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  1. In the Trinity core book the section on Africa (atleasty I think that's where it is) has a comment about the former Upeo compound being left "Noeticly dead" after their bick jump. Yet, in Stellar Frontiers their is no mention of the compound much less why is is noeticly dead. So, what do you think? What's teh deal with the porter's old HQ? -Slag
  2. Ah, tree-huggin' hippy punk! I've got your hope and understanding right here! :withstupid HA! -Slag Sorry I'm not that well read on anima, so I've nothing constructive to add
  3. I think the idea is that Mercer and Primoris for whatever reason (be it their closeness to the Hammersmith incident or just that they were more evolved than most) are actually fully or partially erupted aberrants/novas. I'm not sure how the mechanics of it all would work, but that's the way I've allways thought it was. And, I agree with you about the Temp Manip Cross-time thing, I think that's what they are. As I recall, not I'm not 100% on this One of the developers said that most of the big powers in the TPG were written to fill in continuity holes. So, the idea that those powers are what make up Mercer's Chronal-Awareness fits right in with that idea. -Slag
  4. I personally don't think any of the games stand alone. I do think that Aberrant is very different from Trinity, but I like them both. And, after you throw in Adventure! I love the way they all fit together. Sure the games cater to different types of players, but the best part about the Aeonverse is how very much the world does change from time period to time period. I love the series. LONG LIVE AEON! -Slag
  5. I think what the deal is in the Trinity time line is a problem of lack of vocabulary for Trinity era people. Psions have been told that the root of an Aberrant's power is taint, not quantum, and most Trinity era abbies have enough taint to make it appear to the igonorant eye of a psion that, that is infact where it is deriving it's power. Then they run into clean abbies (i.e. Apollo, not Helios thats the super computer in DX) they sense only nondisruptive taint. My thought is that since taint is a by product og quantum is feels simular, it's just also disquieting...I hope that made atleast a little since it's been a long day and I need some sleep. -Slag ...oh yeah... :withstupid
  6. That would work, I think it'd be a great game, you'll have to keep us posted on how it goes. :withstupid -Slag
  7. I think there is a passage in the Corp. Life download about a Doll that looks completely human that is used to...entertain lonely execs. So I guess they look human tho that's suppose to be a pretty new technology that is real well know in the public. On a personal note, I have a Bio-droid of sorts worked out that I'm presently trying to get a friend of mine to let me play, so I think the Blade Runner type game would rock. -Slag
  8. He has a point, what they know can't hurt you... -Slag .... :withstupid What? You knew it was coming
  9. must...point...sign...the funny...compels...me... :withstupid -Slag PS: great work by the by
  10. Yeah Victor, they all said that they would come back and play again, but only because they knew I'd be there...what can I say I guess the ladies just dig me...heh heh heh :sigh :withstupid -Slag
  11. Come on now Victor, Merits and Flaws are our firends they aren't the least bir disruptive... :rolleyes .... :withstupid -Slag
  12. Technicly I don't think the public knows who the Doyen are. They know that mysterious "Benefactors" gave the Proxies their powers, but I don't think the public is suppose to know. But, then again some people must know something because the followers of "Doyo" (Hidden Agendas) effectivly worship the Doyen, though they also have Proto-psions, so one of them might have devined it or something...anyhoo I guess I'm kinda rambling but I think that for the most part people aren't suppose to know about them just like they don't know about taint or much about Novas -Slag
  13. Hey, just wanted to point this sign at Victor... :withstupid Hope they post the fixes soon. -Slag
  14. This is a repost from the WW board, but I thought I'd ask here too since different people frequent the boards. I read somewhere (I forget where) that the Proxies can turn off a Psion's powers. This got me thinking: Can a Proxy turn off any Psion's powers or just one of theirs? Could the Doyen turn off the powers of any Psion? What about a QK or a Proto-Psion? What do you think? -Slag
  15. Though I think I remeber the section of TV you are making referance to with this thread I think I'm gonna have to side with Victor :withstupid . The thing to remeber is that while a large portion of the world populace is frightened by genetic experimenting (not unlike present day) it is going to go on no matter what (i.e.: Banji beasts). Though I doubt the whole new chamber thing, but hey anything could happen, when it's your game you da' man. -Slag
  16. I was looking through the Avatars and notice that the Chib's emblem is missing. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind adding it in? Thanks -Slag
  17. Hey I'd love to get in on the project project, but if you are writting anyway, why not go all out and do whe whole middle east? -Slag
  18. Hey all, it kinda sucks to hear that Bruce probably won't read the book, hey we all still will. Anyway keep up the good work and for GOD's sake keep us posted. I look forward to the finished product. :Thumbs Up -Slag
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