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  1. Lien turned from the barricaded door back towards the creature, her gaze practically flaring with indignation. She dropper her hands to her sides, holding them out just slightly with the fingers spread slightly. A small, low slither of pink flame made it's way across the stone floor to encircle her before flaring to life in her defense. She could hear her brother shouting something at her from the other side of the dense ice, but it was muffled and hard to distinguish. "I don't know who you think you are - or more importantly, who you think I am.. but I can assure you, I know no one named Exorcist Wong. I am Lien Huo, heir to the Fire Nation, and you WILL step down immediately!" Click to reveal.. Activating Fire Ring - do I need to roll or spend something for that? Also, rolling for Intimidation as she speaks: 2d6 → [4,2] = (6) + 9 (Mind/Intimidation) = 15 http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2754135/ I think that's right Kult, let me know if I did anything wrong.
  2. Lien's gaze darted nervously around the room at the sounds of scratching as she sat bolt upright in bed. Her hand flicked up, a ball of flame appearing that cast a dim, pink glow about the room. As she watched the mist roll through the window, the flame disappeared, and the young heir to the Fire Kingdom's throne scrambled to hear feet and barely took the time to grab her pack before flinging herself at the door, jerking it open. Click to reveal.. Lien's Roll (Modified cause I didn't do it right the first time...)2d6 → [2,5] = (7) + 7 (Mind) = 14 http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2739916/
  3. Once Lan had left, the heir to the Fire Kingdom went through the same nighttime preparations as her brother, changing into the sleeping attire that had been provided, and washing up a bit. Unlike her brother, however, she didn't go to sleep right away. For awhile she paced nervously, trying to puzzle out the strange occurrences. Someone had left hot water and tea, and she brewed herself a cup and sipped it quietly as she mulled it over. Lien never slept well when something was bothering her, and even after she'd finished the tea and made her way into the warm bed, she lay staring restlessly at the ceiling, knowing sleep was probably still a long way off...
  4. After investigating both of their rooms together and finding nothing unusual, Lan and Lien stood together for a few minutes mulling the situation over. Finally she shook her head at her brother, looking annoyed at the situation. "There's nothing to be done about it. Using only one room of the two will either start unpleasant and disgusting rumors about our relationship, cause people to doubt the validity of who we really are, or cause offense to our hosts. This whole situation is unnerving, but unless you have any other ideas, I suppose we should just head to bed and hope nothing happens during the night. In the morning we can speak with the king's advisors, and then leave this place."
  5. Lien waited until the unsettling guide made his way out of the hall, and turned a corner. She glanced around nervously, watching for shadows or any other odd occurrences while murmuring quietly to Lan at the same time. Click to reveal.. Not sure what to roll for perception, Kult. Let me know and I'll do so."Tell me brother, does your initial impression unsettle you as much as it does me? I can't say I'm at all comfortable at being split up like this, considering the oddities we've experienced so far."
  6. The change in demeanor took Lien a bit off guard, but she did her best not to let it show. She thanked the Earth King graciously for his hospitality, watching his exchange with Liu Ten silently, and then glanced at her brother silently as she turned to follow him out of the room, indicating that Lan should so the same. This whole situation had her on edge - everything from the king's easily swayed demeanor to the mysterious shadow she had seen on the wall. She had come here expecting to confer with the Earth King's advisors, and instead they had encountered only strangeness. Suddenly she wished that she and Lan were back with the group of travelers they had encountered earlier in the night, planning a visit to the desert to search for the library of all knowledge, or whatever it was called. At least that had the potential to answer some of their questions. Right now.. they were only adding to their list.
  7. Lien shrugged slightly, realizing that she'd probably been a bit too obvious in her admiration, and that the young Earth King was probably interpreting her interest incorrectly. "It's different - no one expects an Earth Bender to fly. Float. Whatever you call what you're able to do. That's something that usually applies only to Air Bending.. or perhaps the occasional Fire Bender, who is able to propel themselves through the air using the momentum of their flames. Still, it is an impressive feat, your Highness. You honor your family and the Earth Kingdom with your abilities." As she spoke, her voice grew aloof and distant again, somehow managing to sound both completely respectful and distantly business-like, all at the same time. "I am most pleased that both you and my brother have had the opportunity to display your talents to each other, and to myself. Is there anything else you would like to speak of this evening, Your Highness? Or shall we all retire for the evening, so that we will be refreshed come morning for our discussion with the spiritual advisors?"
  8. Sorry about the delay, Kult. New job, sick cat, stuff's been kinda hectic. I'm getting caught up now.
  9. Lien watched the young monarch, unable to completely conceal her amazement behind a dignified veneer - though she did make the attempt, which at least kept her from gawking like a peasant. Her lips curved up at the corners in appreciation, and though her words were still those of a diplomat, she couldn't help her inflection sounding more like the impressed teenager she actually was. "That was quite extraordinary, your highness.. what is that ability called again? I've never seen anything like it.. it can't be traditional earth bending."
  10. Lien was caught somewhere between still being irritated, and fighting back a laugh. But dealing with the wounded pride of the ruler of the Earth Kingdom were he to (most likely) lose wasn't something they had time to deal with. Nor did Lien care to deal with the international incident that would arise were her brother to accidentally wound or kill the young king. And she could sense Lan's agitation at the situation, and knew that having him fight at the moment was probably a bad idea. Pulling his punches, per se, was something that her brother had learned to do.. but not something that came naturally to him. "Your Highness is quite kind to remark upon the Crown Prince's skill with bending. I'm sure he would be most happy to provide a demonstration of his abilities." She could feel Lan tense up next to her, knew he probably thought she'd gone crazy. But she continued, her voice smooth and diplomatic, with just a touch of charm thrown in to appeal to the brash young monarch's ego. "However, as I mentioned to your assistant, my brother and I have arrived because of the spiritual unrest, and our official business with both you and your advisors is quite important, your Highness. I would hate for either my brother or you to be accidentally injured during such a competition, when we can ill afford the delay it might cause in order for bruises or burns to heal. Perhaps, as an alternative, my brother Lan could provide a more performance-oriented demonstration of his firebending abilities, and in return, you could demonstrate your skill in earthbending to us."
  11. Lien's eyes flashed angrily, and her brother heard her slight inhalation, could feel her draw herself up to her full height. She arched a brow at the Earth King, and for a moment Lan was afraid she was about to let diplomacy fly out the window. But though her voice was firm and a bit clipped, her words were at least polite, despite how much he knew she must be seething at the moment. "Your highness. I am.. deeply honored.. at your attentions. However, as I am the elder sibling of the Fire Lord's children, and therefore heir to the throne of Fire Lord, surely you understand why ours would be an inappropriate match. We each have our own separate, individual nations to rule, after all. No doubt there are many noble women from many nations, the Fire Nation included, who would make you an excellent wife were you to cast your attention towards them.. I would be happy to bring a delegation of our most beautiful Fire Nation nobles during a time of calm if you would like to make appropriate introductions. But because of my duties, I am NOT an appropriate choice. In addition, as the younger sibling, it is not my brother's place to speak for my hand, nor give it away. That would be my father's responsibility, if it were anyone's.. though it is also Fire Nation tradition for the heir to make their own decision regarding their choice of life partner."
  12. Lien didn't manage to suppress the slight blink of surprise, for there wasn't even an attempt at deception this time - no guard had come to the man and spoken, no one had approached him, and yet he'd still changed stories practically mid-step. But she recovered quickly and nodded to the man. "Yes. That would be fine as well. We are most interested in making the Earth King's acquaintance." As they walked, she shot a slightly more guarded expression in Lan's direction - he could tell she was uncomfortable with how the evening was going thus far. Incredibly uncomfortable.
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