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  1. "Funny," Francis remarked. "Sometimes I think there hasn't been a time where you haven't been watching me." He left, and returned straight to the combat simulator room. You remember what I asked you just before they woke me out of the coma, Nagareboshi? Are you up for it this time around?
  2. Francis was impressed at the effort going into these. "Yeah, you'll probably have plenty of these cranked out soon enough... There'll be firepower on this side, all right." He sighed... "Well, please excuse me. I'm going to get my affairs in order before reporting back at 1800." Maybe if he could carry out practice with Nagareboshi, that would help get his mind off the errors. What was done, was done. At least he recognized the folly...
  3. "Funny," Francis remarked. "I thought we weren't expecting a war so soon." Seeing Ruri's glance, he elaborated. "It's basically a walking artillery piece. Slow, but devastating to whatever it hits. But faster and numerous hostiles could overwhelm it. This isn't a design for defensive or patrol ops, that's clear. Either we would be attacking, or an attack on us gets by the outer defenses."
  4. The use of Agent here was hard and disapproving, as was everything Francis heard in that voice. And all too expected. "She came to me for marksmanship and hand to hand combat training. I chose to start her on the hand to hand aspects- and then fucked everything up. I used the training regimen I remembered from my past, which in retrospect was completely inappropriate. I compounded that by taking it too far. And now she's on a stretcher." It was supposed to be parade ground precise, but a tremor revealed his own feelings of guilt here. "That's it. Valid it may be... good it surely isn't."
  5. Francis stopped crisply as commanded and paused for a moment before speaking. "I have a report to make to Captain Hoshino on Lieutenant Rathbone's training." Can't even call it that in your heart.
  6. Pretty clear to me. "She came to me for marksmanship and hand to hand combat training. I was trying to instruct her with the style of training I remember, which in hindsight was inappropriate, and I took it too far for that matter. So I deserve the consequences." Francis got up and decided to look for Ruri. No use putting it off.
  7. Francis observed them as they departed, and then finally, his dispassionate control cracked. He walked over to the wall and sank back down, the truth of his actions sank in. On one hand, this was the sort of training he'd gotten back home, where medical technology allowed one to recover fast and be sent right back for another go. But he'd hated such training when he'd received it. What had he been thinking, being the instructor now? Well, Nagareboshi, Ruri and Kai will rip me new holes now. Which I certainly deserve.
  8. Francis couldn't help a grin. "That's better than I was expecting. But, that took everything you had to execute. Now-" He slammed a knee into her belly and then rolled out from under her. "You need more endurance than that. A pilot doesn't get that kind of shot more than once."
  9. "Sadism?" Francis snorted and shook his head even as he helped Rebecca back up. "Let me tell you something Lieutenant. You think you've seen combat flying a mecha? Sure, your neck is at risk, but if your mecha goes boom, death is more or less too quick for you to really feel the pain. In real combat, you have to overcome fatigue from constant fighting. Plenty of shots, blows or swipes don't kill you outright. Sure, they go for the instant kill, but it doesn't always work like that. In any case, with that kind of resistance to pain, even if you had the best weapons in the world, a mere grunt could knock you over then put a bullet in your brain. The point is... if you can't take it, you won't be dishing it out for very long."
  10. Francis shook his head in a manner suited to someone seeing that they have quite a lot of work to do. "You really need toughening up." He settled into a basic defensive stance. "If you're ready, attack me." Francis ordered. Too much bluster on Rebecca's end, her direct punch was too slow compared to a veteran, and Francis caught the fist, reeled her in with the momentum like a fish, and left hooked a blow into her face. The results were not pretty.
  11. "First things first," Francis established, "you have to learn to take the punishment. Toughen you up, as it is." When she was distracted with tossing away the removed the vest, his fist whipped into her stomach and Rebecca crumpled to the ground. Francis stepped back and observed her. "Sorry, did I say that? First thing is readiness at all times while in the dojo. Marksmanship is a different animal, and will be treated as such. But here, I will attack you at any time I choose, and a goal of mine is to have you be able to block the attack. This will not be excessively used, mind you. Now, please get up and we'll work on your basic combat stance."
  12. Francis nodded quietly as he sized Rebecca up. Too rigid, and simply not ready for a in the flesh attack. "Well Lieutenant," he pronounced firmly with an instructor's authority. "I'd like for you to recite what direct combat training you've received, if any." When she was done, he looked crossly at the vest. "You're not going to be wearing armor, are you? I suggest you take it off. We're starting hand to hand first."
  13. It was a good thing that Lt. Rathbone had come to him for combat training advice, Francis reflected. Otherwise, given that the main focus now was politics that he was completely inappropriate for, he'd have burnt himself out with excessive training with Nagareboshi. Not that if all went well, there wasn't going to be much fighting left on Earth or in Dalaaran. For a moment, Francis faced the quintessential question pondered by Roman legionnaires mustered out in the ancient Republic, or military veterans of the 'current day' First-world nations. What could men of war do in peacetime? Not a promising situation, he know. He shoved his mind off it, standing in a training room without simulators. It was a dojo section, attached to a firing range a few doors down. The fact was, she needed to how to handle guns and fist-fight with more than mecha weapons, and the sims presupposed a capacity for that. Well, things would hurt before she got better, that's what.
  14. Francis supposed that a secret unit... if not expected... well, he could understand the classified information there. There were 'need to knows' and mission critical back in the old days of the future. With Nagareboshi holstered again, he smiled at Kai. "Congrats on getting married to the love of your life. I'm sure matrimony will do you some good."
  15. Francis walked slowly, not out of any lack of caution, but frankly the battle was practically over as is. Twirling around Nagareboshi in his right hand, his face was emotionless and set. Of course, the reeling Dyandiel still had a hand capable of blasting people. Time to correct that. Focusing on his emerging connection with his gun Zanpakuto, Francis leveled the revolver and fired a precisely placed shot. The bullet struck Dyandiel's left arm in the shoulder joint, and ripped through in a current of blood and muscle. Without healing, no mortal force could allow Dyandiel to move or use that arm. And since no one wanted him to get his wits together... Francis might have been a bit cruel... but he shot out Dyandiel's kneecaps too with a pair of perfect trigger-pulls too. "The fact is, we were being patient with you... given all that we suffered to end this war, you think we'd give you an inch to start another one? You got what you asked for." Click to reveal.. Ultimate Bullseye to settle things.
  16. Francis shot up immediately. So the nobles had slipped, and now a chance was Satoshi's. "Kai, Dylandiel just ordered an attack on Lily and the others! We have to get them out now!" The anger and sudden shock made it clear he wasn't lying.
  17. Francis supposed there really was little they could do at the moment. Yet, a thought occurred to him, or at least the idea of keeping eyes and ears open for something, if there was anything. "Kai? As I recall, the communications grid on the planet was set up by Ruri and myself. I think it is still appropriate if I do some monitoring of the system to make sure it's still going smoothly." It was obviously clear what he meant.
  18. Francis walked out with the rest, anger simmering beneath the surface. The peacocks had succeeded in reversing much if not everything that had been done and gained in the war, refusing to concede to reality. And with the weakness of the Emperor, and the few nobles allied still equally weak, they pulled it off. "That's the problem, Rebecca. Those who really had a voice were against us from the beginning. We have peace and an alliance, but a hollow one." The heart and soul of the alliance had been ripped out. Kai and Lily had a political power in it, the biggest symbol, and the nobles- the Emperor was a puppet now- had destroyed it.
  19. "True," Francis commented... "but I would think that if they don't get an appropriate reminder that these Houses are standing on thin ice and the status quo is not acceptable... we might have to rebuild this planet again in the future, I fear." But he sat down too, shaking his head. "Politics." As if by reflex his hands sunk to his sides, one resting itself on his laser pistol... and the observant at this time would notice what appeared to be an old several-shot revolver holstered on the opposite side.
  20. Doctors.... Francis thought annoyed. They always underestimate how much I've been getting up from worse. Nevertheless, he performed the act of any patient who disagreed, he scowled- but complied indignantly. Way to get bed-bound for a day. Terrific. Still as he lay there hours later, he was feeling comfortable, if bored. His hands carressed the six-shooter Zanpakuto as they had been since the Doctor left.
  21. Francis's mouth dropped slightly open as he heard the doctor's accounting of his status over the past period of time. "Shit. Time went faster than I thought. Well, sorry about giving you guys that scare, things are fine, I assure you." He started to rise off of the bed.
  22. What did she-- Oh. Seeing the change from his room to a medical ward where it seemed as if he'd become an emergency patient made Francis' eyes grow to the size of dinner plates. And confused the hell out of him. Shouldn't his armor keep him safe and stable- and it wasn't present obviously. As the doctor scurried over, looking at him and oozing obvious relief, Francis touched the revolver, feeling a now comforting reassurance. "Doctor, I'm not sure why I'm here exactly. I was just meditating in my room. Is something wrong?"
  23. Francis recovered from the ogling and looked a little sheepish now. Easy now, she was a part of him, and he wasn't sure if this counted as narcissism or not- he hoped not. "Well, I don't think there's any way to ignore you now. No way, there isn't." Okay, that was bad. "All right. There is strength and power in our unity, and I want us to unlock it together. Are you willing to do that with me Nagareboshi?"
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