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  1. Francis smiled as he worked the controls to prepare SeaTalon to land. "We'd have to get the armor back for that... As for the teleportation, I'm linked to the systems when wearing the armor, and I can effectively adjust direction, momentum and velocity as needed. I could fall two miles and then teleport to the ground safely."
  2. Francis took Rebecca at her words. The jolt from his speed boost was certain to take her aback, as he boosted to 70% speed. But this time, the icy control of shooting took hold, and Francis narrowed his eyes. It was a great deal like adjusting your gun hand when it got down too it. Dexterous motions of hand and minute adjustments, and despite his roaring pace, he was getting the turns reasonably well. Then, when things might not have gotten crazier, Eldora port and the barge loomed. Francis finally began to slow down. "Preparing to land, Osprey. You copy?"
  3. "Roger that, Osprey." Francis acknowledged before putting his hands on the controls and setting the SeaTalon forward. With cautious but precise moves, SeaTalon slowly moved forward, and Francis took the mecha over to the launch bay. Then, so far, so good, he kicked up the engines and set out with a sudden boost of speed- which he then yanked back. The speed went from 0% to 40%, before Francis corrected it down to 30% and the SeaTalon bumped water a couple times before he appeared to get the hang of it. By 2.5 kilometers out, a smooth straight 25% speed had been achieved an maintained, and once 2.8 kilometers were crossed on the distance trackers, Francis eased down the speed until the SeaTalon ground to a halt. Francis' gaze flickered over the readings and then back to Rebecca. "3.07 kilometers from the launch bay, Osprey."
  4. "Only one I have, Osprey," Francis noted, "is this. When you fight in melee, you move your body and the SeaTalon responds? Or it downloads the data and you just move a stick?"
  5. "No," Francis replied, quietly listening and soaking up the details. "Go on." He stepped through the hatch too.
  6. Francis smiled, as he'd encountered pilots before, albeit in the aeronautics field rather than outright space traveling mecha engineers. "I have some general familiarity... and the callsign is Cowboy. I think it fits for me." --OOC: Francis' flight suit:
  7. 45 minutes later, Francis reappeared in the launch bay, having changed into a flight suit. Nagareboshi remained at his side, but the lack of his armor was a new feeling. Well, the Zanpakuto pointed out it had been a tool, nothing more. He waited in the bay for Osprey, having decided his callsign as well. Given that he had a revolver as a Soul Slayer, a Western style cowgirl for his Zanpakuto spirit... Cowboy seemed appropriate, yes?
  8. "I wasn't suffering from a case of self-esteem loss, Osprey." Francis fired back at the grandstanding. "Not to mention no one has hired a test pilot to do inspirational posters. A reason you know." His tone suggested wise-cracking rather than annoyance or anger though. "See you in 45." He walked out of the simulator room, since instead of teleporting he would have the time to think of a callsign... was that even necessary?
  9. "I'm pretty sure all that was today was a scouting party, based on the records and my own observations..." Francis considered her offer scrupulously before making his decision. "You're right. The only other thing I could do in a space fight would be the teleport boarder. I'll take you up on that. May you be a better teacher than I was... not that it says much."
  10. "War is brutal." Francis told Rebecca straightly. Then his face grew worse and more bothered as he continued. "Thing is, Satoshi encountered the Invaders before... not that I was there at the time. And worse, we're about to fight them again. Already have actually. Since Ruri had me take comm duty for the last few days, I got a front row seat for the skirmish today."
  11. "They're Invaders... apparently." By Francis' words he admitted to not having much experience with the aliens either.... "But before I elaborate-" He hung his head a little. "I was terrible as a teacher. Using an inappropriate training regimen from my time, and compounding it with overuse. Not an easy thing to do. I'm sorry for the injuries I caused you and for whatever else it's done."
  12. Francis had seen Rebecca come in, with his tweaked senses thanks to the minor gene therapy back in the future- but he was starting and hoping that she would let him go through with this exercise. Of course the big Invader was too ungainly to strike him, but over the course of the engagement, it was nearly impervious to Nagareboshi and the crushing swipes were getting closer. Rebecca was about to call in SeaTalon when Francis teleported up to the back of the Invader's neck, and pumped several rounds into the weak spot there. That did the trick, and the Invader toppled over, before vanishing into digital information. Francis wiped a hand across his brow and felt cathartic enough to talk to Rebecca. "What do you think of the show, Lieutenant?"
  13. All boring things must come to an end, and once again, Francis' shift ended. There was a message waiting from Ruri when he checked out. It's time you apologized to Lt. Rathbone. Francis nodded, even though he wasn't looking forward to whatever expression she would be wearing on her face. Francis tapped out a message requesting Rebecca to meet him in the combat simulator room in 30 minutes so that he could apologize. He teleported back into the simulator, and he now had 30 minutes to work off his steam and get prepared before talking. The small Invaders, human-sized beasties were easy kills. After the first several going down, Francis decided to up the ante and bring out a larger Invader.
  14. *Yes.* Francis slumped back in his chair and unconsciously fingered his Zanpakuto. *When we get out of here, to the combat simulators. I'm going to see what these Invaders are like in combat.*
  15. *You think?* Francis responded with blatant heapings of sarcasm. *Nobody will be happy about any of this in the first place. I just wish I were wrong... this hasn't been the first time recently that I've made big mistakes of course.*
  16. Francis watched impressed at the main body of Satoshi forces and how they rolled through the Invaders. But the path to victory in this war of Dalaaran had been strewn with traps and two steps behind Takashi and Hizashi. It had really only been through luck and victory over the leaders of the rebellion that had led to Satoshi's triumph. Not counting the major Houses all but joining up for a coup d'etat a week or more ago. So Francis wasn't ready to count this a win. He studied all the footage he'd received from first contact with the drones, correlated with past records. And his conclusions weren't pretty. *Well, we can worry about shifting life later Nagareboshi. The war has only been just turned on.* He opened another channel to Ruri. "Captain, congratulations to the pilots and soldiers... but my study of that fight indicates that was just a small scouting party. Unprepared... this time around. I think Kai's words about being us being sick of fighting when we dealt with the nobles is premature. And we just about finished re-building too." Too Easy... Military Sciences roll: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 3+5+9: 17
  17. Francis studied the consoles, and the display on the far right indicated that Satoshi's ETA to contact would be imminent. So he kept the shuttle out of action, and back to give him a few of the show. A space fight, though not something he could participate in, was probably the most interesting thing on the job so far. *Nagareboshi, do you think is going to happen to us when there is war no more? At least for the foreseeable future.*
  18. Francis knew the drones were expendable, so he set the remaining two to split up and feed back what formation and other tactical information he could. "Captain, I've got an update. There's three capital ship size Invaders, they're deploying hundreds of smaller nasties now. I'll see what remaining intel I can get from the drones."
  19. Francis' breath slowed, and he felt at this moment terribly irked that he would be stuck behind the comms for what was to come, rather than in the action... I really don't know what to do in peacetime anymore, do I? He slammed the button link, even as he ordered the drones to spread and get some estimation of the overall Invader fleet size. "Captain, I have confirmation, they are Invaders. I repeat, I have confirmation they are Invaders."
  20. "Roger that." Francis stared intently at the screens then sent all the drones screaming forward, full throttle. At least comm duty was a little bit more interesting today, that was an utter certainty.
  21. Francis grew suspicious, and pulled back two of the drones, sending the last one even more forward. He opened a communication to Ruri as well. "Captain, there's several unidentified objects that came into the system. Might be ships... one is definitely 700k tons minimum. Please advise."
  22. Well, it was something at last. Francis had the shuttle going at full speed. The shuttle slowed down as the location of the spike was getting closer, and then it halted a fair distance away. Francis deployed the mecha in a V formation, and sent them cautiously forward.
  23. Ok, that would make sense. Francis admitted embarrassed. Finding you had nearly died because of the time you spent had that effect on memories later on. In that case, I'm shelving this until the situation is over. Time to get a meal before the remaining free time was up. When he got his meal, he could almost swear he saw the cook scowl at him, but he had been distracted by the meatloaf enough to not be sure. He ate, then went to his room. When the clock struck 1800 hours, he was present for comm duty.
  24. I already understand comm work very well. Francis responded altering course to get a meal in instead, But if that's the way you feel... do you really think I'm going to play hooky and avoid the shift?
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