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  1. ::dry So new and already on thin ice monkey ::sly ::malrules ::malrules ::malrules ::malrules ::malrules ::malrules
  2. Upon the approach to the body of the fallen God the hunters are taken completely by surprise as Mal rises his mouth wide, it is now clear to all that this is an icredibly complex robot. Issuing forth from its gaping maw music pours, followed by singing ::music, "I hate every chimp I see, from chimpan A to chimpan Z, oh you'll never make a monkey out of me!"... In a cavernous lair, somewhere in the world, a lone figure, God like in stature and poise with an undefineable air of grace and power sits in front of a bank of monitors viewing the above scene with an almost palpable sense of amusement. "A monkey is stupid... a group of them are just TOO easy" ::devil
  3. Pssst! Quickly son, this way ::sneaky2 ::Sticks false moustache on Pax::
  4. Yeah, she did that to me once, it was quite an experience I can tell you ::blush ::lookaround
  5. Ok no problem, lesson 2 from the b*stard ST's handbook: Fudge the rules. If memory serves me correctly a lot of the telepathy powers require the expenditure of willpower to activate, this puts an immediate limit on the amount of scans that the character can perform, so point out that they really should pick carefully who they're doing it to. If you still think they'll do it too much up the costs so that all the powers cost willpower to use, you can use the excuse it harder for them as they're relatively new to it. If you don't want to be messing around with the rules for fear of the player saying thats unfair (I'd advocate hanging the offending person, telling a ST what to do, whatever next ::sly ) then use the setting to aid you. In most countries use of a telepathic scan (or other psi powers for that matter) are illegal if performed on just anyone. remind the players of this. If they continue to do it have the local law turn up, just because they're psions does not mean they're unaccountable for their actions. Hope that Helps Mal ::malrules
  6. Its not about good and evil! (I love starting these things with a dramatic statement) For me the games released by White Wolf (and many other games companies) are not 'cashing in' on the new trend to release 'evil' products. In many ways White Wolf was responsible for starting the trend. Vampire: The Masquerade's premise from the word go was to allow players to experience a darker side of themselves (a side that in all honesty all humanity has) in a, supposedly, safe environment (that of a game). We live in a society where the anti-hero is now the norm not the exception, unfortunately, it appeals more to be 'evil' than it does to be the 'boring' good guys. "Evil has more fun" and all that. In truth its easy to be evil, to play a fascinating, intelligent 'good' character takes an awful lot more effort than it did way back when all you had to do was pick the Paladin class and stick to the laws of the land. Lets be honest for those of you who play Vampire how many actually worry about those humanity points? Whose more concerned with disciplines and blood pool in order to smite their enemies... whoever they may be? and thats why more and more products come out based on the subject, its true what Dr Arbiitrary says, the demand is there. However, I think the content is also there, it'd just be nice to see some good guy material that has a modicum of content to it also Mal ::devilangel (in a surprisingly serious state of mind)
  7. ::priest (swells with pride) Thats my boy!
  8. High atop a huge ventilation shaft two figures are locked in mortal combat. Mal: Stand with me and (deep breathing) we can end the monkeys constant chattering. Pax: I'll never join you. Mal: Harlequin never told (deeper breathing) you what happened to your father. Pax: She told me enough, she told me you killed him. Mal: No... I am your father. Pax: NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Mal: Join with me and together we will rule as father and son, you can defeat Chill, he has forseen it. ::robotmonkey
  9. ::eh Okay this is starting to get a little weird I'm reading it for the seventh time as well at the minute... ::crazy What if he's my love child?!? I knew all that loose lovin' in the 60's would get me into trouble eventually ???
  10. hmmm.... RPG: I'll go with Wraith: The Great War. One hell of a setting and I still haven't completely figured out the perception of the world(s), its one to puzzle over and contemplate. Book: Joseph Heller's Catch 22, theres a horrible truth to it thats both hilarious and horrible. Album: Hmmmm... tricky one this, although as its a desert island I'll go with the very best of Stevie Wonder ::malrules
  11. ::eh Brother or not, you really should know where a supository is supposed to go pimp ::devil
  12. ::eh Never a taker! and you remember that regardless of what is written about me in certain books ::lookaround
  13. ::eh brother?! ::huh Redcap? ::lookaround Perhaps its the hair?
  14. ::sly (cracks knuckles) right, I wasn't going to dignify this thread with my presence but nobody, and I mean NOBODY calls me In answer to your question monkey I come in, go out and hang in the middle anywhere I please ::priest . Furthermore I am as far removed from being a regular person on these boards as you monkeys are from being purveyors of intelligent conversation. And finally, admin monkey, I meet and greet who I want, if you want the job as my P.A please go through the proper channels and apply through the Cult, you seem pretty qualified so I'll probably look at your C.V if you send it in ::devil ::whatsthat Honestly the youth of today, don't even know who there God is... mutter grumble... no respect... grumble mutter
  15. Your supplicance is welcome Pimp and just to show that I'm a giving ruler here have one on me ::withbeer and welcome aboard.
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