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  1. I would do it but I'm a bigger flake than you are when it comes to the on line thang.
  2. Sarcasticaly Borris says Oh, I see your experiment is lying mortaly wounded,posably dying. If it's not then then come on I actualy have something inportant for you to do.
  3. Borris is walking down the hall worried about Bernard, he passes the room the Dr Berger is sitting in. You ther you are a medical porfesional are you not?. Come with me!
  4. Borris finaly decides that he has to dress Bernards wounds himself. Borris medicine 1,4,6,10
  5. OOC: Must post... Must keep game alive.. Borris searches franticaly for the vetrinarian that helped Enkidu.
  6. A Beat cop could also have to have Luck too. THe detective would have to have telepathy.
  7. OOC: Book? what book did we get a book? Borris starts to tend Bernard's wounds. This man is going to have to die very painfully now. Borris calls over one of the servants and retreaves the two pistols hidden in Bernards now tatered tux. Here put these in the fire arms locker please.
  8. The way I see it they leave it open for the story teller to decide how well known it is. Plus it depends on when you are playing the game. I'm running my players though passage though shadow with one of the players being an advance scout for the Upeo. So if the Upeo come back at all depends directly on player actions. SF is the only book that white wolf does not hit you with the plot hammer so have fun with it.
  9. He's a study dog and he'll be back on his feet in no time. Borris take Bernard into his arms.
  10. OOC: I know in real life that those tunnels lead thought the city. (I live in Chicago) A few years ago down town basments goot flooded when an old tunnel under the chicago river was breached. If any of you saw the movie "The Relic" that's how the monster got from Calumet harbor to downtown undetected. I don't want to just assume that Borris who's a Southerner from Virgina would know that. I assume that Bethany and Johny would know about the tunnels. I guess that it would be and an academics roll for Borris to remember anything. Borris Academics: 8,1,8,1,7,4, I'm not sure if that will be enouph since he's not a native and it has nothing to do with tobacco.
  11. I'm pretty sure that none of the mesmerist knack are that powerful anyway. That's just the type of character that I wanted to play a wierd quirky guy with actual gifts.
  12. OOC: come on harlequin we need that roll so we can see if anybody gets creamed.
  13. I'd also like to play but i'm not sure if you are alread at your limit for the game, so let me just trow out the character concept to see if it flys. He wears a white rumpled cotton suit, that looks like it has seen better days with a carpet bag tuked unter one arm. Your first inpression is that he's some sort of charlitan or conman, but as he comes closer you see a weight in his eyes that makes him look more like a hundred years old even though his frame is that of a thirty year old. He starts to walk past you than pauses. He turns to you "You come across a dame in a red dress, avoid her." Then continues on like any other spring day. Latter that same day you meet your future ex-wife who breaks your heart and your bank account. Ten years later as you sit in the gutter a the same man comes up from behind sitting down next to you,wearing what looks like the same white cotton suit. He gives you a warm smile and handing you from the carpet bag a hot sandwich and a mysteriously cold beer. "I told you to stay away from her" You give him a puzzeled look "Your Ex, she was wearing a red dress that day" He stand up abruptly pats you on the back and continues on like any other spring day. So hey do you like it
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