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  1. over the four or so years i ahve played trinity and the 11 years i have role played, i have never enjoyed a role playing campaign like the trinity campaign one's i thought they was well thought out and well planned and well Gmed by Chris and i will never forget them games ever and my close friend chris so i hope that when i go in a couple of weeks that they will still think of me screwing up when i was not mean't to or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time that sort of thing! Chris you are one of my closest friends and i thank you for letting me be apart of the great games we have played, trinity, werewolf, vampire, end game, whistler, ad&d and many more its been fun and i hope i still get an invite back every now and again. ::smiley5
  2. well we played the first part of the last book (two parter) and it sucks big time, not the the adventure just that you get done over good by the chen (slimey slugs!!!!) and aeon they don't help either and we are now starting the second part and i think we wont be finishing it the adventure will ::cry
  3. from what i have seen of the book its going to be fab and a must have to the collection (just a pity about the norca and the telepaths book not coming out in book form, have to get folders) chambo :baaa
  4. no mate i don't have a clue how nasty the last set of books are!!! but i sure am going to write about it lol, :baaa
  5. WE SHALL SEE MATE!!!!!!!!! so it has come to this tiem again, get old now (i should know i am older) but they say you get wiser with age so how wise can this man get?????? happy birthday matey. :thumbs-up
  6. hi everyone i will be updating this as we go along, for those of you who want to know, how we are doing in the game. this is the last part of the trinity adventures which the writers have done and up until now have been very good so fingers crossed these wont fail either.
  7. i tried to run an adventure game for admin, mal and overs but i think because of the laps of understanding the rules i diidn't have a chance and people didn't take it seriously so i got fustrated and called it quits. if there is a next time i will be prepared (hopefully) :dontgetit
  8. from what i read of it it was really good and tells you stuff which has been left unanswered so buy it. (we want the telepaths book to come out to).
  9. i could of but i wanted to make sure that i knew where it is before i searched the whole site and couldn't find them.
  10. hi i was wondering if there is a web site where i can get the character sheet for adventure from, does white wolfs web site have it please. ???
  11. at the end of the day i do it because it will make people laugh and have a good time
  12. (julian gets up from the table and leaves after robin does)and goes after robin. "robin do we start to worry what A is up to and if so should we get the troops together and do some plotting of our own?" :lookaround
  13. yes i remeber that well, great game shame about the players. :sneaky2
  14. i must admit wolverine was really a cool character out of X-men the movie can't wait till the second one is done. :colgate
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