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  1. Type: Unearthed Arcana Author: Dan Dillon, with Jeremy Crawford, Ben Petrisor, Taymoor Rehman, and James Wyatt Subtitle: Unearthed Arcana 2020 Banner: Text: Empowered by dragons, two subclasses land in today’s Unearthed Arcana: the Way of the Ascendant Dragon for monks and the Drakewarden for rangers. You can find them in the PDF below. We’ll release a survey soon to find out what you think of them! This Is Playtest Content The material in Unearthed Arcana is presented for playtesting and to spark your imagination. These game mechanics are in draft form, usable in your D&D campaign but not refined by final game development. They are not officially part of the game. For these reasons, material in this column is not legal in D&D Adventurers League events. Material Publication date: 10/26/2020 Tags: Unearthed Arcana external_urls: External url: https://media.wizards.com/2020/dnd/downloads/UA2020_102620_Subclasses05.pdf External url description: UNEARTHED ARCANA: Subclasses, Part 5 Texture banner: Show Black text:
  2. This entry was Fucking Awesome. I started reading through the journal after the fact, but I am really fucking glad I did. Amazing ending to an otherwise shitty life. Bra-fucking-vo.
  3. Wow, what the fuck can I say about that? I'll give you some credit though. I never thought anyone could make me want to see Machina on here again. But I just can't find the words and I'm sure that he could adequately sum everything up very nicely.
  4. Wow, were you hiding behind the cobwebs or did my presence here alert you? Will we attract others or will they stay away? How is Stormwarden?
  5. I was always very interested in the possibilities that this site had to offer. Unfortunately is was to posers what Santa Clara was to vampires in the 80s. I hope many of those that once frequented have met their maker. Hopefully I was responsible for a few of them, even if I didn't know their connection to this place. But now that the activity has died down I can finally see the possibilities for my amusement here. At last, this place if finally a gem worthy of Solitaire.
  6. Solitaire

    [OpNet] WTF?!

    So much fodder, so little time. I'll try to address as many points as I can, but I have a date to catch and don't want to spoil things by being late. First off, the difference between myself and the rest of you idiots is that I don't care if you agree with me or not. I'm not trying to promote some new propaganda, or to rally people to my cause. I already know that most people are happy living their sheltered little lives and don't want to achieve any measure of greatness. Even the mighty Teragen haven't achieved what I would consider any success. Jager, thank you for studying my countermeasures. When I am finished with this, I will go back over them and look for possible weaknesses. The only flaw that I can see up to this point is my coming forth in a public place, which I have never done before. I live in world of lies and deceit, where the only way to stay safe is to live in shadow, only committing to half-truths. You have only seen what I have let you see, which is far from my reality. And once this is over, I will disappear back into that familiar darkness. I may reemerge at some future point, but it will be under a new guise. The chance you have to be safe from me is to question and doubt everyone that will ever come into your life. Endeavor, society will see me as they see fit. All great artists have been misunderstood and underappreciated during their lives. I expect that it will be some time before people begin to understand my true motivations and the benefits that I have made for the world. ronin, thank you for the level of respect that you have shown me. Don't worry; pissing people off is only part of my plan. First they must hate me. Then they will learn to fear me. My time here is done. And remember, when this is all over, that I did give Endeavor a choice.
  7. Solitaire

    [OpNet] WTF?!

    Sandy, many have confused intelligence and cowardice in terms of combat strategy. There is an intrinsic order to the universe, and we all have our spot in it. If someone feels that they are better than I am, or lie somewhere below and feel they can improve their situation, and then by all means, come for me. I am comfortable saying that because I have taken measures and countermeasures to insure my life. My problem with TUM TUM isn't simply because of his intelligence, per se, but his ability to pass that level of intelligence on to the next generation. I don't want to live in a world filled with inferior beings, which is why I do what I do. Countless people die every day. Many dying before they have had a chance to live any of their dreams, or to accomplish what they had set out to do in life. Some of those people are viewed as being incredibly brave people that died trying to help the weak and the less capable. Well I for one thing that is a load shit. Anyone that associated, not to mention risking his or her life for someone of a lower station, automatically assumes that station in life. Being a nova is of no value, unless you are willing to do something with the powers that you have been given. All of the Utopians are wasting their time tending the herd, instead of their stated calling of "Guiding Humanity to a Better Tomorrow." To me, bravery is choosing a road that people are afraid to walk and proudly strolling down that road. Because of my beliefs, I have had to take the road alone. I would have considered joining forces with members of the Teragen, but their petty mindedness and inability to make any real difference shows their weakness. I didn't have a problem with the freak until he came in and started talking about all this where are the women crap. I have no problem with the guy, provided that he wants to live alone in a cave for the rest of his years. But the second he attempts to procreate, then I feel that I have to do something about it. It is my duty to ensure that only the strong and the mentally fit survive and are capable of breeding. I want to build a tomorrow filled with people of intelligence, who can actually make this shithole a worthwhile place to live. And TUM TUM is undermining that dream. So to be fair, I’ll give one person here a chance to save the losers life, at least for a while at least. So if you want TUM TUM to live, then all Endeavor has to do is tell him that she won’t meet with him. It’s as simple as that. I leave his life in your hands, Sakurako.
  8. Solitaire

    [OpNet] WTF?!

    Warlock, I created this public persona because I only work alone, and when I am on a job I enjoy playing with my mark a while before I take care of business. My motto is "All work and no plays makes for a boring day." I find solace in the fact that there are others out there, like ronin, that share my viewpoint on TUM TUM. I often feel that I am unto you, what you are unto baselines. Many of us have been blessed with a superior intellect, which apparently we waste away on the intrigue of the village idiot. ronin, if at any point in time I decide to join forces with like minded individuals, I would place you on the top of my list of people that I would contact. Your voice is refreshing amongst the chatter from the flock.
  9. I'm quaking in my boots here Sandy. Don't worry, I've made a living out of staying isolated, with people only knowing that I exist for a few brief seconds. When I come out for TUM TUM, no one will see or hear from me again for a long time. Hell, the only reason that I spoke up at all here is because I don't want to feel sorry about this. I mean, for all I knew this was a mentally handicapped person pretending that they were a nova. And the last thing I want on my conscience is to have stalked and killed a retard. But enough about me, lets get to the important stuff. Was that someone that looked like you, or you when you didn't know you were being filmed? And what did you say the name of that film was?
  10. Listen up TUM TUM, you ignorant piece of shit. Things were going ok around here before you made a big stink trying to get all the whores of this place. If you want to live until your next meal, I advise you to find a new field to feed in, cause I've had all I can take from you jackass. Enjoy your last meal, for Solitaire is coming for you.
  11. ronin, you are preaching to the choir. Maybe I'll get a three year old to come in and talk to all the bit.., I mean lovely ladies, cause apparently that's what they like. Mark my words, TUM TUM will not be around for long, cause I'm gonna be all Roy Scheider on his great white ass.
  12. This message is about men, really skinny gay men. It didn't take any effort to figure out this jackass is a complete idiot. That was obvious before I even opened the thread. Besides, I insulted him properly, which was behind his back. I have happily lurked here for years, enjoying the commentary while I scouting for new marks, but this guy just gets on my nerves. All of the shouting is making my ears ring. So let me ask another question. Is there a reason why none of the patrons of this site have taken the idiot out yet? I saw where he was on here about a year ago, but thankfully he decided to go elsewhere. Does he have connections with someone of great power? What is keeping him alive? Cause if there is no good reason, I may have to take care of things myself.
  13. This message has absolutely nothing to do with women or food. If you are interested in women or food, don't waste your time reading this message. Widget, are you friends with the names that you are dropping in this thread? Just curious, cause I don't think they will be happy when they find out that you are offering to pimp them out to this imbecile? Who the hell is dumn dumn anyway? Is this a kid or someone that I should actually be afraid of?
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