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  1. Um Falcon, you may be right that the actual impact and exit of a Black hole might not do much, but if any object were to bore a hole all the way through the Earth I imagine weather paterns and at the very least seismic systems would be greatly disrupted causeing untold damage and death. Beyond all that isn't the destructive force of black hole based on MASS and not SIZE? So, regardless of how small the hole is, it's size is what must be considered. -Slag
  3. I assume the Black Hole would disrupt Psi because it has a Quantum Singularity. I know that's kind of an abuse of tearms, but the science for this world setting is a little hinky if you look at it too close. anyway it makes sense to me that a black hole would disrupt Psi, so I figure between the hole and the tain, not to mention anyother anti-psi tech the Coalition might have just porting the engines seems out of the question. -Slag
  4. That's great fodder for games in every era...speaking of which... -Slag
  5. if you are really interested in playing Trinity look into getting the Assortment packs from White-Wolf. If you end up getting both, you'll only be down Aurora Australis, the adventure books and the PDFs. It's a bit of an expense for a game you've never even played, but well worth it if you ask me. -Slag
  6. While not brand specific, there are some generalized stats in the Adventure! book. That's probably at least a good place to start. -Slag
  7. Most of us here have played in multiple Trinity games and played more than one character during our tenure as Trinity fans. But, which one was you signature character? Which character would you consider you favorite, the character you would return to at a moments notice. You know what I'm talking about, when you think, "My Trinity character" which one do you think of. I myself am torn between two characters (odd from the same game) which seem to represent the extremes of my own personality...please don't read into this too much. The first is UN investigator Xavier Sloane. He represents everything that is good and just about me (and oddly he's British...please don't read into that at all). He is your basic white knight character, driven to do what ever it takes to see that justice is done. While he demands justice he is no vigilante, in fact he always plays it by the book (I chafe under this at times). Bitter sweetly the last game I played Xavier in will probably be his last. After being apperantly mortally wounded by a Quantakinetic in teh Australian out back (read blown in half), only to miraculosly survive and get tied to a desk for a year. He then under took one final globe hopping murder investigation before hanging up his gun and taking a teaching position at Oxford. The second (actually he was my first charcter), is a much darker vision. Little more than a professional killer with a twisted sense of morality (it's done, but it's also fun). His dark spiral was only aggrevated by the psychological damage done to him by the Legion's prometheus chamber (wow, it sounds a whole lot darker when I say it like that). He made a great killer because he never really had a given name, having grown up bounceing from the streets to this FSA orphanage or that he at the same time had no name and dozens. This lack of a solid self image was a professional asset and the source of his ultimate down fall. After being puppeted by this force and that, and amassing a multinational corporation under him, the man or group came to know as Daniel will die. This saddens me because I've always wanted another chance to actually play this character, and if I get my way I just my have a solution that can cover all the bases....I love Sci-fi. So, after all that rambling tell me your stories. Some days I think I like the character more than the actual games, tell about yours. -Slag
  8. One of my games had an Abberant in the party, we let her use all thirty points and it worked fine. I've read your WW forum post, so it sounds like you have a pretty powerful party. The only things I'd warn against would be: 1) becareful that the character doesn't gumby too much in any one direction, and 2) I would probably make them use the Trinity EXP chart for everything but their powers. When we did this it was a whole lot of fun, (the rest of the party did not know she was an abbie [only 3 Quantum, No Taint and 5 Dormancy]) so you'll have to let us know how it goes. -Slag
  9. I don't know I kind of like them mysterious. Beyond that I'd worry about giving it the right treatment, why kind of cuture does a non-coporial race have? Evolutionarily I think there are too far removed to define them in terms of religion, relationships and such ( I think they've moved beyond it, I think in their minds they are it). I figure when not off possessing people, they're all on big snotty mess of Psi constantly communicating Telepathicly. I'd fear for a booklet, but I think that it could make for a fun conversation. I bet we all have hightly varied views of them anyhoo. -Slag
  10. This is a little OT, but it's good news for all you Planetary fans. I just read on Ellis' site that he has finally made it through all of his personal problems and John Cassady is presently working on the 148 pages he has scripted. Wildstorm is planning on starting Planetary back up on a bi monthly schedule in late spring. ::biggrin ::biggrin ::biggrin WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!! -Slag
  11. I know this thread has been dead for a while, but I've still had ideas bouncing around int he back of my head. The way I figure it the 5th dot powers as Agg would be soak as the rules said in most cases. In the case of an Abbie, either the power specific protections would be required, or an actual Agg soak. As far as the damage it self, the only difference would be that it had to be healed naturally. Tho, perhaps an aplication of VK powers could speed up the recovery (though not acutally regenerate direct health levels as usual) Just some thoughts -Slag
  12. While I like the idea of being able to add extras to Psi abilites, but that sounds pretty powerful Finbar. But regardless of that you should send it to Chill so he can post it on the site. I know he's hungry for new material. -Slag
  13. 4. There are rules at the end of Quantum Vampire for vamping health levels and being a life drainer. It sounds like this is what you are looking for. -Slag
  14. I had started a game that was intended to carry through the entire time line, but the story fell flat when we had to take a pretty long hiatus. I'm still planning on trying to bring some of what I planted here and there up in later games, but who knows. Anyway, I love the idea of a game spanning the whole timeline, because I love actually using all three as the one great game they are. You'll have to let us know how it turns out. -Slag
  15. ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 ::smiley1 -Slag
  16. Well while I don't really have anything constructive to add to the new aptitude conversation per se I do I a comment on one of Phoenix's comparisons of Psi and Quantum. Remeber that in "The Story Thus Far" they tell us that Psi is actually stronger than Quantum it just takes a lot longer to get to that point. I realize that APG does alot to kill that argument, but I ususally throw all those powers out anyway. Anyway, that's all I had, you guys have fun. -Slag
  17. I wasn't so much making a big deal out of it, as acknowledgeing a common inspiration. -Slag
  18. While it is unfortunate to have Paris still standing in my alternate world I think it would be an interesting role playing situation for characters from the standard timeline to go there, of course I'm haveing really trouble comming up with a logical excuse to do that. -Slag
  19. I have to admit, that I myself have used a rip-off version of the Farscape Translator Microbes (damn good show, shame about the cancellation), but mine was a cybernetic implant that duplicated the effects of the Jack of all tounges knack. Burgerslave's version is far truer to show, but my guy can speak 17 different languages as though he were a native speaker, so I'm not complaining ::biggrin -Slag
  20. Actually I was thinking agg for everything, where the particular psi shields (or Bio-ware variation) , an applical Invulnerablity or actual Agg soak being the only real protections. That could end up a bit overpowering as I have yet to play test that idea. -Slag
  21. How far did the Zeps move them? Remeber that the Zeps can only travel at the spead of light, so it could have taken centuries for them to get where they were going. -Slag
  23. I know Trinity was not originally written with rules for Agg damage, but it really isn't that hard to add in. So, with that in mind what do you guys think about treating the 5th dot powers as Agg damage, it works from where I stand. -Slag
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