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  1. There's a character in Terra Verde that has an implant that helps him design drugs for a drug company. I don't think it ever goes into specificly what it lets him do, but I assume it allows him to do more complex math in his head (a la the Qin Math polyp) and process info faster or something. Maybe your player could have something simular. Some kind of bio-computer implant that helps him design marticies in 3-D in real time in his head or something. A sort of Brain CAD or something. -Slag
  2. My group usually just uses the standard rules, you know subtracting the total # of shots worth the dice from the first shot, and then one more each successive shot. It works out pretty well. If you get a weapon with an acc bonus and then use the auto-fire rules you cna end up with some hellish die pools that can spit out some crazy damage. I have a player in my last game do a full auto burst at point blank range and end up with a 21 die pool for the shot (I add an extra +5 acc for point blank shots). SO he split his pool ten times and did 53 dice damage after soak. Pretty gross stuff. -Slag
  3. I've just hung around and chatted in there on several ocasions, the main problem is getting there while others are there. I haven't really none any gaming there though. I sat in on parts of a couple of the Monday Night Massacre bouts. While there was usaually a bit of lag between exchanges (ST and players figure attacks, actions, etc.) it was quite enjoyable. -Slag
  4. Well, depending on how loose an interpritation of the character they use, Dorian Grey will be immortal, and maybe even invulnerable. Other than that he will bring his being a self-absorbed ass to the team, but that's all I can come up with. -Slag
  5. My group uses option C. It has an acceptable level of balance, and for us feel right in line with the rules. Especially since we like crossing the games over, and that makes Novas into pwerful Vargs as opposed to unstoppable titans of game breaking. -Slag
  6. As far as I know just thin todays computers and companies only with faster more advanced products. Depending on when you are playing it's only a few years in the future. -Slag
  7. Well since we're on the subject of worries I have one: TOM SAWYER?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!?! That is all -Slag
  8. I saw the trailer at Dardevil and on my God it looks awsome. I't gonna be great fodder for Adventure! and looks to be one hell of a fun movie. -Slag
  9. I picked up Slagheap way back in my early days on the net. I was trying to find a sceen name that wasn't take, so i started free associating and I came up with Slagheap...that's about it. -Slag
  10. Welcome to the fun everybody. -Slag
  11. ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 -Slag ::smiley1 ::smiley1
  12. Hey Quasar, they're in the Downloads section. -Slag
  13. Hey Ayer did you ever hear anything back about that char generator? -Slag
  14. Adventure! is quite possibly the most perfect game...ever. -Slag
  15. I think it's really just a matter of ST opinion of how the skill should be used at the moment. As I understand it the skill placements on the sheet is just a recommendation, so it was probably kinda arbitrarily placed. -Slag
  16. Did some one say "proceeds"? I could use a donation...what was it something I said? -Slag
  17. The game always seems to go strong for a while and then drop off, and we just stop playing. -Slag
  18. Is it just me or is Adventure! always the game that everyone loves to play, says they want to play more, and yet for some reason is the game that always dies...maybe that's just me... -Slag
  19. I was just wondering how everyone else uses this background (outlandish stories are VERY welcome ::bigsmile ) We've used quite a few devices in the Trinity games I've been in. In the first game I played in the ST had a hold over device from an earlier game that an NPC had. It was a head band that blocked Telepaths (pretty powerful little bugger). I played a character in a space game with a modified freighter with an experimental gravity drive on it. And I once played a character that was himself a device, he was a semi sentient bio-android. -Slag
  20. Cat hunting must be a common way players derail games. I once made the mistake of letting a friend of mine play an insane homeless man escaped from a secret psychic research project (sounds a lot stupider when I write it out like that) in a Dark Conspiracy game once. He spent the majority of the game chacing cats and setting roaches on fire with his mind, that is when he wasn't stealing food or the clothes of old men in comas...never again... -Slag
  21. I don't know, your subplot kinda make Max Mercer, he who is suppose to be the ultimate good guy, in to some kind of vengence crazed mad man. I guess it just seems out of character for him. He is humanity's one stalwart defender (HA! aren't puns great). I guess I just don't picture him acting like that. -Slag
  22. The most extensive info on Max can be found in Adventure!, but that doesn't tell you much about what he is up to in the Trinity era. -Slag
  23. I think that offically Mal went off to "Mal-land" where life is beautiful all the time. I've never really liked this idea, but that's waht they say. I've never used him in any of my games, but I've always felt like he should come back for one final hurah with Max. As far as his being behind Eden, or working with Otha, I don't know that I'd take that road, but hey, it's your game -Slag
  24. I was planning on buying a copy they ahd a a local game shop, but it sold before I go the cash together. I thought Trinity minis rules, or atleast trinity minis wmight be fun. -Slag
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