and as far as I've playtested, feels right. To top it all, this fits in perfectly with the Alex Ross "Marvels" vision of the marvel universe. And hey, what about an Aberrant / Marvel crossover?
  2. I think it is a power around which a whole adventure can be spun: "Welcome To My Mind" In a reality where the only laws are the one's imposed on it by it's creator...this is the staging point for literally any kind of story. It does have an effect on the outside world: on those that are drawn into it. Or maybe I'm wrong.Or maybe not. After all, this is MY planck bubble. MINE I TELLS YA, MWA HAH HAHAHAH HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa. Is it over now mom?
  3. Based on logic (and physics, albeit theoretical), inside a Planck bubble, the creator's will is the dominant force and manipulator of that reality. OUTSIDE the bubble, whatever powers they have given themselves are void. Meaning: the outside world is a separate reality and is not affected in any way by effects from the inside, or the outside. The foundation of the seperate reality is the creator's consciousness. It has no bearing on the universe outside. In effect, the boundry of the bubble is a seperate continuum which is totally seperate from our space-time continuum.
  4. Well having just seen the movie, I think this is probably the closest you can get to seeing what a pre-Galatea Nova would be like in society. The forum on the web site is good for eruption ideas and such - and a bit weird too. The site may be take a short while to load on slower connections but it can be useful. http://studio.go.com/movies/unbreakable/welcome.html
  5. I think the advent of Novas for real would utterly shatter the world in many ways. For a start, if a large proportion of them were in 'hostile' countries, the global military state would change alarmingly - with the balance of power shifting. Also "well-intentioned" but naive Novas could start an apocalypse -" I'm going to get rid of all nuclear weapons". The media would have a joygasmic frenzy. Religions would be challenged. Charismatic Novas could start cults and religions of their own. Sales of comic books would soar. In effect it would be the greatest event of all time in human history... Pretty scary stuff.
  6. I hope people dont think I look like this. If I used my real pic Id be banned. When I was kid a radioactive hedgehog fell asleep on my face. I didnt get super powers but I have to shave the spines off 5 times a day and have a craving for worms. My head hurrts.
  7. Cosmic Powers seem to grab me...the power of the gods in player's hands can be catastrophic (I know this from experience) but can be great for NPC's as tools for constructing adventures. I just hope I can get some good ideas out of these... ::crazy
  8. OK..I'm pretty bored and desperate. I've mail ordered the APG and it wont be arriving until next week. Can anyone let me have a sneak preview of one of the level 6 'Cosmic' powers?
  9. I want to add also: my salary sucks despite what I do. It really really sucks. Really truly.
  10. Ok, I live in Cheshire England and I work as head of Communications for a music software company based in Paris. I'm also a part time sound producer recording local bands. I have also worked for Rock FM as a voice-over artist and comedy performer, been a D.J.,Tarot-reader and a professional musician. I am writing a dark fantasy/mystical/superheroic novel which is in a first draft and 2 chapters long so far. I started playing RPG's when I discovered Call Of Cthulhu, then in order: Marvel Superheroes, DC Heroes, Champions, Runequest, Merp, Star Wars, Masquerade, Mage, Nephilim, Marvel Saga and Aberrant. I fell in love with comic books aged 5 (Marvel reprints and DC) and later DC Vertigo titles, Alan Moore (Watchmen, Swamp Thing), Alex Ross (Marvels). I spend my spare time dabbling with conversions to and from game systems, reading, writing music, producing local bands, surfing, building computers and paying bills. Likes: Esoterica, Music production software, Writing, Music, Art Dislikes: Politics, Bad bad people (real supervillains) Watches: Almost no TV except for: X Files, Buffy, Old B movies, Old movies, Laurel & Hardy, Six Feet Under Last 3 good movies I saw were: Lord Of The Rings, Ghost World, Regarding Henry Currently playing: Star Trek Bridge Commander, Freedom Force (highly recommended for Superhero freaks) Currently Listening to: Pixies, Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix, The Byrds, Beach Boys, Weezer, Cardigans, Sneaker Pimps
  11. Never repeat NEVER play RPG's with a graduate MATH headcase. When they arrive at the session clutching a folder of "new game mechanics" and say "hey these are almost real - I've applied (insert mathematical phrase you've never heard of) and now it's really realistic. You can work out exactly what happens when someone who can lift 10 tons hits a brick wall with a 1 ton Vehicle". Yes. It falls down. "Are these rules streamlined?" I asked politely. "What?" "Can you use them real quick in the middle of a battle?" He just stared at me and said "These are realistic". It was after the game session that I really REALLY wanted to find out what happens when a guy who can lift 150 pounds tries to throw a guy who weighs 170 pounds through a brick wall.
  12. Thanks for the welcome! I really want this APG...COSMIC powers no less...hmmm... Bang goes my spare time for the next 3 weeks as I convert Marvel Saga stats to aberrant. Actually, I feel an alternate Marvel Universe continuity coming on...
  13. Where is this APG? I want to see this Level 6 Quantum Powers thing ASAP... I am starved of Aberrant info...
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