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  1. I'm on it. They don't call me the master of Cyberkenesis for nothing... wadda ya mean they don't? someone fire my agent! ...HMMMM, WHOEVER THEY ARE GOOD. THE ARE ROUTING THEMSELVES THROUGH A DOZEN ANONYMOUS SERVERS IN... ...WAIT! I'VE GOT THEIR SIGNAL. LEMME JUST SYNC WITH THE CODE AND I'LL GET THEIR IP ADDRESS. PROCESSING... ...ALMOST GOT IT....ALMOST...AL... OH OH. I DON'T LIKE THAT ONE BIT... OH MY L#*$(123...**$...%&hidld.a..aasf asw)E#)HYD;pjsfdpasjf*){*)UYD430483;sfja[f0493j0wn.... Ow. Er, nevermind. I...lost them... Yeah, thats the ticket. I'm gonna lie down now. Wheres the aspirin...
  2. Well, I wish I could be all optimistic about this. White Wolf too giddy with the sales of Exalted to give a crap about its less popular lines. Honestly, its no excuse that MET, Vampire and Exalted sells a thousand times more copies than Trinity. Fans are fans and at the very least we need to be informed on the status of a game line. While I care if the line survives, I demand to at least be told when WW has had enough. Needless to say I expect six more months of silence... but its nothing more than I expect from most RPG companies these days. While many reps have to deal with the crappy attitudes of some gamers, its still no excuse for the lowsy customer service. I mean no matter how little the overall sales are, we still forked out money for the system; if it isn't going to survive I believe we deserve to be told as soon as possible. Thank the great maker we have guys like Bruce who at try and keep us informed, even though even he is often kept in the dark...
  3. I know I have already given suggestions but I have a few more book ideas, since you asked. 1. The Aeon Soucebook - Delve into the secrets of the most influencial secret society in history. See it from its beginnings as a collective of adventurers to a world-shapping organization. Major characters, history, and divisions detailed, as well as information on Aeons "dark age" during the Nova age and how they dug themselves out. 2. Exotic Locales - Africa, South America, and Asia. Similar to the factions idea for Adventure! but more expansive. Characters, heroes, and villians of the world as well as strange places for characters to visit. 3. The Inspired Omnibus - What is Telluric Energy and what is its relation to Psi and Quantum. This is the ultimate crossover book, detailing the inspired heroes of every age and how they relate to each other. Novas in Adventure? Daredevils in Trinity? This guide will show you how! 4. Mundanes, at the Feet of Giants. The Guide to the normal characters of the Aeon Continuum. Neutrals, Baselines, and heroic normals. See the world from their eyes and see how they shaped the world without the advanatges of inspiration. A sort of "Year of the Ally" for the Continuum. 5. Breaking Barriers: The Aberrant book of what could have been. A companion possibly to the Superscience book, this guide deals with the other staples of hero games - extraterrestrials, magic, the supernatural, and alternate universes. Aliens, daemons, and the unique supernaturals that could possibly exist are detailed. This isn't the WoD crossover, but a look at the various "styles" of supernatural and non-terrestrial elements used in comics, just as Aberrant focused on the various styles of superheroics in comics. 6. Snapshots from History - Join Whitley Styles, Sarah Gettel and others as they chronacle the lost history of the Continuum. From the golden age of heroes in the 30's and 40's, to the "super-spy" era of the 60's and 70's, the Aberrant War, and the Crash. Quick guides to whats happening in each era and the unique challenges the Inspired have to deal with in each.
  4. I personally would like to see a guide to gadgets, superscience, etc. in Aberrant Something more in line with Adventure! or at least something more workable than the last two rulesets that White Wolf provided...
  5. Alright, my question to all of you, is... If you were the developer of Trinity, Aberrant, and Adventure and were to start from scratch, what would change to make the system or setting better. Me first... Trinity: Rework things in order to disassociate aptitudes from orders. For me the orders would by Psi factions, like Teragen and Project Proteus are factions of Novas in Aberrant. I'd keep the one-aptitude characters but also allow for psychomorphs in the main rules as well. Aberrant: Major rework. Aeon is not the bad guy in the setting, and it does not approve of Proteus (who has gone "rogue" because of Chiraben). Aeon started Utopia with the UN but more and more the UN beaucrats are taking control (and thats not a good thing). Aeon is basically still the good (but not lillywhite) guys they are in Trinity and Adventure. Generally I would work Aberrant to be more in line with Adventure and Trinity's scope and direction. If this means that certain elements of the setting (like the giga-powers of the Players Guide) need to be de-emphisized, then so be it. Adventure: Not really anything. Of the three games, this is what I am most happy with. But then again, it has two other game systems to help work out the bugs... Generally: Adventure openned up the world with Telluric Energy. While we don't need to go crazy, some of the unpredictable nature of Z-Waves needs to filter into the other two games. Aberrant Quantum is not as fun as Stalwart Inspiration and that should change. After all, if Aberrant is to try to encompass the superhero genre, then it should integrate the wackiness of the hero universe into it. One shouldn't think that we are WoD-izing the system just because the world physics sometimes go all bendy and we get superscience and undead armies...
  6. Is it just me, or does Aberrant not fit together as well into the continuum as it should? A lot of the threads which run through the Continuum start to get disjointed when they pass through the Aberrant timeframe. Aeon briefly becomes the evil conspiracy (through Proteus but the "paranoid" Aeon endorses it). Luckily Adventure! managed to explain some stuff (like Divis origins, removing the silly 2nd Gen Nova explanation that I believe Krieg was talking about). Now, how do you feel about Aberrant's links to the Continuum. I am looking for honesty here; its not about bashing someones fave game. I love Aberrant but I am the first to admit some problems with its continuity. Lets hear the fans talk honestly about the problems with the continuity (if you see any), as well as maybe some ways of reconciling them.
  7. I love Adventure! For me it did four things.. 1. Managed to balance the pulp setting with the unique Aeon background. Its a credit to the writers that the system manages to recreate the excitement of the pulp genre but doesn't seem out of place beside Aberrant and Trinity. 2. Smoothed out a lot of the bumps in the continuity. Aberrant left a lot of glitches in continuity, in terms of Aeon and many of the sig. characters. Adventure not only helped explain how Divis Mal came to be (and threw out the "Second Gen Nova" business Krieg was throwing around) and reinforced Aeon as a good organization. 3. Potential. If Aberrant is the RPG equivalent of WildStorm's Authority comic, then Adventure! is Planetary. The hidden past of the Aeon Continuum not only is filled with potential for Adventure! but also Aberrant and Trinity. 4. A fitting end. The circle is complete. The final game in the trilogy was developed by the guy who started it all, Andrew Bates. Bates, along with Baugh and others is the reason why the Continuum is successful.
  8. Spolers. Process 418 got me thinking. Hmmm, if you read Adventure you know that Max Mercer can Time Jump but only to eras when there is great telluric energy. Now we have 418 occur. Its a wave of Quantum and Sub-Quantum (ie Quantum and Noetic) energy. Can you say telluric energy. Just like Galatea. Just like Hammersmith. Assuming that the current Max is not the Max from Adventure or Aberrant (it is possible for him to live a long life with those optimized metabolism pills I believe that one of his old Aeon cohorts has - I forget which), could the Max from the past be due to a visit? And if so, what does that mean for Process 418, which has been established in Luna Rising as being both an event and a person. Hmmm, so could Max, the guy who has been humanity's greatest hope could also be humanity's greatest threat?
  9. Actually Senior Mal, I have the sinking suspection there were no profits to funnel back into anything. Nothing shows up financial management difficulties like low cashflow. While Vampire and Werewolf are great sellers, any monetary waste is drowned out by the bucks flowing into the company. Such is not the case with Arthaus...WW is not willing to prop up an imprint that isn't mega-profitable to start with. It would be interesting to see the books of White Wolf. Keep in mind that often great game designers are often lousy businessmen. And vise versa... Not trying to sling mud here, but I still am shaking my head on how Arthaus couldn't succeed with the success of so many Changling, Mage:SC and Trinity books... after all they had the entire fan bases supporting them and most of the books sold out (some even before they hit the stores). Oh Well, I have Terra Verde and Bruce has said he will get Asia Ascendant is some form. So I am content.
  10. I own every Trinity, Aberrant, and Adventure book produced. Still on the lookout for some Trinity Dice (own the Aberrant ones). I never bought Battleground or the figures, but thats because I got into Aeon just as Battleground was dying its horrible death. I have never been a big fan of minature-based games myself, so I didn't miss it much.
  11. If we were to see more books for Adventure, he is what I would like them to concider: Splat-Books: Not for the factions but the types of Inspired. One for Daredevils, Mesmerists, and Stalwarts. A look at both what it means to be that kind of Inspired. Book of Organizations: Some more factions and allegiances, plus a more detailed look at established ones. Would include some of the organizations that have appeared in other books (such as the Hellfire Club in Trinity PG) that are supposed to exist in 1920's but didn't make it into the main book. Book of Knacks and Gadgets: One half (or maybe third) would be a truckload of Knacks for the Inspired, the other half would be ready-made gadgets from the mild to the wild. The Worldbook - A book on hotspots from around the world, with a focus on both the mundane and the fantastic, the fact-tional with the fictional. The Aeon Society - More of Trinity-Aberrant-Adventure book, This would be the definative look at the Aeon Society from 1924 to 2121. It would also attempt to reconcile Aeon of the late 20th century with that of the early 20'th Century and the 22nd Century. The Plotbook - There are a great number of cool stories, plot hooks, etc. in the main Adventure book. I'd like to see more of that. Kay, this is my wish list. Anyone else? :Thumbs Up
  12. I see it not as a snubbing of Aeonverse fans purposely, but the result of two things... 1. White Wolf has gotten too big. Gone are the days of crude desktop publishing by a bunch of people who wanted to create a story-driven game that the "big boys" weren't making at the time. Now they are one of the big boys and the shoe is on the other foot. While the product looks better (and generally is better all around), WW has a high expecation of sales. Much higher than a vast majority of the publishers out there (save the "Big Five" publishers/licensers). Unfortunately us fans of the non-cash cows are left out in the cold. 2. Arthaus is a failure. I don't know if the concept or process was flawed, or if it was mismanagement, but Arthaus has failed miserably. I suspect management issues here - how can they sell out Aurora Australis and still not make a profit on the book? How can a good deal of Mage: SC and Changling books sell out and they are reduced to selling ebooks? Truly either the whole thing was either futile from the start or whoever runs Arthaus has a lot to answer for. The result of all this for me has been... 1. I have become an even more die-hard fan (if that is possible) of the Continuum. Anything they put out I will buy. Since its come right down to us the fans to keep sales alive in order to get AsAs to our doors after TeVe. 2. Backing off from other WW games. I have no urge to support the cashcow games from WW. I may buy Exalted, only because it is closer to Aeon than WoD (I mean the system is almost the same and it shares a very Cinematic feel). This all may change... but right now I am not interested in any of the other RPGs.
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