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  1. Hrmm... Haven't gotten that application to join yet so I attempted to add you, let me know how that goes. As for creation, I'm going to go with the Aberrant rules for the game.
  2. Grrr... So I accidently say "Project Proteus" instead of "Project Pandora"...my mistake. *chuckles* A bad mistake, though. Oops!
  3. Hey there, I just thought this might be as good a place as any to place this (but maybe IC Games is more appropriate?)... I'm going to be running an online game starring characters that are members of Project Pandora. Right now I'm just looking for players and character ideas before I finally kick this thing off, and the only limits are thus: -Unless some reason/excuse is given I'd like at least one post per week from players, hopefully more than that. -The Player's Guide is necessary for character creation, which I will have final say on, and access to the core rules is necessary for all. -Only four characters will be accepted in the end... submitting first does give you a better chance though. The Group is here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ProjectPandora/ Thanks, Mike
  4. Lawrence sits and shrugs, a bit unhappy with the results of the evening as well but trying not to let it get to him too much... "Deal me in, if you would."
  5. Lawrence steps forward at that point and waits for the detective to question or dismiss him, a bit nervous and trying not to show it as he's used to his appearance getting him far from fair treatment by the police. Besides, he's not much for judging people's innocence or guilt...not more than the investigators anyway. He just doesn't want this guy to get away.
  6. Lawrence smirks, pats Bethany on the shoulder, and takes off after the scoundrel. Over the commotion of people moving inside the room he doesn't catch the altercation outside the doors, but manages to move his way through the smoke and people... Stumbling out onto the scene of a figure in black with a sword cane to his throat. "Well, aren't those the breaks?"
  7. -grins- Sounds cool. When's the next match so I can have a character drawn up? -laughs- I had been considering a Red-Circle but I could go Black-Circle if needed.
  8. Lawrence smirks and shakes his head, looking at Bethany and whispering just loud enough to be over-heard in return. "Wow...that's a pretty cock-sure of 'em, well you just give the word..." he says, voice growing louder as he speaks, "...And I'll pound the dirty rat now that we know which one t' get."
  9. Lawrence tires to keep a normal face to the discontent crowd as he speaks to Bethany. "Well, I'm not much of a liar...but I was thinking the first one." He motions lightly to himself. "Not sure people'd buy that one from me...but if anyone tries anything I can help with the second," he whispers with a smile. OOC: Hehehe, this should be interesting.
  10. "Sir, just calm down please...if someone'd shot you would you want us to give 'em the chance to run off?"Lawrence says, trying to be reassuring, "I'm sure we can work something out for your wife." Lawrence looks to Bethany, willing to follow her lead...it's been a while since he's followed orders, but when there's no one obviously at fault he's a bit stuck. Then he has an idea. Moving closer to her, he whispers... "Well, we could always try and bluff...flush the shooter out? Or have I read one too many mystery sheets?"
  11. Hey there Manuel, Heritage, folks. Mind if I cut in a little on the discussion for how manuel can make his character w/o an Adventure book (I have a site dedicated to letting people make Hunter characters without the book)? I think that Manuel could really make a pretty decent A! character with just my and/or Heritage's e-mail adresses and ths basic information: First, go print out a A! Character Sheet to look at while reading this. Realize that, in three abilities that you have a 5 in it is possible to get a 6 (called an Ability Mastery). Backgrounds (called Background enhancement) have the same thing...imagine what amounts to an insane rating like 12 anf that's what it means (example: Cipher 6, "Enigma," any secret you want to keep is absolutely positively safe unless YOU do something to reveal it...now feel free to split those extra 5 now-unused dots in the background among your allies). Pick what type you are, obviously, Heroic/Dynamic/Psychic...also which is your primary "facet" for your Inspiration [Quantum and Psi-like trait used for all types]; Intuitive [bonus to Initiative for each dot in it, and such], Reflective [deep thinking, planning], Destructive [breaking things]. Your primary has to be the highest, but you have a spread of dots to place among the three for each point of Inspiration [the trait] you have. Then look at all the creation point numbers Heritage used [6 Backgrounds, 23 Abilities, 6/4/3 Attributes...]. Now, for the 13 Nova Points substitute 13 Transformation Points, which do this... 1= 2 Attribute Dots 1= 5 Ability Dots 1= an Ability Mastery 1= 4 Background Dots 2= a Background Enhancement 1= 2 Willpower Points 1= 1 Inspiration [Max 5] 1= 3 Inspiration to the pool [No Max] 2= One Heroic [Daredevil] Knack or 1= 1 Level One Psychic or Dynamic [stalwart or Mesmerist] Knack 2= 1 Level 2, etc. 3= 1 level 3, etc. Extra backgrounds are Gadget [super-science that is either Advanced or Innovative...at level 3 it can duplicate a Lvl 1 Knack, 4 a Lvl 2 Knack or two Lvl 1s, and at 5 it can duplicate a Lvl 3 Knack or two Lvl 2s or three Lvl 1s], Sanctum, and Nemesis [enemy...you get a bonus to your Inspiration Pool if you make a rool when facing him/her/it]. Now, as for Knacks and uses of Inspiration...well I can go into that or Heritage can, but I don't want to waste my time more if no one is interested in doing it this way or it turns out I've been too confusing. *chuckles*
  12. From my understanding it works like this... Let's assume the person has Bruised [ ] Hurt [ ] Injured [ ] Wounded [ ] Maimed [ ] Crippled [ ] Incap. [ ] Dead. [ ] And then let us say that someone with such an assortment of health levels took 6 levels of bashing damage. So their health chart looks something like so, if [/] is a Bashing Level and [X] is a Lethal Level: Bruised [/] Hurt [/] Injured [/] Wounded [/] Maimed [/] Crippled [/] Incap. [ ] Death [ ] Now they take 5 more bashing damage. This means their health chart now looks like this (barring my inability to get these little boxes to line up right): Bruised [X] Hurt [X] Injured [X] Wounded [X] Maimed [/] Crippled [/] Incap. [/] Death [ ] But what if that second set of damage had been 2 lethal instead of another 5 bashing? Bruised [X] Hurt [X] Injured [X] Wounded [/] Maimed [/] Crippled [/] Incap. [/] Dead. [ ] Basically the main difference is that Bashing "wraps around" if you take it past incap, turning into lethal as it comes back down the chart. Taking lethal when you ALREADY have bashing just pushes the bashing down...you'll notice in my "2 lethal damage" example above that yes that bottom-most bashing level did wrap around and become lethal. Did that help?
  13. Lawrence breathes a sigh of relief as the group manages to squeeze out and close the door behind themselves. Using his duffle as a barricade he clears out an area around this door and hops on the corner of a desk so that he can better watch the other one. "Best get used to the wait Ladies an Gentlemen! I personally plan on pounding the person responsible for Mr. Enkidu's injury, and I wouldn't want that scoundrel to slip out!" He smiles a bit at that, trying to keep the room in view, realizing of course that he could very well get shot himself standing up here and almost hoping they reveal themselves that way...although it'd be a damn risky thing on his own part.
  14. Lawrence, once the gorilla is set up on the cart, looks around as he's moved through the door. Using his entire duffle as a cushioned weapon and barracade he does his best to make sure that no one else gets in or out of the room. OOC: I'll try to get you his sheet ASAP.
  15. Hehehe, would VARGs really go down that quick to Aberrants? I know very little about them, but what I find intersting if that is true is the fun fact that in my A!/A crossover game an inventor took a Gadget 6 and built it around an Environmental Protection Suit...it is extremely bada$$ and with the mini-railgun that has armor-peircing as an extra [they so small and fast, with those nice little plasma trails behind them] he could be a nova-killa if he could ever confront one away from the human populace [because they go through people, then buildings, then more people...]. Usually he just has to try and zap them with his built-in Laser Electroshock Pistol or just take a few hits [lots of Armor innovations] and try to punch back.
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