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  1. Serena watched the conflict play out, for once not interjecting her opinion into the mix. Though she had a great deal of sympathy for Sakurako's mental trauma, it also meant that she wasn't ready for the field. Personally Serena had disagreed with Aziz - openly and adamantly - than any of these younger novas were ready for combat situations. While this wasn't a world that could afford these kids a lot of time to adjust when they were needed so badly, Serena had tried to press the fact that even eighteen-year old recruits to the military were given weeks of basic training before being sent into the field. But her opinion didn't carry the heft of an experienced military professional, and while Serena certainly possessed the skills to convince anyone of just about anything, she was also morally responsible enough to not be willing to use that sort of ability on someone she considered a friend and associate. For her own part, Serena had done her best to prepare by hiring a personal military trainer who was doing his best to help her prepare for martial situations. Though coming from a family with a history of public service professions certainly helped - she was relieved that she had inherited her father's family's pragmatic temperament in that regard. But she also recognized that she had an overdeveloped sense of empathy that was likely to make loss and failure difficult for her over time, and she was doing her best to make sure she was prepared for that in the field. She listened to Aziz's response and nodded, satisfied that they were at least getting the command structure established for the mission. Then she turned to watch what unfolded between Dragonstorm and Sakurako, and whether the young nova would be willing to accept any type of criticism. When she turned in her resignation and walked out, Serena simply shook her head and sighed. "It's for the best. If that's her mental state, she's not ready for an active position in the field. Can we proceed?"
  2. Okay. I'll try to catch you in chat later, Sonja, and maybe we can work out some details together.
  3. I heard this is moving again, I'm going to read through, get caught up, and try to get a post up sometime tomorrow, since I'm off.
  4. Serena smiled warmly at the other woman, sat her bottle of water down and held out a hand for Ambrosia's politely. Amber took it, noting that the stunning musician's handshake was cool but firm, and quite businesslike. "A pleasure, Ambrosia. I recall the meeting, although I seem to recall getting pulled away from the conversation earlier than I would have liked. Of course, I've heard so much about you from Sonja, I feel like I know you a bit already. I believe we did a function together in London.. oh, nine or ten months ago? Right after you two started dating, and she was properly besotted already, if I recall." ,, She flashed Amber a playful grin, and motioned to the chair next to her. "Please, have a seat. I hadn't realized you were working for Novastorm! Of course, I'm not part of these group missions as often as most of the others, and I've been out of the country quite a bit lately. When did you join?"
  5. ...and now I found it, in a previous post, except he was walking to the back of the room. Not out of it. Okay. Modifications complete, sorry. ,, Braaaaiiiiinnnn.... foooooogggggg....
  6. Max, ,, So, apparently the sinus congestion had spread to my brain last night. Apparently - and I distinctly remember thinking this - I bizarrely read somewhere in your post that Max had volunteered to go get drinks for people. Even though you didn't write that at all. I suppose I read the part about him carrying in the coffee, and then maybe something about Kait asking for coffee, and my mind just said "Oh, he volunteered to go get people drinks! Serena should offer to HELP." ,, So, I'm modifying that part out, since it made absolutely no effing sense whatsoever, and no one had say anything in the meantime that locked it into needing to stay. Apologies for the brain fog.
  7. "I have an uncle who loves Spam. I remember he used to have an old, vintage-looking Spam calendar hanging out in his shed. He said he went to the museum once when he and my aunt were up in that direction.. Minnesota, I think? I've never tried it, although I admit I was always a bit curious. I used to eat liverwurst on crackers with Grandpa when I was a kid, and it doesn't seem like it would be that different..." ,, At least a couple of the other novas there gave her an odd look. Serena didn't talk about her family too much, she preferred to let them lead quiet lives and as a result she didn't like to name-drop very often. It was always "an aunt/uncle" or "my niece/nephew", but the rustic picture she'd just described seemed miles away from the glamorous image seated in front of them. ,, She shook her head slightly, as if dismissing a memory. Then she glanced up at Max's offer, and flashed the chef a smile. "I'll take a Coke, or a sparkling juice if there's anything in that little mini fridge. The carbonation makes me feel more awake."
  8. As usual, Serena had been one of the last ones to call it a night. The outgoing nova loved a good party, and the Expo after-party never disappointed. She'd rented a hotel room for the night just down the street from HQ, and flown herself back there once it was all over, leaving the flashy red Tesla parked at HQ's infinitely more secure facilities. She'd released Jess once her performance was over, sending her away with her more traditional clothes and shoes, and exchanging it for the Eufiber suit. She knew quite a few novas who used their Eufiber almost exclusively, but it was never quite the same for her, as much as she appreciated it's practicality.. plus, the fashion industry was a huge creator of jobs, and she enjoyed being able to throw her influence around in support of the companies whose practices she agreed with. So normal clothes were something she still indulged in fairly frequently. ,, But good gods, did it save time packing. Last night it had served her well for party clothes, and now, this morning - far, far too early this morning - she found herself molding it into what was, for her, a default set of business casual clothes - a simple pair of wide-leg black business slacks with a grey pinstripe, topped off with a grey tailored button-down shirt belted at the waist with a thin black leather belt and a pair of simple grey leather flats. All that took no more than five minutes as she gave both hair and teeth a quick swipe.. thank goodness she woke up so much faster nowadays than she ever had before. As she headed downstairs to the lobby she dug a pair of simple silver medallion earrings out of her purse and slipped them into her earlobes. ,, As the young man working behind the counter in the upscale hotel's cafe prepared her breakfast croissant sandwich, she glanced over the text again, a slight frown furrowing her brow. It sounded important, but it was the "deployment of all personnel to the incident" part of the message that had her a bit confused. Normally her business for Dr. Aziz and Novastorm was conducted solo, or with a diplomatic group of some sort. But this wording - combined with the list of novas that had received the message - made it sound like an 'all hands on deck' sort of situation. ,, "Ms. McCoy? Your breakfast." The slightly flustered employee held out the sandwich to her, neatly and warm to the touch. He was used to novas, being right down the street from the Novastorm headquarters, but still.. she was so damned gorgeous. ,, She flashed him a smile but tried not to overwhelm the young man, and motioned towards a bottle of water. "Thank you. I'll take one of those too, please. Just have them charge it all to the room, okay?" She normally passed on bottled for environmental reasons, but the rushed timeframe demanded the occasional exception. He nodded, and off she went, stepping outside and floating up into the air high enough to avoid distracting any passing traffic. The she made the short flight down the street, landing just outside the building. She made her way through security and up to the conference room, walking in with about seven minutes to spare. ,, "Good morning, everyone." She sat down at the table, crossed one knee over the other, pulled the egg, spinach, and cheese croissant sandwich out of the bag, and then twisted open the bottle of chilled water and took a long drink. "Anyone know what this is about yet?"
  9. It depends on the game, but we do it a lot around here, yes. I've always found them to be loads of fun.
  10. Sonja was the first one she spotted - big shock - and so she moved towards her, having at least said her hellos to Beth and Kait. She'd hopefully catch up with them soon. But for now, she made her way towards the Amazonian woman and, she realized as she got a little closer, Max Kane. She smiled warmly at them both as she approached. ,, Though not as active in team situations as the others were most of the time, she had been around on occasion for situations that required a bit of mediation. A lot of her work for Dr. Aziz seemed to be more public or political, but she still made it a point to know the other nova employees of the company well. And any of them - indeed, anyone really - who might initially be intimidated by her attractiveness or fame were usually quickly put at ease. She was a very down to earth woman who adapted well to different situations and people, and rarely acted with pretension or entitlement. There was a distinct feeling, when interacting with Rena, that what you saw was what you got. ,, "Hey guys! Sonja.. Max.. how are you two doing?"
  11. Also Sky, I just caught the other part of what you said, about calling people Miss and such. Serena's not very much older than him, and when they first met she would have insisted (quite pleasantly) that he not call her that, that she preferred Serena. Would he still insist on the Miss? If so, I'll change that too.
  12. That's fine, Sky. I tried to keep any posting for other characters to a bare minimum, like I did here, unless I'm very familiar with that player and their character. I'm also happy to make corrections based on this kind of feedback. I'm sure Rico would have already told her this upon earlier interaction, so I'm happy to go back and make the modification to have her call him Rico. Let me know if there's anything else you need me to change, and I'll avoid posting for Rico in the future unless you give me clearance to do so. ,, Edit: Also, I was under the impression based on a quick google search Rico and his mother speak Portuguese, so that's what I went with. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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