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  1. "Understood. I shall concentrate on the bow. I will hit and run, attempting to draw its attention. Inform me when you are ready - and be quick. It knows it is not alone now." Vanguard took the tiny pendant off of her necklace, and with a twist, it unfolded with the sound of grinding gears into a chakram full of spinning, razor-edge teeth.
  2. Vanguard paused. She was uncomfortable allowing something else to be the first to draw enemy blood - but she also saw many upsides and no downside to the proposal. "Very well. Once we are all ready, send it in to attack."
  3. "Obviously, isolating it from citizenry is top priority. Beyond that I would say not giving it room to maneuver, but that may not be an option. I have not faced a beast like this before."
  4. "Hideous," said the Exalted to herself. She made her way carefully back to the rest of the group, and relayed what she saw. "This thing is an abomination and a perversion of all that the World is. We should strike while we have the opportunity."
  5. "Strategic Initiative Director, you are programmed to effectively coordinate large numbers of people. What would be your recommendation?"
  6. "If you are close enough to cut it, why not simply kill it?" Vanguard shrugs. "But well enough. I shall get as close as I dare and bring back any possessions I can find. I have not installed my armor systems, so I shall have to be cautious." Tiny lenses opened all over Vanguard's body, ready to bend the light and render her invisible.
  7. Vanguard bristled slightly at the news. "An abomination. You were right to tell us. I can scout ahead, and learn more."
  8. "We were created to safeguard Loran. It is what we were built to do. Tell us what you know, of the dangers stirring nearby. We shall seek them out - together, if need be, for what more auspicious beginning could there be for our two peoples?" Vanguard wanted to drown them in questions, but needless pestering was not how an Exalted was to act.
  9. Originally Posted By: OOCNo stealth here. As was her design and her wont, Vanguard was in first. She emerged from one of the corridors into the clearing, lights glimmering off her silvery body. She was a humanoid woman made entirely of silver - with parts grafted onto her arms and legs and back, thick armor and turbines and stabilizing wings. She bit down on her eagerness, not wishing to rush in - so she went to greet them at a light jog. As she approached, the parts retracted, collapsing in on themselves and fitting behind seamless fold-over panels in her body. By the time she reached the group, there was no sign of them. The Exalts might recognize the substance the woman was made out of: moonsilver. She didn't seem to move like a person did, so much as flow into a new pose like water into a jug. She bowed her head for a moment. "I am the Vanguard of Many Honoured Footsteps. Do you speak our language?"
  10. Upon hearing of human Exalted, Vana wasted no time, mapping out the area and using her advanced speed and maneuverability to look for them. She knocked on dozens of doors, asked hundreds of questions, and chased rumors to their bitter end. The notion of a human Exalted was intriguing. There were limitations on the number of Exalted the cities could create - the Five Magical Materials were not in common supply. But if there was a means for people to serve Loran without the expense of creating a new body out of such valuable materials, then there could be more Exalted, and perhaps one day, there would be no line between citizen and Exalted. It was an appealing thought, enough to spur the quicksilver-like Exalted on what may be a fool's errand.
  11. Once the enemies of Loran are routed, Vanguard settles down. She goes exploring into the oil seas, looking for deposits and minerals in the depths. Her exploration charms allow her to reach places a larger diver could not reach, and the resource stores of Loran are bolstered as a result. Asides from exploration, the Vanguard of Many Honoured Footsteps finds herself taking more to martial arts than to dedicated, disruptive combat modifications. The one exception she makes is for a jet pack that allows her to fly, because, in her own words, it is a jet pack that allows her to fly. Upon learning of the notion that there are mortal Exalted - gifted with the power of Essence but without their artificial bodies - it takes no small amount of restraint not to simply fly out there immediately to meet them. Instead, she merely hints, loudly, that perhaps it would be a good idea for her to head into the reaches to meet them.
  12. Updated for March 26th, 2011. I can't seem to edit the original post. Character Sheet Click to reveal.. Charms: 6 General Slots, 4 Dedicated Slots Excellencies: - First Dexterity Augmentation: Essence Optimized - Fourth Stamina Augmentation: Essence Integrated Survival - Subcutaneous Armor Plating x2 Stealth & Disguise: - Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier - Husk-Sculpting Apparatus - Optical Shroud - Aura Dampening Component Speed & Mobility - Fluidic Impeller Drive - Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus - Parabolic Leap Overcharger Device - Plasma Thruster Assembly Permanent Installations - Perfected Lotus Matrix Martial Arts Charms: - The Circle Screams - Gear Catches Gear Defense - Thousand Wounds Gear Form - Rearing Crane Release Code: Source Rank Gain/Spent Balance Backstory - +4 4 Picture - +1 5 Weekly XP [8/22/10-8/28/10] - +2 7 XP for August - +8 15 XP For Sept/Oct - +8 23 XP for Stunt (Dec. 8 2010) - +2 25 XP for December - +12 37 XP For January - +8 45 (Jan 29/11) General Charm Slot - -6 39 XP For February - +8 47 XP for Chapter Completion - +10 57 (March 26 Upgrades) Essence 3 (from 2) 3 -18 39 Rearing Crane Release - -11 28 Plasmas Thruster Assembly - -6 22 General Charm Slot - -6 16 STR 4 (from 3) 4 -12 4 Travel Efficiency Upgrade - -2 2 (for Plasma Thruster) (end of March 26 upgrades)
  13. Thanks, Krul. Second question: am I misreading things, or is the gyroscopic chakram actually less fast, with a lower flurry rate, than its mundane cousins?
  14. How much would it cost, and how much time would it take, to get Vanguard's STR from 3 to 4?
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