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  1. I was thinking of something along the lines of a Knack that allows the user to transform with an Endurance roll at +1 difficulty (or 1 temp Inspiration), and allows them to add dots equal to their Destructive facet spread across their Physical attributes however they want, as well as something like an extra B/L soak. Plus adding a non-controllable transformation upon exposure to something in particular (moonlight, a special formula, etc).

    Mostly, I want to put it together as a Knack because if one of the players gets bitten, I plan to make them suffer it until/unless they research a cure. ::happy

    What you just described is almost exactly the system I'm using (at this point the party is pretty high powered, so it does a bit more than that, but I hold the keys)


    PS Skylion: I've never really done PBP stuff, I've never really been able to wrap my brain around how to tell a story that way.

  2. You could simulate the Lycanthropy with an Artifact that is the curse. You just set the rules for the activation of the Artifact as...well whatever it is that triggers the change in your story. The Curse, when active could be a series of Biological enhancements and a couple of Knacks, or just 6 levels of Superhuman knacks. I'm presently using a system sort of like this in my game right now and it is going pretty well.


  3. So, I really like the idea of having a player in game with the highest level amnesia (meaning the player only knows what their stats are), but I've been struggling with a good system for letting them learn what their die pools and abilities are.

    The system I've hit upon is derived from the wild psi rules. When ever the player takes an action he rolls only the controlling stat, while I roll the unknown ability dice. Each time the player rolls I keep track of how many successes he rolls and I also roll what I'm calling the Memory die (which functions like the Wild Psi die in post 418 games). The successes it adds or subtracts are only applied to the total successes the player is pooling to remember the given ability. Then I set the target at 10 or 15 successes pooled.

    I think that system should work for remembering things (sorry if that doesn't flow very well), but I'm not sure what to do about XP gained during play. Clearly the player can't increase stats or buy things if he doesn't know what he has, but it seems odd to just have them just pool XP.

    Have any of you dealt with this in the past, and how did you handle it?


  4. You can give most of it to them at the beginning of each chapter. Just make sure you read through it all, cause some of it corresponds to things that come up during play. In the end there's no official way to do it. I'd say give it to them as they come across it in play. That can slow things down a bit, but it makes for a really rich story.


  5. I've made limited use of them in game. In general the Chib can do almost anything for 3 or 4 rounds, then he's out of Psi. In those first few rounds he can do a lot of damage, and the things he does then can help him survive the following rounds (increased soak and health levels), but if the team can hold out long enough they should be able to bring him down.

    In my games they've usually ended up scaling like Aberrants that are really energy in-efficient. It take two or three psions to take one down with any certainty, but it can be done.


  6. Hmmm, funny, but I never noticed the odd page size. When we laid it out we just used a set of pages that Chill had made up before he left EON. I still have all the constituent files that make up the book. The only way I know to make it fit properly on a normal sheet would be to re-relay out the book on a different sized page. (I've never tried printing it out)

    In truth I've considered going back and fixing up the old book and dropping a 2nd ed that fixes some typos and layout problems. I suppose that could be one of the things that could change (the page size I mean), but I'd need to get a new set of page frames, and a list of errata. If any of you have any lists of mistakes in the book (I have no idea why you would, but gamers can be strangely compulsive at times) I'd love to see those. Then I just need some new page background and I'd be in business.

    Well, that was a bit of a tangent, anyway, sorry, but I'm not sure how to help you. I thought the size of the original page sizes was designed to scale down to normal Trinity book size, but I'm not sure if it actually does. Sorry I'm not much help.


  7. Iron will also appears in the TPG under the name "Centered."

    I still haven't come up with much for a possible Will Master (game is on hold right now, so I have a little time to think about it). One thought I have had, is to allow the spending of two will at once, instead of just two. But, I'm not sure if this would be unbalancing. I'll have to thing some more.


  8. I should be able to edit it out(I still have the original PMDs I used to put it together), but I fail to see what the problem is. A name is a name, and quite frankly, the clearest example of fair use. No offence, but if we were to restrict our selves to useing only names that no one had, what would we call any character villainous or heroic?


    On a related note (having realized I do actually still have all those old files). If any of you ever actually sat down and wrote up an errata list for InUn, I might beable to move myself to go in an fix those mistakes.


  9. So, one of my players recently asked me if I would allow her to buy a master for her will stat. Now, as this is not expressly in the rules my knee jerk reaction is to say no and be done with it. But, the question did get me thinking. If there were such a thing what effect might it have?

    In truth I am at a loss. Assuming I can come up with a reasonable effect, I think I'll let her have it. (her character is pretty much all will and nothing else, so it does make a kind of sense.) What do you think?


  10. Well I think the short answer is that it was some cool Sci-fi art they had, but I don't think that quite gets at your question. I figure the chick's outfit is some kind of Bio-armor, or just some standard armor suit and the glowing gem is the ISRA emblem, which is also a piece of bio-ware in the book (pg. 122 "Focal Crystal"), I guess it is glowing because she's using it. I tend to disagree with your asertion that clear powers would never be visable.

    It is also possible that the image is of a psi using her crystal to take notes while in a vision. So, everything is all funky and stylized, cause it's not quite real.

    Those are just my thoughs on it.


  11. A couple of the fiction pieces in A! reference members of the society using "Hell Pistols." In one of my games I actually statted out teh Hell Pistols, but I was a bit disappointed. All I succeeded in doing was constructed a broken hand cannon that did an absurd amount of damage for a pistol. I lacked character and flare. Has anyone else put these together? If you, what did you do? I include the stats I used and an explaination of how I got there:

    I started with a sub-machinegun. I decided the Hell Pistols had the max 6 enhancements, so I decreased it's concealabilty by one, I raise the damage +3 and att +2 to the acc. It ends up a pretty gross little gun, particularly in 1923, but that's all it is, a gross gun.


  12. Maybe this has been covered somewhere else, or maybe it just represents a part of the game best glossed over, but how do the ships get into orbit? It takes a velocity of approximately mach 11 to break away from Earth's gravity, so how do any of the ships get into space?

    I don't really like the idea of huge rocket boosters still being used in the Trinity era. The way I figure it this situation is what keeps star ports important. What system do you have starports use in your games to launch ships into space? Maybe a big catapulting mechanism, or some other way. I'm planning on using some space flight in my next game, and I figure it'll be more emersive, if I can describe the launch process.


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