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  1. "Perhaps a heating system once begun would also be in order." She spoke aloud, which had Evelin nodding, and a shrug from Julian. "It did get really hot in the desert, from boiling to freezing, I suppose it's from one difficult location to another." "Well, I considered the moon, but that had it's own problems, maybe in the future something off planet, but for now, I think this will do. Let's draw up some plans first, while I see what I need to expand in the cave."
  2. "Of course." Both of them had responded well to the superhuman beauty and charisma of the young terat. "Come then, let's see to it, not every nova is perfectly adapted to the extreme cold however, I suspect we'll need to do a good bit of work to make the place hospitable to most nova's." With that, she reached out and touched each of them, and one at a time, transported them to the location she'd chosen. Evelin shivered, and then stopped as she began to surround herself in an aura of heat, though it caused the snow around her to melt .. "It's too cold here, Terra, it's a good thing I can produce heat if I need too. " She glances over at Julian a moment. "I am fine, Eve, I can barely notice the cold, unless I think about it." Terra glanced at them a moment, then back at the side of the mountain covered in ice. "Here we are.. I think, inside the cave there should do."
  3. When she had returned, she gathered together the terats who had begun to gather around her particular personality, attracted by her beauty and her charisma, as well as a few who had been attracted by her actions and words so far were present. "Ok, I've found a place that is prefect, we can easily keep it a nova's only location, but it is very cold, not a problem for me, but it would be a problem for some of us, so I'll need someone to work with me on design, Julian and Evelin, you have experience in the areas needed, so I'd like your help." Julian had worked in construction before he erupted, he was very physically capable, and was a qualified engineer. Evelin was a physicist and interior designer, not to mention, incredibly bright, super-humanly so, so she thought both of them would be prefect. Click to reveal.. Sense I know she's begun to gather folks around her, they should be terats, and any nova is very capable, but I expect not more then a few, I figure most of them are about 30 nova points, and fairly new terats at this point.
  4. Of course, even in constant sunlight, Antarctica was cold, but she didn't really notice that at all. Moving though the mountains, like a young girl who was playing at skip, she jumped from location, to location, until she finally found a promising spot. A bit of a valley within the mountain range, by her judgment, baseline humans wouldn't be able to come here at all, at least, not without a lot of difficulty. It would take someone who could fly, there wasn't enough room for a airplane, and the winds in the area seemed bad enough that even a helicopter would have trouble. "Perfect." She both thought and said aloud, then she jumped back to the desert location to gather the others.
  5. With nothing more then a thought, Terra was walking along the snow covered surface of Antarctica, and taking in the stark beauty of the land. As she walked, she left footprints in the snow behind her, even as her body adapted to the extreme cold, and a soft coat of luxurious fur covered her skin. It wasn't really noticeable, except up close, one would have to be standing right next to her to even see any sign of it, and to touch her to actually be sure. Terra herself didn't even think about it, she was far more concerned about finding the right spot. At the moment, she was was walking along the Transatlantic mountains, teleporting, actually was more like it.. jumping from spot to spot for a look, allowing her to study a location, walk around a bit, then move on. The seasons in this part of the world were reversed, and as such, in February, it was summer, though sense this was so far south, all that meant was close to 24 hours of sunlight.
  6. Time/Space Local: February 10, 2010, Sahara Reality: Terra One The day after her short battle, Revelation looked over the palace of crystal she had made, and decided it was time to move. As she moved though the shattered crystal she picked up some of the broken crystals from the battle, and held them in her hand a moment, before letting them spill back out of her hand. Even as she did, one of the nova's who'd gathered around her spoke up. "So, what now?" "Now, I am going to move, I think Antarctica might work this time." "Your just going to retreat?" "Of course not, I won this round, but I am thinking I prefer any future assaults to be on ground that costs them a bit more to reach. Besides, I never was entirely happy with the work I did here, I have thought it could be better for a while... perhaps something more collective, maybe we should all work together to build it." The other nova cheered up considerably at that particular thought. "That could be cool, so your thinking of somewhere in Antarctica?" "For now at least, someplace harder for enemies to reach, but open to friends."
  7. Drawing upon considerable strength of will, the leader of the group stood up, and looked from his people back to her, shinning in the air and he shook his head. The task he had been given was suddenly rendered impossible, he couldn't even bring himself to insult the woman who was floating in the air before him. Additionally, the broad level of her powers, and the shear amount of damage she had done in a few moments made it clear that they were completely out of their league. But then, at the moment, he wondered what was really known about her, and he looked up at her again. "We're going, you clearly have us outmatched.. but if I might ask.. who the heck are you, to simply appear on the scene and suddenly be so powerful.. " At least, he could possibly clear up the matter with his superiors somewhat, perhaps? She smiled, then walked though the air over to him, and put a hand on his cheek in a friendly manner. "If you need an identifier, more then what you already have, in the ways that matter most, I am the daughter of Divis Mal and Scripture.. that's all you really need to know." It wasn't really exactly the answer he was looking for, but it was an answer, if a rather ambiguous one that only made things more confusing and that would worry his superiors all the more. With those words from her, and a slight gesture, he gathered up his team and departed, leaving her a damaged palace of rooms of shattered glass.
  8. "Synergy.. stop her!" The Team leader called out, making use of his razor shape quick wits to act quickly, and the other woman prepared her own attack, seeking to stop terra.. unfortunately for them, Terra quickly identified what she was about to do, due to incredibly quick wits and her natural foresight capability, and Terra was already accelerated, she had several actions to most of their singular actions. The exception was Synergy, as a Swift, with incredible quick wits, she could act very quickly, and with incredible agility. She could tell that Sharia had the power to block powers, but the girl wasn't going to be able to act just yet, Synergy was a bigger thread. "Synergy.. FREEZE, DO NOT MOVE." Her voice washed over everyone present, and in that instant all of them felt the power of it, but it passed them over and almost seemed to phyically strike the woman know as Synergy, who froze. "I think, it's time I demonstrated how out and impossible your task is here.. I've opened up things a bit.. but now.." She spoke in that impossibly beautiful voice, as she rose up into the middle of the air, floating there, and she activated the full measure of her incredible beauty. In that instant, her beauty became enhanced even further, beyond the norm, if they hadn't been who they were, her opponents would have come to regard her as divine. As it was, suddenly non of them could muster up the strength of will to actually attack someone this gloriously beautiful. With deep sadness in her voice "Either go back to your masters, and tell them the task you were given is not within your capabilities... or stay and embrace true freedom, as nova's, that is your birthright."
  9. "So be it then, if.. Jason, why are you facing away from her?" Their leader turned to one of their own for a moment, though not letting her out of his sight. Rather then making any move of her own, she put her hands on her hips and waited. "She's naked, sir, its.. its... well it's just improper.. " At that, Terra shook her head slightly. "Bound up in baseline ideas still." Then she sighed. "I suppose I should not expect anything less from utopia." The leader gave her momentary look, she seemed so confident that it worried him. "Jason, I'm ordering you to either turn around and ignore your impropriaties for the moment. Sharia, what do you see when you look at her?" The woman wearing a T2M suit on his left shook her head slightly, her face somewhat worried. "Power, she holds an enormous about of power, I see no real limits about her." "Are you done?" Terra replied and she held out one hand, as she began to gather her reserves of quantum energy. "Because if your going to take this long.. I'm going to act." With that, time contracted around her, and suddenly she began to move with incredible speeds. While they were still trying to react to her sudden acceleration, the space around her contracted, as she pulled and then unleashed it like a rubber band.. as it expanded out from her, crystal shattered and the entire team attempted to bring up their various defenses as quickly as possible.
  10. As they arrived, through a warp in space, she was ready a moment before they arrived, sensing the warp and the change in the space-time around her. "Excuse me a moment, if you would wait outside, I appear to have a few univited guests I must deal with." With that, she vanished to reappear at the location the five novas were exiting from. "Interesting, I suppose you folks are here to take me in? Are you certain that you can? Or that it's nessary?" Having lost the element of suprise, the startled nova's look to thier leader. Non of them appeared to be all that old, maybe just out of thier teens or in thier early 20s at best. "We are under orders to so, so will you come quietly, or resist?" "Orders?" She responded with considerable distaste, as she considered each of the five nova's present. "You may as well make your attempt, because I will not be coming quietly..."
  11. Time/Space Local: February 9, 2010, Sahara Reality: Terra One As she spent time speaking with a few Terat's who had chosen to follow her ideas, or were curious about them over the last few days, after her actions in Tampa, she'd gotten a lot more interest. Enough that some people within Teragen were listening to her a lot closer now, and she made herself available to speak with those within her own faction who were drawn to her philosophy. Including the ones who had more or less embraced it after her speech a few weeks ago, but were easily persuaded one way or another, those she attempted to shore up their confidence and certainty. It was, however, midday when Utopia's particular move against her was finally made, they had taken the time to gather a small group of novas who they thought would be able to bring her in. They planed to charge her with breaking the laws of Tampa, resisting arrest, and endangering the public, as well as charging her for building without a permit. Doing this would allow them to imprison and study her, or at least, they thought it would. Unfortunately for them, they didn't know her full power, and had made several very hasty decisions. So when the five nova's who broke though the glass of her palace made their way into her domain, she was far more prepared for them then expected.
  12. "Well, if your a sovereign nation in and of yourself.." The Mayor began to respond. "You are bound by another nations laws, at least with respect to interacting with them, unless you are at a state of war, or refuse to acknowledge other nations?" She shook her head again. "As a nova, I am bound to no laws or nation, all nations and laws that exist at this time are baseline laws, and corrupt ones at that. And interplay of money and power, where the wealthy rule over the poor, and work to maintain this power. Nations, religions and society exist today, to build up the wealthy and keep them strong. Nova's exist outside this paradigm, and as such they attempt to use such agencies as the Directive and Utopia to control such beings." "Teragen rejects such controls, and the Heralds, who I speak for, call our people, nova's out of this corrupt system, to embrace a moral and spiritual dimension beyond baseline mores. Seek moral expression, not obedience to baseline laws or views, be personally responsible, rather then relying on a government or organization to tell you what to do." "Wait, first you say you are a nation in and of yourself.. " She cuts him off. "No, I didn't claim that, I simply claimed that your nation has no more power over me then one nation can command another upon it's own soil. It would be as if the United States told England how to govern London. But even that point is a flawed one, perhaps it should be more explained this way, it would be as if a wolf tried to tell a pride of lions what to do... I do not acknowledge baseline law as having any hold over me, anymore then the lions would pay any attention to the wolf." The mayor raised an eyebrow slight, and folded his hands. "I see, well, perhaps I should simply hear what you have to say, and be done with it." "First, it is a pleasure to meet a fellow nova, and to welcome you to the fold of novas, I hope that we walk in the same circles someday. Second, to make my point, Mayor.. you have no power over me, you can not even enforce your own statement regarding committing the crime and doing the time, with regards to me. Your statement was one of political calculation, not one that matches up with reality as it is, and with the death of Geryon it becomes a worldwide statement, I am now making a counter statement to yours. Or perhaps it was not yours, but more the statement Utopia was trying to make, I would counter that one instead. I am Revelation, and I would reveal a different truth then the one you or they have attempted to propagate." With that she turned to leave, as the Mayor began to stand up and follow her out, wondering what she was going to do now. Once outside, she spoke out in a loud voice, as the cameras turned to face her. "People of the world, I am Revelation of Teragen, and I come to bring a message to my fellow Novas. Teragen does not acknowledge any baseline laws or society, do not acknowledge novas are bound by your limits, or any limits other then our own personal responsibility and morals we have taken upon ourselves. When Novas and baselines interact too closely, tragedy occurs, I challenge every Nova to stand apart from baseline society, to make their own choices, not to be slaves to corrupt baseline rules and society." With that, she vanished, leaving the city and Mayor to decide what to do with regards to this latest event.
  13. The Mayor gazed at her for a moment, then shook his head slightly. "If your not willing to respect this cities laws, I don't see what we have to talk about. It's all well and good to talk about a moral stance, but if you refuse to follow or respect a societies laws, then you stand in opposition to that society. I am the Mayor of this town, sworn to uphold it's laws, I am part of this society and I choose to be so. I sort of like you, but I must remain true to my words, therefor, if you chose to refuse to follow them, you are choosing to stand in opposition to my position as Mayor." She shook her head slightly. "I am saying I do not acknowledge your rules and laws, much as England does not have to obey the laws of the United States. My authority reaches no further then where I can extend it, but where I walk, I walk in my own realm." He blinked. "You are claiming the status of a sovereign nation, in and of your own person? Isn't that a bit arrogant? To think that your will overrides the will of millions of others?" Again, she spoke up. "I don't override the will of anyone else, I simply do not allow their wills to override mine."
  14. She inclined her head slightly to one side as he responded to her words, not indicating agreement at at, but simply listening to him, then she followed him into his office, for a more private discussion. Once there, she continued to make her own point. "Unfortunately, I do not acknowledge your 'societies' laws or that it has any power or relevance with regards to me. Furthermore, I don't even acknowledge baseline laws at all as being relevant to me. I am free from such concerns, as I should be, as a nova, as the Manifesto declares." "I came here to see you, personally, as a brother nova, and to make a point. You can make whatever laws you like, but without being able to enforce them, you can't make anyone follow them. If I had my way, Geryon would never have approached you, instead I would have been here to speak with you." "Outside law, yes, outside morality, no. But then, few Terat's appear to understand the second part, they assume that being outside law means that they are able to do whatever they please, and follow any impulse. Geyron was unfortunately, one of the folks who embraced such total freedom, of course, even he had some limits, if he had known you were a nova, he wouldn't have tried to kill you."
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