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  1. Well mine is we where playing AD&D (leave off Admin). We where in Underdark, any way we had just discovered that our guide was a doppleganger I managed to catch him behind some caravans when the rest of the party had turned up by that time he had managed to change him self into me. So there's me the gamer looking with my minds eye at the scene and wht shoul slip past my mind past the censorship mode and idiot statment control "Do I know which one I am?" :Blush So Any one else have a similar problem
  2. Now at last we see what was going on in his head sort of trimed down for D20 format but still workable with a few modifications
  3. WOLVERINE 1. Claws (Adamantium then Bone and back to Adamantium) 2. Regeneration on a fast scale and always on 3. Enhanced Sense of smell (Nose, not him) & Hearing 4. Fast Agile & Strong Aberant conversion 1. Claws 2. Mega Stamina with the regeneration enhancment or a power to mimic it although a piont or 2 in mega stamina, he is a tough little dude 3. Mega Perception with Bloodhound and Hyper Enhanced hearing 4. And a couple of Dots in Mega Dex and Mega Strength He also needs to spend some on his martial arts skills and Japanese family background and a lot on Cipher as he was a secret agent at one point :Yin Yang
  4. Ok My favorite superhero Has got to be Wolverine with Gambit coming in a close second. :cool
  5. Ah The flying Boulder i remember him well. No take on a certain WWF wrestler ,staring in a god awful film, then? :Devil :cool
  6. So snr Mal give us your take on batman for abberant?
  7. "I think we should leave now and follow the suit when he leaves?" "Robin you could probably do a better job than me or the doc, if you get my meaning." With that said Godfrey ups and leaves heading up to the pulse. With a glance back hoping the other 2 are leaving as well.
  8. I would like to know which superhero is a favorite of people? :colgate And could peolple give them a new take to be used in any superhero games? Would you play them as cynical with the new world (Batman), optmistic (Superman) or you own views on this subject?
  9. What was looking like a fairly decent meal has now become a bit flavorless with the arrival of the sniffer and of course the doc. Godfrey puts down whats left of his meal. "Hi Doc." He wispers "You seen who has just walked in? I think we should keep an eye on the guy in the suit A is talking to."
  10. Bikinis in Free Hawaii will be optional as we would like to get back to the old traditional ways of greeting guests to my.. i mean... our island.
  11. Godfrey decides to catch a game and a proper meal before heading up to the Pulse. He surveys the clients of The Abberanrt Bar and Grill to see if anyone he knows is in. As he orders for Jake a burger with all the trimings, but no tail he had enough of that Down Below. With a sigh he seems to relax but always has an eye on the door.
  12. Yep i remeber Tragic: The Saddening Of course i still got my Vamp deck Found it the other day when cleaning up. Baaa
  13. yep dead dragons after the rest of the people hacked it to bit this little dart is the last straw that broke the dragons back. It went to #### completley ashamed! :colgate
  14. 1??? What ever happenedd to starting out at the bottom and working your way up. Actually Uncle Mal A YOUNG woman would like to know how you would feel about the setting up of a freedom group say... Free Hawaii this is just an example. She would just like to know if this would be steping on anyones toes who have similar feelings?
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