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  1. Please note, this file is still in progress... The current version is considerably more complete than this, but still a ways off from being finished. Hoping to complete this little Opus by the end of the year! JC
  2. There you go, that should do it Hopefully you're joining urges will be revitalised JC
  3. SalmonMax, if you re-register I'll make sure you're added to the board. JC
  4. Hi, Jackson Creed here, Admin and owner of EON. Let me know what username you want for the EON forum and I'll verify you (EON suffers from horrific levels of spambots which are a bit beyond my ability to prevent without making the forum verification only). Then we can talk with the other active members and decide on how to proceed. JC
  5. Sorry for the late reply folks. The forum has been created (right here) and I've moved the thread into it here in Aberrant IC Games. Moderators can mod and change stuff here as with any other thread. Fantastic idea for a game by the way! ::biggrin If I can free up a bit of time, I might be tempted to join... JC P.S. My email address is dannybladeuk@yahoo.co.uk in case you need to get hold of me in a hurry... I just wasn't expecting so much activity so quickly! Yay!
  6. Okay I've got the file (very nice piece of work, by the way! ::tongue ). I'm not sure why the attachment system isn't working but I'm working to try and fix it or come up with an alternative. JC
  7. Not received your email. Send a copy of the file to dannybladeuk@yahoo.co.uk and I'll see if I can get it up. JC
  8. I enjoyed it. If it were an Aberrant setting, I'd say that with the exception of Doctor Manhattan, the heroic people would probably be around Quantum 1-2 with Mega-Attributes and enhancements only. Doctor Manhattan is a perfect example of the alienation that comes from being a Quantum 8 Nova with literal God-level powers. As good a movie adaptation that could have been made in my opiniion, given the complexity of the source material. JC
  9. Well, it seems that one of our rule/concept gurus is celebrating a birthday, so happy returns Reighnhell!!! ::happybirthday ::happybirthday ::happybirthday :jumping40: :jumping40: :jumping40:
  10. Every now and again someone brings up the Inspired issue and how Adventure! can relate to Trinity. To be honest, nine times out of ten the person raising this issue is either Ian Watson or myself... and this time is no different! ::biggrin As some of you may be aware, I've been working on a Trinity supplement incorporating Inspired into the 2120's. Trinity: Awaiting Inspiration has been a labour of love, and in an interesting piece irony, inspired by an argument/difference of opinion a number of years ago with Ian Watson. Back then I actually lost the argument, but it got me thinking, along fairly similar lines (incidentally, Ian, some nice work here. I like it). I present here the most recent draft of Trinity: AI. It's a lot more polished in format from the last one I put on the forums, with some new rules systems inspired by recent game lines. The fluff and flavour of the background hasn;t changed hugely, I've simply refined it a bit more. However, from reading Ian's stuff on here, I can see that the is more that can be added. I've pushed this project about as far as I can on my own, so some refining of the noetic/quantum/telluric fluff, the rules, the layout, the missing sections (dramatis personae, finishing off the Super Science section), would be very much appreciated from any of the veteran people here such as Ian Watson, Sprocket, Skylion, Forge, Alex Green and any others interested. JC TrinityAIDraft.pdf
  11. I normally validate any members joining that don't immediately appear spam from their join address and member name (very few get validated as a result). Novigods was one that I accepted a few days ago, and from the name seemed legit. Obviously not. Thanks for the heads up Sprocket, and considering I use a scorched earth policy where spam is concerned, the account has been hit with Quantum Inferno. JC
  12. Stood at the back of the room Jack watched the other guests talking amongst themselves. He had already done his rounds of the guests present and was waiting for the others to arrive. Jack was average height and average build, wearing an exquisitly tailored suit... or at least it had been exquisitly tailored a long time ago. It was a slightly faded muddy brown colour, clean but clearly very well worn with a distinct air of scruffiness. Capping it off was a battered, scuffed and slightly tatty black leather biker's jacket that had clearly seen a lot of action too. Jack looked up to see Leah enter the room. He noted the hesitant manner with which she approached the other guests and the obvious care put into choosing her attire. Beautiful though she was, Jack was more intrigued by her effect on the other guests, particularly one nervous looking young man who was mesmirised like a moth to a flame. He walked over to him just as Ares made one of his signature enthusiastic, not to mention loud, entrances. "She is quite remarkable isn't she?" Said Jack to the nervous man who seemed surprised both by Ares' entrance and by the fact that Jack had walked up to him unawares. "Would you like me to introduce you? " Jack flashed the good natured grin that made him so instantly likeable. "She doesn't bite after all..."
  13. Jack hit the reply button on his OpNet link. "Hi Apollo," he said "An interesting question really. We have no idea what effect such powerful Quantum signatures, from the other Novas you've chosen for this mission, will have on the Leviathan jump ship; it could disrupt the jump process and cause delays or even damage." Jack brought up on screen some of the calculations he had made regarding the interaction of quantum and noetic particles. "We don't want to emphasise the fact that our very natures could interfere with the psionic teleportation process." He continued, "Personally I would recommend using one of our Upeo allies; an Upeo jumper has far greater finesse and precision than the jumpships and would be far better able to adapt to difficulties generated by my high Quantum colleagues. This way we are using Humanity's methods of interstellar travel, but mitigating the difficulties to a degree." He stood up for a moment and stretched, extending the pause for emphasis. "One other thing that may not be too popular with the others. I don't think we should have a warp capable Nova on standby to pull us out if things get nasty" Jack said, "If there is trouble, we should rely on cooperation and diplomacy before all else. In this time of burgeoning trust, concepts such as diplomatic immunity and trust are simply too important." Jack's suddenly grinned and the familiar twinkle came to his eyes "But even in a worse case scenario, the humans are used to fighting insane combat oriented, tentacled monsters, not reasoned, brilliant and social Novas like us..." Jack ended the recording and pressed send. That, he thought to himself, should really put the cat among the pidgeons, but they'll get over it!
  14. Actually, with max attributes and a skill rating of at least 4 in every skill (and a few at 5) plus a Mega attribute in seven out of nine attributes + Luck 5... Yes, actually he is, by far, the most talented Nova on Eden. There may be Novas who might be as good, perhaps even slightly better, and with more Mega dice to roll... but Luck 5 helps to even that out significantly. Saying that Jack Jameson is the best Nova at everything (at least among the Edenites) is like saying Pax is the most powerful Nova on Earth in 2008... to all intents and purposes he is. Hands up all those players who actually spent more than a couple of NP on rounding out their skills... anyone? I tend to think not, though I could be wrong, given the number of Q5-6, flaw riddled, Taint 5 ambassadors, I don't think that I am wrong. My concept is different from everyone elses. I can't fly, teleport, control energy and matter, blow things up or control minds. What Jack can do is everything else. He can break advanced encrypted security systems, while writing new software so elegant and sophisticated that Alex Cassel would be impressed by, the doodles he made on the napkins on his coffee break fulfill all ten criteria to be Masterpieces, the martial arts and gymnastic routine he used to focus himself in the morning would have gotten every gold medal at the Olympics, later on he writes some award winning poetry and short fiction, then he cooks a Michelin Star class gourmet lunch, while entertaining some visiting dignitaries with witty reparte and shows why he is the most popular after dinner speaker on Eden. A pretty dull morning really, but the afternoon he has planned is actually going to be busy...
  15. Jack Jameson Rogue Scholar and Man of Will Jack has no knowledge of his past prior to becoming a Nova. He was found unconscious, washed up on shore, by Diane Kadmon shortly before the final exodus to Eden in 2055. It is likely that an accident at sea resulted in his eruption, and his memory loss, but his past prior to that day has been lost forever. To all intents and purposes Jack (the name Diane gave him) was an innocent newborn, though fully adult in intellectual and emotional maturity. It rapidly became clear that he was a master of every field of human endeavour; there was almost no skill, occupation or training that he was not intimately familiar with. He agreed to leave Earth along with the others and his knowledge of engineering, administration and science was instrumental in helping set up the infrastructure of the new colony. Even though his raw power is far lower than many of his Nova peers, Jack has been a close confidant, advisor, and occasional lover, of Diane Kadmon and a close friend to many of the other Novas within the ruling council. He is as greatly respected for his wisdom as he is for his incredible talent. Unlike many of the other Novas, Jack has spent a great deal of time among their baseline subjects, usually as a guest lecturer and teacher (he is the honorary Chancellor of every College and University on Eden) has served as an advisor to the baseline justice system. Jack Jameson is a paragon of humanity; strong, rugged, handsome and charismatic. He looks completely human, but while he exhibits no Taint at all, his quiet aura of raw magnetism marks him as being more than human. Men want to be like him, women just want him. While a practical man, Jack is an idealist and eternal optimist. On top of this he is incredibly intelligent and sophisticated; a dedicated student of many disciplines and a master of most of them. He keeps a degree of professional distance from Eden baselines, but more so as not to confuse them, than for any ideological Nova/Baseline seperation. Around non-Eden baselines, Jack is far more down to earth and informal, treating them as equals for the most part. Jack has an insatiable curiosity about the unknown and cannot resist investigating a mystery. He will often ignore accepted conventions of rank and etiquette to get to the heart of a problem and, through a combination of force of personality, daring and pure bare-faced cheek, usually gets away with it. Jack finds the human capacity for innovation to be absolutely fascinating and often exhibits an almost childlike enthusiasm that is very difficult to dislike. He is often quite jocular but switch to deadly serious in a heartbeat. While Jack appears to be baseline in appearance and demeanor, he is not. He is smarter and has a greater depth of understanding than everyone around him, even his Nova peers (especially his Nova peers), and can tend to treat others in the same way that an adult treats a child. While this can make him seem condescending on occasion, his raw charm tends to outweigh any feathers that he inadvertently ruffles. How long ago did he erupt? 2055 (68 years ago) Does he live in the citadel in Harmony or has he (had) built his own villa/estate? In the Citadel for the most part, but his inquisitive and adventurous nature has meant that he has travelled to every part of Eden. What does he think of the contact with alien races? Absolutely fascinating. He is highly enamoured of biotechnology and would love to learn more about how the Qin have become so skilled at it. Chromatic history and culture would make a fascinating study, and the advanced technology of the Coalition gives him goosebumps with excitement. However, he is more than aware of the potential danger that each of these races could pose to Eden and his caution would restrain his enthusiasm to a degree. What is opinion of this recontact with Earth? When the Upeo made first contact and began telling the story of how Earth had changed in the last eighty years, Jack immediately saw the benefits, and risks, of an alliance but felt that the danger posed by the Aberrants was worth it. Jack was a natural choice to be part of the delegation to Earth. Powers Jack Jameson is quite possibly the most talented Nova ever; there are a few with greater raw Mega-Intelligence that surpass him in certain areas, but there are none who have such breadth of raw skill. This phenomenal expertise is largely intuitive in nature; even though he had no knowledge of noetics prior to first contact with the Upeo, after studying with some of the noetic specialists among them, Jack can now probably be counted in the top five experts in the field of noetic science. It is the same with any other information, knowledge or skill he encounters. He is tough enough to handle most threats; it takes a lot to knock him down but he can regenerate injuries easily. Even when he gets into situations that are hostile and dangerous (more often than not) he always seems to find a solution at the last minute and his incredible Luck tends to get him out of trouble relatively unscathed. Mechanics Fluff 7 Willpower dots (14BP), 1 Initiative dot (1BP) 21 Attribute dots (7NP), 10 Background dots (2NP), 126 Ability dots (21NP) 7 dots of Mega Attributes (Dex, Stam, Int, Wits, Cha, App, Man) + 1 Enhancement (24NP) Luck 5 (5NP) Body Modification (2 Maimed Health Levels (1NP)) [Yes, that's right; Jack Jameson is a Quantum 1, Taint 0 Nova... No uber powers, no ultra-unkillability, no aberrations. Just an ordinary guy (charismatic, good looking... just downright heroic... ordinary guy) who is quite probably the most brilliant and talented man alive. Think 3 parts The Doctor (Doctor Who), one part Ace Rimmer (Red Dwarf), one part Jarod (from the TV series the Pretender) with just a touch of Flash Gordon. It is for these reasons that he on the diplomatic mission to Earth, not only is he almost completely human seeming, he is also Eden's best diplomat... and the best scientist... and the best pilot, doctor, engineer, lawyer, socialite, explorer, historian... in fact he's Eden's best everything!]. The dossier given to Earth pretty much encapsulates all this information. Aeon may suspect that he has hidden powers (after all, Abber... er Novas are uber powerful quatum wielding demigods... aren't they?) and some Edenites may suspect the same. Quite frankly, the Earth delegation will probably know as much about Jack as Eden does. Jack does have hidden depths, and a hidden history that is considerably longer and more interesting than any couls imagine, but it is all hidden from everyone, human and Nova alike... including Jack himself.
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