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  1. Remove the differences between Stalwart, Mesmerist and Daredevil. Let everyone pick any suitable Knacks. Why? Well, White Wolf can't stay within the borders when they make their own NPC's so why should the players have to? Cheating NPC's suck.
  2. In my alternative setting where there is no Aeon society, I had a mega-intelligent nova show up in the UN soon after everyone started erupting to tell the world leaders what was going on and that if he got the funding and support of the UN he could make sure everything would be alright... And of course he will go absolutely mad with power eventually and the characters who are part of his outfit will have to take him down.
  3. That might work, if I decided to go back to using it again. I'm fairly sure I will not allow players to buy Quantum with bonus points, in order to better preserve the pre-eruption / post-eruption stages.
  4. I think I know all of them except the green guy in the ridiculous headgear and the silver woman next to him on the back.
  5. In the real world we don't have an Aeon society which knows what's going on and can react to it accordingly, set up a deal with the UN and basically stay 80 years ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to strange dealings and mysterious powers. I'd say it would be pretty messed up really fast.
  6. Mwahahahaha! It would be perfect. Shows that boring fart Max that you can't go mess about with time without bringing down old greek tragedy on your self-righteous ass. ::sly
  7. "Surely not the dread shrugging smiley of lost Khadat?!" Nice to see you around here Bard, and IA IA CTHULHU FTHAGN. FNORD.
  8. The APG gadgets are different if you mean that they seem to require Mega-intelligence to understand. I've never bothered with them myself so I don't know if they are any good once you get past the rough exterior of evil mathematics. They might give a rough idea on how long time it would take to build various devices, and how much it would cost, and so on: something I've never bothered to get involved with too deeply.
  9. My intention was to replace it with Storyteller judgement, or essentially, not use the Quantum Minimum at all except for when I'm saying to the players during character creation: "You may choose any powers with a Quantum Minimum of 5 or less", for example. I don't think a background to determine what powers your character can learn is necessary: 1. because as you say, it would cost 1 nova point to get it at maximum. 2. one of my ideas for this system is that quantum is essentially a prerequisite which just served to further limit your options during character creation while I want to keep as many options available as possible. If you feel that there should be differences in what powers novas can get I would recommend using Node for it, since that to me represents a lot of a nova's "development" in the quantum manipulation field. If you do that, however, I'm sure that you won't find many novas with a Node of less than 5, just as I would have a hard time to not justify Quantum 5 before when that was setting the limits.
  10. I like the power too, even though I have removed the possibility to "check for quantum" with Node from my game. I was thinking about something similar to this power earlier today and my idea was that each dot would give others +1 difficulty to detect your nova status or perceive your power signature in order to analyze it, if you were scrutinized by such methods. In my game this would only work against mega-perception powers such as Quantum Attunement, or quantum powers which somehow depend on the analysis of another nova's powers, such as Disrupt and Quantum Forgery and possibly others. Extra difficulty is more balanced than just getting some dice, in my opinion, but other than that I can't see anything wrong with it. It would help stealth novas a lot and you can never get too many of those.
  11. I have no idea. Yet. I suppose it could just suck powers from the target, making Sam more and more powerful as he goes along, adding to his considerable arsenal of quantum tools to pummel things with until he's got the quantum version of a kitchen sink to throw at his enemies. That way the victims could remain alive even if they get all their power sucked out of them, if Sam for some reason don't get around to kill them afterwards. Maybe he's getting really sloppy. Maybe he thinks they are of no concern to him any more and can't stop him or his perfect plan. It would be nice for any player characters who fall to his evil device to survive and fight along as their baseline selves until they eventually regain their power with Sam's death. The "reward" would still be 30 extra nova points to spend but this time I'd allow much higher power levels and ratings and extras, than I would for a starting character.
  12. Doctor Worm rocks my world and is by himself enough reason to buy Exposé: Aberrants. The rest of the book wasn't very interesting in my opinion, but I've ranted about it on another thread somewhere around here already so I won't go through that again. The doctor was however quite interesting and a funny personality to torment players and their characters with.
  13. It's called Reign-of-evil.com, not Portal of evil. Just in case you're going to look for it.
  14. If you feel really generous you could halve the cost for powers which are only usable in one form, if the transformation is truly uncontrollable and the two personalities aren't aware of each other, or don't like each other, in a Hulk/Banner kind of way.
  15. Ok here's a quick explanation of how I imagine this would work: Character creation is where this really changes things. You can now separate the human phase from the nova phase completely since you don't have to spend bonus points on Quantum, or even need to consider it. I've found that when I have 15 bonus points to use during the human phase (instead of 1 since I would almost always spend it all to get 2 dots of Quantum) I can get fun stuff like specialisations, backgrounds and things like that. Simply put, I can build a more complete character. If anyone was able to do this before, great, but in my group I've only ever seen two characters with a Quantum of less than 3. So with your finished human you go on to the nova phase. You don't have to think about getting enough Quantum as a prerequisite for your mega-attributes or powers so you can concentrate on building exactly what you want right now instead of planning for the future. I don't know if everyone has this problem but when I make characters I tend to think about what I'm going to buy in the future to "finish off" the concept. This means that I have to put some thought into how much Quantum I'm going to need in the future as well as the present. If I think that there's a mega-attribute I want to get 5 dots in, well then I have to get Quantum 4... and when I have 4 I might as well get 5 since it's so much cheaper to get it with nova points than with experience, etc. You can buy any powers up to level 3, or whatever your ST says: theoretically you could allow someone to buy 1 dot of Planck Scaling (for 15 novapoints or so) without having to give him Quantum 10 and all the bonus stuff that would come with it. Node determines how much quantum points you get. You have 20 + the amount of points you can spend per turn as starting quantum pool. At node 0 you get 26 points, at node 5 you get 40 points. Node is indeed very important. I've removed the taint from having a high node, since I don't think you should be punished for having high traits. You may have a different opinion. I've also removed the "pinging" to check for other novas, since I think that's too much like a lame aura check or something. I like novas to be able to hide without having to resort to Dormancy all the time. Anyway, moving on, we get to the part where you have to figure out how Quantum Powers work without a Quantum trait. It's quite simple: in most cases where the rules mention Quantum you replace it with Power Rating. This goes for range, duration, area, damage, etc. In some cases this produces funny results such as with Quantum Bolt where you get [power rating] x 2 + power rating x 4 D10 lethal damage, but it is much easier to calculate damage too because all quantum bolts cause [2]+4 D10 lethal or [3]+4 D10 bashing per dot. If a power depends on Quantum for its Dice Pool you replace that with "number of quantum points spent". Those powers don't have the normal activation cost but instead you must pay to get dice. You must pay at least one point even if you think you can manage without that die. This means that some powers may be quite expensive to use if you don't have a high power rating. I think this is a good thing but if you want a more traditional approach I suppose you could just use power rating x 2 as the dice pool for those powers. If a power is described as getting a number of automatic successes equal to Quantum you replace that with Power Rating as well, meaning that as you get better with these powers you get REALLY good. Some individual powers require a quick explanation: Disrupt: the target can resist with Willpower (+ node if you feel kind) Elemental Anima: this is gone and you use Elemental Mastery instead. If someone wants a power which only allows the manipulation of existing energy or matter you can put a weakness on Elemental Mastery. Or give a reduction in quantum cost for using only existing elements if you don't use weaknesses. To max powers you roll power rating instead of Quantum. As further incentive to raise powers I have a surprise waiting for those who manage to get a power above 5 dots. At 6, 8 and 10 dots you can buy the Mastery Extras on that power. That power can also have more Extras without increasing its level, as per the rules in the APG (which I don't have here so I can't check them), replacing Quantum rating with power rating. As you can see this allows for really nasty powers but you don't get the benefit from a high Quantum on all your powers but just on those powers you are really good at. Just the way Mastery should work, if you ask me. That's pretty much all there's to it. Since I started thinking about this I realized that this system also balances out the old controversy of power dots versus mega-attributes, since the power rating now means so much more than just another dice. Now power rating affects powers at least twice as much as before, which means that people might be more inclined to increase powers instead of mega-attributes, and then there's always that sweet, sweet Mastery waiting just beyond the 5th dot...
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