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  1. C/P is good if you're up for it. Here.
  2. Donald quirked an eye as Bastion failed to realize Emily was feeling him up and coming onto him. Well, on him. Donald tilted his head back and swallowed the special drink Deezy cooked up. He felt a jolt travel down his throat, through to his nerves, then the tingle faded. Was that it? With Deezy looking at him, Donald shrugged. "So I prepped myself for this, and nothing. If I dialed it back?" Donald commanded his body to be less liver-efficient and waited. "Well, phats.... that's not all that much different." Aside from the brief hiccup, his body was still running in fine order. It fitted everything so far. "Yeah, only drunk when I want to be." It was both convenient and annoying. Maybe he could get himself intoxicated, and then instantly sober up at will? Donald clapped the glass down on the bar and met glances with Steve. "I like the sound of surf and sun. You?"
  3. Donald had been making conversation, but somehow the party didn't seem all that thrilling before. Then he caught up with Deezy and heard the phrase, 'real drink.' Something brewed up by walking mad scientist Deezy? That sounded both insane and awesome. "You got an extra glass? I'm in." And just for good measure, he'd set up his everyday body to shrug off all the garden variety boozes. Would this one leave an impact?
  4. "So Judge Steinbeck glared at Herr Walhman and firmly said: 'Enough. I see no reason to grant any more continuances.'" Reinhardt explained. "That was when I started getting a crippling headache, and bursting with light. Everything clears, but I start getting all woozy and slump on the table. The last thing I hear, is the Judge saying in that same calm firm voice, 'I will however, grant a recess.'" Donald chuckled at that. Reinhardt Vassel was a paralegal from Bremen, Germany, in his 30s and a beneficiary of psi-type radiation. "So how did the case go?" "We won!" Reinhardt smiled, and the two clinked beer bottles in victorious celebration. "The firm is plenty pleased with the publicity we got, though really, being able to control light isn't going to help our clients." "But it sounds like Germany is taking the Stormers in stride." Donald observed, taking a drink. "More or less." Reinhardt agreed. "We're more low-key about it than the English, and if you'll forgive me, more calm and practical about it than the Americans." "True." Donald admitted. "Either crazy for us or crazy hate us, no in-between."
  5. "You really planning on covering your face?" Donald asked Renata. The two had received invites to the big Stormer party, courtesy of Deezy and Ryan. The two had pointed out to their hosts that they would be coming together, since they lived close by. Saved a teleport for good measure. Right now, the two discussed costumes, and Renata seemed to be thinking about a ninja. "Yeah," was her immediate reply. She glanced over at him quizzically. "It's a costume party. Besides, I'm still trying to keep this whole Stormer thing at arms length from the rest of my life." Donald, restrained the urge to ask what life? He'd happened to remember Renata a couple weeks ago, at the park describing her life as "just reading books and listening to lectures and kind of dying inside." But also he then remembered the issues she'd mentioned as a senator's daughter and acknowledged Ren had a point here. Still, Donald thought his friend needed some guiding towards pepping up her life. And having looked into ninjutsu when he'd been in Japan, was discouraged to learn about how all the popular media images didn't match up with reality. "Ok, but you need something better." That's when he got the inspiration. "I'm going as a Jedi, you should be Darth Vader, or some other Sith. I mean, you have the Force!" Renata rolled her eyes. "You know, I only saw those movies once each, and I wasn't even paying attention. But even with that, I know I can't afford a Darth Vader costume. My family's loaded, but I'm not, and I'm also not asking Dad to cover a Halloween costume. Besides, I don't have a glowy sword thing, so...isn't that the whole point?" Donald shrugged. "I am loaded, so I can buy both for you. Does that work?" She grimaced. "A big full suit thing like that seems like it'd be really hot too...and...I dunno. Darth Vader. Do they even MAKE costumes for him to fit women?" "Yeah, we're going to a tropical island." Donald reconsidered. "I'm sure I can google 'Sith costumes' and come up with a good one for you." "Uuughh...I don't even know what 'sith' means," sighed Renata, rocking her head back to scowl theatrically at the ceiling. Then she scooted over next to Donald so she could see his computer screen. "Okay, do it. Lets see what hot pot of nerdery I'm getting dunked into." =========== The next portal flared to life, and the next pair came through. The first wore a long black hooded robe with a gray mask covering her face. The second had on an oddly cut black suit of sorts. After a moment, those with a head for sci-fi realized it was the Luke Skywalker outfit from Return of the Jedi. Deezy and Ryan recognized Donald, with a smile that definitely fit the style of Luke. "Deezy, Ryan! I heard you went corporate, but your own island? Nice." Then his eyes widened as he took in Steve and Kyria. "England's Einherjar and Valkyrie." A tad of awe, because they'd taken down a literal frost giant. Made fighting a bunch of zombies seem paltry. "I'm Donald Wallace, and this is..." He gave Renata a sudden wry look. "Actually, should I just call you Ski Mask?"
  6. "Lost until we find Kukalima." Donald agreed, drawing a confused look from Renata. "From a Daniel Pinkwater book. Read it when I was 8 and for some reason it just occurred to me right now." With that, the two set out. After some time the pair of Stormers found a wooded clearing well away from the river. They had not seen anyone in a bit, and Donald was trying to recall if they'd taken a left or a right at that crossroads. "Does this look good to you?"
  7. Donald tactfully accepted the shift. "This week? This group called the Northflow Pentecostal Church sent me a message saying I was going to be struck down because I was the Antichrist's Midwife." Renata burst out laughing at that. "Midwife? Aren't those women?" Donald shrugged with amusement too painted on his face. "Religious nuts. It probably makes sense to them and nobody else. Other people left messages at the school saying I'm an inhuman monster who should be still locked up. And so on. Honestly, it's so much hot air." Enough of this depressing and silly shit, Donald decided. "Why are we worrying about this? We came here to practice, so let's go find a good spot to practice."
  8. "Not saying I had second thoughts." Donald quickly disclaimed, so that Renata didn't make the wrong assumption. "Just that I wasn't fully prepared for some of the cons. Pros: plenty of company." The way he waggled his eyebrows said just what he meant to Renata. "People giving you a lot of free stuff wherever you go. Cons: People popping up wherever you go, wanting to know all about you. And apparently believing you have no right to privacy. Plus hate mail from people who decided they hate Stormers - but that's all crank stuff." Donald looked back out across the city. "Sure, I could have gone into WitSec, but why? We both have super-powers. We're here because we definitely want to do something with them. I do. I just don't know what it is yet. I figured I could handle the celebrity spotlight while I did. But this goes beyond the level of say, Brangelina."
  9. Donald had considered actually turning into a bird and flying over, but he decided that was much too complicated. Instead, he used his powers to turn into someone entirely else. It took a bit in front of the mirror before he settled on an appearance he liked. Black hair, frizzy. Eyes more of a light green. And clearing all the freckles spotting his skin. To think, the secret wasn't Clearasil, but super-powers. The Stormer, satisfied with this new look, gathering his things and slipped out of his room, then the dorm. Nobody in around to connect him to the building, before Donald headed for the bus stop. Odds were, the media still had a watch on his car and his license plate committed to memory. At Fairmount Park... Renata saw a guy she didn't recognize come up to the gazebo, before looking over her with a grin. "No ski mask?" Donald asked, as an identifier rather than a genuine question.
  10. No, haven't been free to practice. Peoples' eyes on me wherever I go. Donald replied. Now that he thought about it, having a nice place to practice in peace and being able to talk about this with someone would work well. But I like the idea. Maybe if I turned into a bird and flew over there?
  11. Donald took a moment before he realized Renata was referring to her superpowers. That was a tough question, especially since he couldn't get anywhere without being tracked by people. Something with plenty of space, so Renata could practice in peace, hopefully. Good question. He typed back. Donald tried to remember the parks he had taken a run at. Maybe Fairmount Park? 2000+ acres of space. Plenty of wooded areas to practice in. Especially at the right time.
  12. Donald stifled a chuckle at her response. Sure. Still working on the costume and codename though. Ski Mask definitely isn't my thing. What peril shall I save you from, good citizen?
  13. October 12th, 2019 Donald leaned back on the couch, listening to the track running through his iPod. Hero, by Skillet. It seemed appropriate for these madcap past few weeks. After being released by the CDC, a limo was waiting for Donald at the door. Whisked away to the airport - a private jet taking him to Logan Airport. Mom, Grandpa and Grandma waiting for him at Logan Airport. The Wallaces managed to route away from pararazzi and journalists, but they had caught on and started appearing on the outskirts as Donald got into the limo. Isaac sniffed at them as the limo left them behind. Some people might have gone along with their family's business in the camera eye. Isaac Wallace was not one of those people. He'd had to adjust enough business is dealing with the media's response to Donald being plastered across the nation battling zombies. Free now from the issue of public propriety, Deidre Kennedy... it wouldn't be quite right to say she hugged her son like he was 6 again and scraped his knee, but neither was it quite wrong. Isaac and Maeve sought to remain far more composed in their concerns, but Donald could tell they had a profound sense of relief written all over them. Crazed Stormers did a number on Boston and the North End would be rebuilding for a long time. The University of Pennsylvania decided in light of Donald's quarantine and general fame to give him an indeterminate amount of time off. So Donald took advantage of the time to be with his family again, relax... Well, within limits. There really was no way to get around the media, and Maeve guided Donald through a basic statement to send to the press. More or less it boiled down to: "I figured protecting others from the zombies was the right thing to do. Super-powers was just a welcome surprise. No further comment." Donald had been tempted to have at least one interview but Isaac sternly advised against it. In fact, his grandfather had politely inquired into what abilities Donald had gotten, listened and while not directly saying 'start thinking about your future,' had made sure his grandson remembered the names and numbers of the family's legal staff and not jump into anything without contacting them. Donald loved Grandpa Isaac, but he came off like a buzzkill there. Well, that wasn't fair. Donald had begun starting to think about it, honestly. Being cooped up in the Wallace mansion didn't help though. So after several days, having insisted he didn't need therapy or anything like that, Donald chosen to return to college for now. Some tad of normalcy, if he could pretend. Except you can't pretend when there had been student protests at the U of PA calling for Donald and "Ski-Mask Girl's" release. And counter-protests insisting they'd been released too early. Death threat emails from the Northflow Pentecoastal Whatever because he was the Antichrist's Midwife. Everyone on campus wanting to know everything about him. Thinking they were entitled to. Donald being dropped from the basketball team - because of fairness - though he'd only joined that year because it gave him something to do. Mind you, there were perks. Donald brought girls back every night. Girls plural. When he went out, Donald could get free stuff from a ton of places and share the bounty with his buddies. But then there were moments like these when Donald wanted a break. Thankfully, Lucas and Aaron were the best bros and roommates ever, and went to bat helping keep unwanted callers at bay. Donald just felt the need of... something. Then it settled on him. Someone to talk to. Donald and Renata had traded Skype contacts before leaving, since they both were attending the same college and might want to talk later. TheAmazingRacer wrote: Hey, how's it going?
  14. "You know what? Just shut up and stop being a brat." Donald probably wouldn't have spoken like this, if it weren't for Sebastian's comments about freak fires. It triggered images of Zombie Dude, all the screaming, the biting, and the people that weren't back to normal, were dead even after he'd been knocked out and then summarily executed. The heat was building behind Donald's eyes. "So you didn't catch on fire, nobody who got powers did. Most of them just went crazy and hurting innocent people. You're lucky nobody went on the rampage in Podunkville, squashing your mama and her fried chicken. They made sure the radiation wasn't going to drive us delayed action crazy or poison anyone around us. They said at first it was going to take a week, then listened when Deezy offered suggestions and now they've cut it down by half. And yeah, being stuck here sucks, but it's nearly over. Grow up." Anyone knowing Donald for a while might argue he was one to talk, but Donald hotly meant it. Everyone here needed an example. Guess it would have to be him. "I'll start things off." There were elements of an obstacle course. Good enough to get started. Donald stepped forward and crouched in a runner's starting stance for a second, before charging forward. After some initial motion, he mentally flexed and leaped into the air, performing the full in triple pike somersault before sticking the landing on the rock wall. As in, literally landing and standing sideways in the air. Thus began an exotic performance that would make the Cirque d'Soleil melt with envy.
  15. "Do you have the doc on speed dial?" Donald asked Wendy. "You probably should." Honestly, it wasn't like he had any way to know for sure if the CDC was spewing nonsense or just jargon nobody save perhaps Deezy here understood. Donald felt he could afford to be patient about it, at least for a little bit longer. What mattered was that others weren't so patient, and everyone here knew there was no way to stop them. "Actually, maybe you can lend a copy of that report to Deezy now?" Donald suggested. If Deezy read it and agreed there was something legit, well, that might help tempers a little. If not, or they refused. "Might help speed things up even more since you're waiting for the equipment anyway." His tone suggested great care should be taken before saying no.
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