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  1. New Gamma World with New Zercon Formula in D20 or New Modern D20.Monday I should be seeing the first of the New Vampire books for the End of the world. I've checked some of the reviews on WW forums. From what I've seen it sounds good. No Demon game tonight ::dontgetit. Something about my girlfriend needing sleep after a long shift. Oh we'll more time to plot with ghosts & stuff. Heres a tip for those playing Demon. If the ST is fond of Wraith, having a Slayer in the Party is a good idea. The group am playing with has none so they are quite open to attacks from the otherside ::devil I've always loved the setting for Wraith but not the style of play. Its like Rifts one of those game I love to borrow from but not play. Reminds me of the whole Twilight 2000 games I used to play back in the days before the Wod. Vampires got converted over from whatever game system happened to be handy. Oh the nuclear fallout was thick. ::alien
  2. ::blink Gamma World New umm try 1st edition of the game came out in 1978. the latest was a d20 release & now theres going to be a new one from WW. ::wacko
  3. ::hehe There have been the overwhelming moments of shame in buying comicbooks but over all after taking a sedative & talking to the nice doctor. Its going to be alright. Unless they do the World of Darkness HeroClix figures with Kung Fu Biting action or the New D20 Version WereFuzzy the Alien Breeding with limited Edition Fluffy figure ::tongue. What will the world looklike with the promised end of Demon ::devil Or No more Goths running around in pick your city BY Night. ::nervous Oh the humanity of the situation. God where is my fangs I've got a Larp to goto then get Drunk & Whine about how Dc Ruined their universe. Am wondering how much the End is going to run me in terms of dollars. For a raging fanboy like myself. ::nervous
  4. ::blink There are alot of reasons to watch the current trend of the way that White Wolf is doing this End of the World. Is WW ::wink going to go for the limited six book formula where a game has a beginning & end. I hope so. Yes I was jumping the gun but we got promised this crap when Time of Thin Blood came out. We all grabbed our Book of Nod thinking that world shaking events were beginning! Instead we got Hunter. Hunter is Hunter. You get the idea. What Iam saying is I wish they would wrap up the main Titles finally; then the EArth SHaking Events. It always reminds me of those lameo Summer crossover stories DC or Marvel did between 91 to 00. The whole every hero in every one elses pond thing. Are these lines losing money & White Wolf wants a clean slate? Does anyone care at this point? Seriously I've been going back to get the titles am missing but thats just me. Are we going to see Vampire the Aftermath? ::shocked My God. Ha Ha or is the new D20 Gamma World the new WOD ::devil
  5. ::blink What the heck is WW thinking? Lets see we need to **** off our audience alot so we'll just end the world in a huge crossover mess that will generate sales up the wazoo. Yes Am sick & tire of the stupid company playing with us.I've been happily playing along. ::angry This really sucks.If any of you don't know what am talking about than go over to the white wolf site I'll wait. White Wolf is going to end the world in a huge Earth Shaking event because sales are good? No, because it will generate a butt load of sales. ::hmmm So instead of actually writing a great story line no we are hand this crap because we couldn't think of anything good for Gencon. These fools will release another crap lot of games but god forbid that they put in the work to support existing game lines. Poor way to run a company what did they sign up for the same classes as Games Work Shops.
  6. Saturday went quite well accept that the plaers would like to lynch one of the players. ::blink Yea, things went quite strange as one player tried to use "A kewl Power" to dominate one of the other Pcs. That wasn't goiung to happen in the game. Other that one of the other pcs getting covered in human waste the evening went quite well. Now I've got to get the revised damage rules down. There is always so much to do like design the Lords of the Flux. Create a few more interesting npcs etc. Have a Beer & watch Nightbreed. ::chillbeer More to report later. ::squid Cthulu for president he's got ot be better than Bush.
  7. ::shocked New Demon Game coming up Saturday. Report to follow. Look Am just going to use this as a journal until someone replies. The game is alright even if the company blows chunks ::laugh. A little setup this world of mine has no vampires or werewolves none of the usual crossover stuff. Is there anyone out there? Is this mike on? Talk to you later. ::sith I thought that this little guy was cute.
  8. ::biggrin Yeas Trinity can be adapted for Streetfighter or backward. Had an elementalist in the party once. I didn't give any explaination. It worked ok! ::tongue Now I never want to talk about it again ::unsure
  9. ::laugh Demon plays quite well actually. Had a game a couple of Saturdays ago with 6 players. They are part of an infernal court in the middle of Los Angeles. They were witnesses to the death of an Angel after he got the crap kicked out of him by A huge Demon. The angel charged the characters with protecting a ten year old girl named Julia as he lay dying in the arms of a statue of the Virgin Mary. The chracters rode down to a seedy motel called the Barrymore to get the kid but there as a group of bad guys already there. Things went from bad to worse as a major butt kicking of my Npcs started. The chracters finally got the kid.. Now one of the chracters has babysittering duty. ::tongue So the Characters visited a major underground demon hang out with all kinds of kinky stuff happenening. They met a human mage named Mathus who is much more than he seems. Got attacked by minor Banes wirth attitudes ::wacko they barely made it out with their hides intact. The Demon game went well ::cheesy More this coming weekend. We'll see how the player's guiode is as soon as I read it. ::devilangel
  10. ::devilangel Meanwhile its a Sunday night & am watching Snowfall in the night. So the working answer to my question is no. Its like Mummy one oft the best WW rpgs that no buddy plays but hangs on to the book anyway. Now if I could only find the Dark Future Car game by Games Workshop my life would be complete ::unsure . Anyway am using some of the rules on cyberware from this page to make my players really paranoid for the whole Vampire/Cyberpunk crossover thing. Yes ,am taking this stuff really seriously ::rolleyes So what have been my latest endeavors? Hmm trying to get another Trinity Game going but everyones busy, Damn "Real life" Lets see Godlike will be releasing some new stuff in the coming months. I think about May or June. Has anyone used Silver Age Sentials or any of their product? Monday will mean the Abysaals book for Exalted ::dozingoff & another Demon Product ::lookaround. Yes a game that no one I know plays. Has any of you seen the Core? Was it good or good for the rental price? DareDevil was cool ::devil Great to know that Shadowrun has been put to good use.
  11. Happy Birth Day- Cheers now go get drunk ::wink
  12. ::blink How many of you have purchased this book? I was just wondering. I had it since its come out. I like what they've done with this thing but in places it seems to lag a bit but oh well. Some of my friends like it. The sales are very good according to the trade magazines. However it hasn't out sold Vampire or Exalted. White Wolf 's sales fell a bit in December but they should be ok now. Hunters sales are zzzzzzz ::sleeping but thats to be expected. I've been away for awhile, sorry gang things are very strange at times.. Has anyone run Abby or Trinity with CyberPunk 2020? Am starting a Cyberpunk/Vampire Crossover game for a con thats happening at the end of May. So I've started writing again ::wacko later....
  13. I've got it is it good? Hmm, ya do I have the time to throw this at my players? No, the last couple of weeks has seen a few books coming out from WW. Right now i've got people looking for me to play D&D. I've just recenly gotten WereWolf Dark Ages. Is this book worth the Money? Yes, does it cover alot of ground ya. Are we seeing anything Earth shattering? Maybe, wait & see. ::devilangel
  14. Cyberpunk 2020- Scifi, Elric or StormBringer based on the worlds of Michael Moorcock- A d20 version is available, Runequest one of the best fantasy games ever, Pendragon for King Arthur stuff, Big Eyes Small Mouths for Anime,Old School- Torg a multi demensional war with fantasy worlds, scifi, & a wee bit of horror, Speaking of Horror- Vampire, Werewolf, & Mage. Before I Forget Delta Green & CountDown for Coc. ::sleep Thats all I could think of for now.
  15. Unless you've been living under a rock, Bruce Baugh has released the Brain Wave sup. for Abby! Out of the goodness of his heart the man has put the work on the web at his webpage & its free. It looks really cool & along with Asia Asendant maybe the only new stuff we get for both Trinity & Abby ::smokin Check this out for you're own good. From what I see I like alot. ::tongue
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