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  1. Well, to tell the truth, I'm rather fond of one of the particular villains from the book. That is, The Baron Von ZORBO! Zorbo rules. Even had a player who made a character that was his estranged daughter- took, like, 4 points of Nemesis for it, too. Other than Zorbo, I didn't have much in the way of reoccuring villainy. Though one of these days I need to bring back Dr. Sanguinis, a mad scientist turned Science-Vampire. Just because he had an awesome, AWESOME name... One which I forgot to mention when he was actually fighting the heroes. D'OH!
  2. Kung Fu movies. Really. Granted, it may be a little more suited for, say, Feng Shui (which I'll someday be running an all-out chronicle of, if I'm lucky) but there's still a lot to be had there. Flicks like 'Iron Monkey' or 'Once Upon a Time in China' are great if you wanna run a chronicle in the east- especially if there's a certain Dragon-type fellow poking his nose in... In more modern fare, the 'Operation Condor' films are absolutely wonderful, with Jackie chan as a strange mix of James bond and Indiana Jones, hot-rodding across the globe, fighting cultists and Nazis and lots of other folks. Very fun.
  3. ...Just thought I'd ask if anyone knew just WHY the play-by-post dealie sorta dried up? Especially since I was the last guy that posted? Something I said?
  4. Hey! Snazzy! Looks like they've also got 'Rats, Bats, and Vats' available for reading; whereupon I do heartily suggest that you all go read it. It's not too pulpy, but it's really just too damned funny to pass up. I'd gush about it more, but I must run soon. Away!
  5. And one I finished reading just today. The book? 'Doc Sidhe' by one Aaron Allston. It's actually a pretty straightforward premise; protagonist and his girlfriend get booted into a strange fantasy-world parallel to our own, where magic and the like is real and folks have pointy ears. And naturally, the protagonist's gotta save both worlds from certain doom However, there's a twist. Instead of being your standard medevial-type place, the 'fair world' is in a period similar to our own 1930's, with Zeppelins, Art Deco architecture, huge cars, and the like. On top of this is the title character- your standard 'dashing gentleman hero', like Max Mercer- only a little elfier. Of course, he runs a foundation similar to the Aeon society, with a myrad collection of adventurers under his command. Just wondered if anyone had read the book, if not for the fact that it combines Elves and Zeppelins. Also brings up the interesting idea of incorporating 'traditional' fantasy RPG elements into an Adventure! campaign. Hrrm...
  6. Dr. Roscoe takes a step back, sensing as if he's already gotten all the information that he can out of the red-garbed assassin for the time being. This done, he doffs his glasses to wipe them on the edge of his shirt, his demanor all the world like that of a typically bookish gentleman- albiet one clad in matte ninja black. He glances around at the room, giving Joe an odd look. He'd have to be a mighty funny looking wind elemental, really. The good doctor shrugs, then replaces his glasses to their proper place on his nose. "Well then, gentlemen...it seems that this dinner party's been cut short due to more...pressing, buisness."
  7. Personally, I rather don't like the whole idea of CoC, just because it means you can do, well, nothing, in the greater scheme of things. Sucks to just go hide and go nuts, after all. But I wouldn't be opposed to using 'horrific' elements in an 'Adventure' Game- however, most of that wold be nasty monster kind of stuff, that, while tough, -CAN- be beaten, through the proper use of guns and the like. But then again, that's just me.
  8. Dr. Roscoe nods absently to Joe, lapsing back into english to reply with a "Yes." This said, he goes back to Mandarin. #And just who is the Tieh Shen? And what is the Black Tanto?# Here's to hoping that the answers hold out.
  9. "We haven't killed you yet." Roscoe states in Chinese, attempting bedside manner against this obviously unwilling individual. "And we won't- Master Wong didn't believe in it." he drops the name of his deceased (though famous) mentor on purpose, in order to impress the strangely Chinese 'ninja'. "Tell us who sent you here- and why -and we can make sure that you and your friends are granted asylum." Having said this bit of comforting information in Chinese, he glances about at the others present, sorely hoping that they're influential enough to back up his promise.
  10. Dr. Roscoe gives Joe a long, appraising look for a few moments. "...No. These men are not ninjas." he states, finally turning to observe the guy tied up in the chair. "...But he is." This said, he steps forward, nodding to his fellow Doctor. "I'm fluent in Mandarin" he states, pushing his glasses up his nose. "Studied in Shanghai for several years, actually." This said, he heads over to the bound ninja, eyeing him warily.
  11. Dr. Roscoe shakes the offered hand with professional courtesy. "Dr. Robin Roscoe" he introduces himself- kinda odd to see a doctor decked out in a black jumpsuit- but then again, 'odd' isn't the half of what people do around these parts, really. This done, he makes his way back towards the dining room, glancing at the crowd with a quirked brow. "They're Ninjas." he states to nobody in particular- possibly due to the whole question of just who these guys are. "...Has our friend Sato made any enemies in Japan as of late?" He's no Sherlock Holmes, but it doesn't hurt to ask, after all.
  12. Dr. Roscoe continues to peer at the red-robed men, finally pulling his own mask off, as to place his glasses back upon their rightful place on his head. "No, these aren't burglars." he states to Harald, quickly producing a length of silk rope with which to tie up the men- he'll get back to them later. This done, slips after his blonde companion to continue his explaination. "They're Ninja. Stealthy Assassins- Japanese. I've had the misfortune of crossing paths with this particular bunch before. They're mercenaries, performing acts of murder and sabotage for the highest bidder. Obviously, there's someone behind this who wants someone in this house dead. The question is; Who?" The good doctor ponders this for a few moments, then pushes his glasses further up his nose with a sigh. "Something tells me there's going to be a long list..."
  13. The good Dr. Roscoe doesn't even break his black-clad stride as he finds himself coming across more of the red-robed individuals- there's -ALWAYS- more goons to worry about, after all. Again lunging forward, he swings out with his hands, each rigid hand swinging towards the temples of the goons, hoping to incapacitate the pair before they can do anything particularly unpleasant to the larger blonde man. He's got better fashion sense; he's likely a 'good guy' OOC: Good to be back! Now...Dice. Divided action, 5 dice each- 1 Success on the first, and two on the other...man, gotta warm up these Dice
  14. Finding his path barred by two obvious goon-types, the masked Dr. Roscoe barely bats an eye as he continues to bound up the stairs, gracefully leaping forward, as to deliver two rapid-fire kicks to the pair, muscles twitching with patterns ingrained from years of oriental study, aiming to down each man with a single kick before continuing on his way up the stairs! (Divided action- 5 dice each. 2 successes to strike one, and four to strike the other)
  15. "Your friend here will be fine, Miss Loadham." The good Doctor assures Sarah, patting Sato's chest a bit. "Seems that he's got a rather durable wardrobe; just a few days time, and he'll be back on his feet in no time..." This said, he nods to Dr. Morpheus and Joe, ears catching the sounds of conflict upstairs. "...It sounds as if things are getting rather complicated...Joe, why don't you stick around here, make sure that the good lady and her friend are safe? I believe I can get some help;" This said, Dr. Roscoe closes his bag up and slips out of the room- And, moments later, a black-swathed figure, Dr. Roscoe in his 'Vigilante' getup, stalks up the stairs, attempting to find a good medium between stealth and speed on the stairs.
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