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  1. With her keen hearing, Yseult could hear Moira's faint squawking through the earpiece, buried inside her clothing thrown in a corner of the bath tent. Hearing merely snark and no real emergency, and otherwise occupied by far more pleasant activities, the powerfully built soldier promptly ignored the hail and kept her attention on her fit, male, and naked companions in the bath. ,, Captain Evana knew where she was and had what Yseult believed was the good sense to make sure the rest of the team didn't interrupt her when she was working a contact. Or three contacts, as the case may be.
  2. A cool smirk crossed Yseult's lips at the sight of Kell and his two companions lounging in the pool, wariness sharpening her senses to hyper acuteness. She grew aware of everything around her, practically giving her eyes in the back of her head. She could hear Ara at the base of the hill, muttering. ,, She eyed the three men boldly, instinctively calculating ways to disable them and escape routes for dozens of potential scenarios, but Yseult sensed no immediate danger from the men. Indeed, all she could smell coming off the three of them was a vigorous health she associated with Kell and very active sexual interest. ,, Her smile widened as she stripped, giving the men a good look at her hard muscled and well curved body before slipping into the pool with them. She knew she was sexually aggressive, but she had never considered herself a slut. ,, But with her physical changes, her appetites seemed to have increased, while the ability of men to satisfy some of them have decreased. Kell was the best lover she had had since becoming a super-soldier, and bringing her two more playthings just raised his esteem in her eyes. She was going to enjoy exhausting the lot of them into submission. ,, "You're so thoughtful," Yseult purred as she settled in the steamy water across from the men, arms spread along the lip of the pool and legs stretched out to tangle with theirs. "You point me towards Hiriam which proved to be helpful and now you bring me two more gifts to play with." Yseult quirked a dark brow. "All I need now is to know about the Belkans." ,, Kell gave the powerful looking woman an expression of feigned affront, but his lips were curved in a teasing grin. "What? Three Satedans not enough for you?" ,, Yseult laughed out loud, rich and low, then crossed the pool in a flash, hardly impeded by the mass of water, giving Kell a fierce kiss. Her strong hands below the surface of the water found Kell and one of his friends at least, Tyre or Rakai, were already ready for her. Yseult hadn't heard of Satedans before, but she already starting to really enjoy there company. ,, "The question is being, am I too much for three Satedans?"
  3. Rev - If you need me to add or edit anything based on what Evana would say or do, give me a heads up and I'll fix it as soon as I can.
  4. Yseult snorted, amused by Bates' discomfort, while giving Evana a sidelong glance as they left Hiriam's. She had suspected the sexy captain didn't mind mixing pleasure with business, but hadn't expected her to be so equal opportunity about it - though wouldn't have been surprised if she could fake it really well. Where were you when I was fourteen, experimental, and locked up with two dozen other girls in gymnastics camp? ,, The large woman shoved the nascent sapphic tendencies aside - regardless of how damn fuckable Evana was - when she had a great cock with a hot and strong man attached waiting for her. Yseult turned to Evana to make her excuse for why she was going to head to the Broken Coin instead of Pelanix when Inoue's voice floated over the communicator, her tone unusually firm for the rescued Lantean and carrying the inflection of rote memorization. ,, "You should not be having sex if you or your lesbian have a fever, Evana. A fever means illness and sex when you are ill is stressful to the body and may prolong the illness, or you may contract your lesbian's illness. Illness is weakness." ,, A look of wry consternation flickered across Yse's face as the radio clicked silent once more. "And that is being our public service announcement for the day, mes amis. I am wanting to hear all about the feverish lesbian sex, but me, I promised the man that led me to Hiriam to meet him afterwords, and he his this way, at the Broken Coin." ,, Yseult jerked a thumb the towards the opposite side of the intersection they came to, eyes panning around to make sure nobody was trying to overhear. Though she tried to appear nonchalant, Evana and Shane could see the avid light in her icy blue eyes. ,, "Cap, you think the two of you are enough to give Bates the sitrep while I see if I can dig up some HUMINT on these Belkans? Don't like the idea of relying on Hiriam for everything and want to keep my word. He's been... helpful so far. And I assure you, I will look like I am having a good time." ,, Evana wasn't fooled, but on the other hand, she didn't like relying on one source for information either. And there was certainly potential in bedroom acrobatics. "Go ahead, but keep your radio close, in case the situation changes." ,, "Naturally." Yseult nodded with a smirk, shrugging a muscular shoulder in an abbreviated salute, then strutted away towards the Broken Coin, nose poised to catch Kell's scent.
  5. Yseult popped another one of the cookie-balls into her mouth - it smelled innocuous enough and even if it wasn't, it wasn't it would do anything to her - and leaned back in her chair, folding her muscular arms. A tight grin that was more of a sneer flitted across her lips as she idly ran through dozens of scenarios taking down Hiriam and his mother. ,, Despite all the shit, she rather liked the Pegasus galaxy. Sure, the Athosians were a little too spiritual and crap, but they were self-sufficient, not afraid to defend themselves or of hard work. The Genii were colossal dicks - even the women - but they got shit done (their fault they tried to pick on a dog bigger than them). Mmm-mmm, Kell... Most here seemed like that. ,, And then there was the nerd-turd and his cow of a mother. Self-entitled, condescending, and smarmy. not unlike many of the self-important bureaucratic assholes she had to bodyguard from time to time as part of JTF-2. ,, In a just world, she'd be allowed to beat that smirk off of Hiram's face - goddamn, fucker still lives with his mother! - then kick his ass until he told them want they wanted. Not that she was a trained interrogator. She preferred ending her encounters with a bullet or a blade, if they didn't end in the sack, but she was willing, nay eager, to give it a try, if Evana and Curtis playing lovey-dovey didn't work. ,, The big woman eyed them - well, really, eyed Evana - askance. The Captain who looked like her better be careful with a boy like Shane. Admittedly, the straight arrow seemed be getting into it, but playing around with a boy like that was how she had ended up with her husband Harvey, the clingy barnacle. ,, Yseult rolled her eyes then turned her icy gaze on Hiriam. She tried to keep the sarcasm from her voice with limited success. "Yeah, so can you help? And how much will it cost us?"
  6. "Gift?" ,, The only gift Yseult intended for Hiriam was a boot so far up his ass he'd choke on it. Her puzzlement wasn't so much that Shane apparently liked guys, but that the squint had a libido for something beyond tech. By the smell of it, Shane had done more than just lock lips with Joran. That is taking one for the team, Shane! ,, "It's the social convention. When one desires an audience with Hiriam, one brings a gift, a token of esteem. It's tradition." ,, Dark brows lowered over pale eyes. Seems like Kell neglected to mention something... or he thought it would be more interesting this was. A flare of her nostrils and a quick glance around to see if Kell was lingering in the vicinity, then Yseult gave Shane a glowering nod. "Right. Of course. The gift. You, what did you get him?" Yseult's wry grin was more of a grimace. "Us, we do not want to be getting Hiriam the same thing, no?" ,, Curtis showed the brawny and disheveled woman his purchases, who then stalked off into the street market in the area around Hiriam's domicile. She glanced over the displays impatiently, stopping at the first thing that caught her eye. ,, It was a letter-opener with an etched blade and ivory handle, with a carved, wooden stand. Yseult could say she choose it to complement Shane's pen and inkwell, but mostly, she choose it because in a pinch, she could stab someone in the eye with it. ,, Personally, she thought the situation would be far more simply solved by a bullet from a thousand meters thanks to her Barret XM500. Alas, if necessary, a more hands on approach would be feasible. Then she could get her hands on Kell again. ,, Seeing her hooded looked and impatient demeanor - and the thickness of her arms and shoulders - the merchant didn't dare start with too high of a starting price, which was good - for him - since Yseult wasn't in the mood to haggle. ,, Yseult's silent prowl made Joran jump in surprise as she came up behind the two men. "Got it Let's get this over with." The big woman gave Joran a dismissive glance. "Go away. Curtis, he can play with you again when we are done." Her lips curled lascivious as she approached Hiriam's door. "Me, I have my own man I am wanting to play with afterwards, as well." ,, She knocked.
  7. Still straddling Kell over the barroom wreckage, Yseult let out a satisfied moan, inhaling the intoxicating scent of sweat, exertion, and sex, lingering around and on them, clear to her nose. More than human, if not more than her, she tried to detect if there was anything in Kell's scent to give it away. ,, Kell could obviously tell she was more than just an Athosian as well, and Yseult found she didn't give a single fuck. Being associated with them should still be enough for her purposes. But after having a romp with Kell, she was certainly curious how Bates would measure up. ,, The muscular woman climbed to her feet, dismissing the onlookers as she got dressed - who were already looking elsewhere for the next bit of action - doing what she could to deal with the torn lacings. Her pale blue eyes glittered as she watched Kell do the same, satiated smirk on her lips. ,, "Tell you what," Yseult said, her vest barely preserving her modesty, "tell me where to find this Hiriam, and while me, I am seeing what he is wanting with the Athosians and these 'strangers', you can be finding us a bed, and we can see how well it endures when I am done with Hiriam." Her expression was ... hungry. "This is being acceptable?"
  8. When on the job, Yse considered herself a consummate professional (at least most the time). But Kell's mischievous banter and teasing, the scent of his pheromones conveying his interest, was stoking her even-more-active libido with a fury, her nipples stiffening under her leather vest. ,, She was a Goddamned supersoldier! Stronger, faster, tougher than anything human, She had a lead, she could take a little 'me-time'. The worst thing she had to worry about was if she left Kell in any condition to answer questions later, or if she completely wrecked him. ,, Let us find out... ,, "Me? I am being just the good Athosian girl, wanting to get at the source of those troubling her people." Her raised brows and faint smile was supposed to look coy, if feigned, but come across as more of challenging - and hungry - smirk. "But you are right-" ,, Before Kell could blink, he found himself flat on his back on the table, their mugs scattered to the floor and the muscular and unusual woman looming above him, but only for a moment. Strong hands pinning him to the table, Yseult bent at the waist and kissed him, almost painfully hard, her tongue probing, insistent and aggressive. ,, "I am being more interested in you, now," Yseult agreed, after giving Kell a chance to get a breath of air before blacking out. "Hiriam, he can be waiting for later." Not letting Kell get up, Yseult arched a brow, smirk amused and teasing rather than challenging, as she made a show of glancing around them. "You have someplace where we can... talk privately, or is here being acceptable to you?"
  9. Yseult leaned forward to match Kell in circumspect closeness, and not incidentally giving him a better view of firm breasts under her tightly laced, leather vest to distract him from her evasions and lies. But her interested grin was a real as his appeared to be. ,, "We know that the Wraith are more active these days, but we have heard only the vaguest rumours that there are strangers about who have found fabled Atlantis." Yseult furrowed her dark brows in an attempt to seem quizzical, though not as if she doubted Kell - after all, she knew they were more than rumours. ,, ,, "You mean, the stories are true? And what about the Genii? We never had issue trading with them." Yseult stifled a growl - she still wanted to gut the fuckers. Her dark blue eyes glittered as she glanced around, as if concerned someone might listen in on them. "Who are the important ones here who wish to know of these strangers? Perhaps we-" ,, Yseult cut off as several men in uniforms hustled down the street. No matter the city, country, or galaxy, law enforcement was always easy to pick out. A party planet like Kastar would need someone to rustle the drunks and break up fights. Yseult nodded as Kell said as much. ,, "Perhaps I will keep my ears and eyes open for information on these strangers and we can strike a deal and share the profits, yes?"
  10. Yseult's lips curled in a smirk, bold, cold eyes sparkling. "Me, what I am looking for, I have never paid for and never will." The muscular woman arched a brow, giving the handsome man a frank once-over he didn't seem to mind. "You can be calling me Yssa." That sounds Athosian enough, doesn't it? "And I, what do I call you?" ,, "Kell." ,, Kell's tone was curt and tight, his dark eyes intent but unflinching. Yseult got the sense that there was supposed to be something significant about the name, something that he wasn't entirely proud of. Since Yseult didn't have the slightest clue what it could be, she decided to let it go with a nod, and hoped Kell would reciprocate by not questioning her Athosian credentials. They both had something to hide, but as long as it didn't impact either of them, they could leave it in the background for the sake of mutual attraction. ,, Besides, focusing her attention and senses on Kell, she liked the way he smelled. ,, "Well, Kell," Yseult murmured, finishing her own drink and slapping the mug down on the bar with a thump. "Beyond looking for a toy to play with - like everyone it is seeming on Kastar - there is something else you can be helping me find. Like most, we Athosians come here to relax and have fun. Lately, some of th- my kin, they are being harassed with questions about myths - Atlantis and the like. I simply want to find these fellows and ask them to stop. Respectfully of course." ,, Yseult's tone was full of Athosian decorum, but her slight grin was teasing, and the way hard muscle rolled and rippled beneath her tanned flesh was more ominous than respectful. "Thinking you can be helping me with such? I'm sure we can find a way to spend the rest of my time here afterwards."
  11. Or the Kaiju are the source of the rare material the corps are interested in, putting a high bounty on them. ,, Step 1: Kill Kaiju Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit.
  12. Yseult paused in the middle of a pedestrian boulevard, frowning as the press of bodies eddied around her tall and solid figure. With her basic Ancient, she couldn't quite catch what Tolend said at the end, but did get the gist that her promising lead on who was digging for info on Atlantis was a red herring. They were just a bunch of creeps hunting better eggs to replace those of their defective women. Though a thousand did seem excessive... ,, Whatever, it is not being my problem, unless another of these fucks want to harvest my eggs, then I will be their problem. I am hoping the others are having better luck than me... ,, There was nothing to it, but to head back into the everlasting party of Kastar, playing the part of a rustic Athosian. It wasn't entirely an act, this place was more wild than New Orleans at Mardi Gras, yet it was an every day thing. Yseult's lips curled into a smirk, she was sure she could find something to occupy her time. ,, In the meantime, her hearing was still tuned to that preternatural acuity, picking up sounds as if they were a hundred times closer, as well as being able to selectively filter the sounds. If nothing else, she might be able to pick some mention of Atlantis. Not an entirely random process, let's call it... canvassing... With beer.
  13. Yseult was a usually pragmatic woman, like most soldiers, and while many adjectives could be used to describe her, maternal was not one of them. She didn't particularly like kids, didn't particularly want any, and if she had a biological clock, it was a stopwatch that wasn't even counting yet. Hell, with her ovaries cut out, she wouldn't have to worry about getting preggers, what with their contraceptives no longer working on their enhanced physiology. They might even grow back, considering her recuperative abilities. ,, Yet, it was all she could do to stop herself from reaching across the table to grab the slick-smelling bastard around the neck and shove his head through the table. If she wasn't going to have any kids, no other motherfucker was going to use her bloody eggs to make any either. And the tattered remnants of her catholic upbringing was disgusted by the idea of invetro-fertilization or surrogate motherhood. ,, Behind her disgust and fury, a part of her mind swiftly and coldly considered why Tolend had made his offer to her. Whether he thought a woman obviously tall and strong, healthy and attractive, made good stock or if he suspected or knew about her superhuman attributes. Debated if he was one of those seeking information on Atlantis and drew plans on how to find and what to do if he was. ,, SNAP! ,, The rippling of steely muscle, an unconscious exertion of pressure, and Yseult shattered her wooden mug, crushing it into splinters. Fortunately, she had drained most of the beer, and wiped her wet fingers on her pants. Tolend noticed, she could smell that he did. He didn't smell aroused or lustful, but... something like wanting, proprietary, and still with that overtone of coolness. He didn't want her, but what she had. Yseult told herself doing the same thing to his head would probably cause more problems than it would solve. ,, "No," Yseult said tersely, taking a deep breath that strained the limits of her leather vest to collect herself. ,, "If you would allow me to detail the benefits of our offer-" ,, "No!" the muscular woman growled sharply, standing up and leaning over the table, pointing a finger right under Tolend's nose. "I am finding your deal incredibly offensive! No matter how painless the procedure or minimal the side-effects. We do not sell our children or our potential children." Well, some certainly did on earth, but Yseult never would, and she doubted the typical Athosian would either. "I'm of the mind of ripping off one of your balls for the affront, to see how you like it. Instead, I will walk away before I do something you'll regret and advise my te- my tribe to never trade with your kind. Pray you never see me again." ,, Without further word, Yseult walked away from Tolend, his jaw tight, nostrils flaring as his offer was tossed back in his face. But she had his distinct scent and tuned her hearing, locking onto any sound Tolend made. She'd be able to follow him without needing constant line of sight, barely needed any at all, able to tail him from parallel lanes. ,, With the drunk/high/horny alien frat-boys and sorority sisters wandering around, it was easy enough to pick up a discarded cloak off the ground without anyone saying anything. It was a deep, rusty red, and voluminous - with the hood up and her height and the breadth of her shoulders, it concealed her gender well enough, just in case Tolend got lucky. Didn't really cut down on people trying to grope her though. ,, Moving with the crowd in an economical lope, Yseult settled in to stalk her prey. She wanted to see if he approached anyone else from Atlantis or decided to make any convenient declamatory expositions meeting up with people from wherever the fuck he was from. ,, Parabolic Hearing Activating Parabolic Hearing for the Scene - 3qp. She can increase sounds effectively by 100 for her ears alone, as well as getting +3 dice for sound-based Awareness rolls, and is able to automatically home in on the source of any sound she can hear without a roll. QP: 27/30
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