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  1. Clearly, Francis considered, listening to the conversation, this meant the Amaha and the Satoshi corporation had extended to beyond Earth far in the past. The one thing he couldn't help put wonder was, would Roshi know what Satoshi would be? Or could be? Francis retained memories of the future, and though broken up and disconnected, though Nagareboshi had counseled him to not obssess over it anymore- Well, it was comming back to him over time anyway- and with Kai's earlier demeanor, it did trouble him. To his knowledge, he WAS the only one aware that Satoshi, and Kai- had the capacity to become what they'd fought. But would they? Francis wondered at times if he was from a future- or THE future. In the meantime... "Dimensional detection? I HOPE that means he's been keeping tabs on Kazuo." When Kai brought up Roshi's perversions, Francis shrugged. "Sounds like one of my old bosses. It seems to be a common thing with old men."
  2. A shot rang out from Francis' position in the upper reaches of the tree, ripping through the eye of the dragon Rebecca had injured and putting it down with a great cry as well. "Exploit the line of least resistance." Its packmate bellowed with animal wrath and charged the tree, smashing it down, but Francis had teleported onto its back, and charged down the body, raising Nagareboshi and centering his focus on another dragon's eyesocket. The retort sounded, another dragon brought down after lumbering steps. "Choose the course of least expectation." OOC Quotes are from B.H. Liddell Hart's Strategy (2nd Edition). I own that book, tis a good read.
  3. "More like things..." Francis stopped suddenly and went pale from memories of his last visit and view before he reminded himself that the powerful members of this group could take them. "Dammit." His voice was controlled, but with difficulty. "A pack of land dragons, ten all told. Riderless, blood-crazed and headed our way. Did I mention one of them is a Male Grand Basilisk? So... Mon Capitan, do we fight or move elsewhere to continue the interrogation?"
  4. Francis sighed quietly to himself, as he didn't really have any other questions or particular thoughts to muster for the barkeep at this time. Besides, it sounded like he'd hear about the 'Titan' or whatever mecha it was in due course. And of course, as Rebecca had been doing until now, a watchful eye had to be kept out for pursuers or spies. Fortunately, he was well equipped for all of that. Heading over to that tree nearby Rebecca, he athletically climbed it and one near the top, slipped down his sensor glasses and began scanning the area in radar, sonar, infrared and normal perception channels. And with his genetic modification and technology- he heard it. Something definitely large and generating a major infrared signature, more than one even. The sounds were coming from the west towards their direction. "Heads up!" He called down, "We got some large group incoming from the west."
  5. Francis tapped his chin. Nothing like the Titan that he'd heard of, though arguably a mecha of some kind. "Right... since we're still going to be facing the chances of a tangle with Lawrence's forces... what's he got in powered forces besides the dragons, and the techno-mages? Any big names we should know about?"
  6. Francis quietly listened, frustration spent at the moment. The blatant fact was that they didn't have the ability to afford playing along with Lawrence's vendetta. "Ok, Lance. So we'd better drag him off, at least so he is less likely to inform on the wanted... wanted?" Something lit up in Francis' eyes and he teleported back to the bar. As he thought, the bartender was still there, right by him. Immediately, he wrapped an arm lock around the informant and teleported outside the bar, pausing to pull off something he'd noticed before but not really paid attention to. Then he reappeared with the man and a paper in his hands. Francis let down the sputtering barkeep and chuckled. "This was on the outside of the bar... I almost didn't realize what this is." He passed over the paper to Skye. "Remind you of anyone?" It was a poster of a man with a scar, much like Kazuo, with a very large number at the bottom. "Another thing to get out of our friend here. Kazuo may just have a bounty on his head, which at least makes following his trail easier."
  7. Francis simply had enough at that point. Her idea was more reasonable, but Francis was not in the mood to do it any more than in a temperamental fashion. He forced the armor rather swiftly to teleport and flash out everyone in moments. They were now standing in woods, the town barely visible in the distance. "Got what you asked for Rebecca." He snapped. "And you know what? Do I really have to make some things clear to you all? One, this group has no way to avoid bad attention wherever we go. Two, we came here to rescue Kazuo, not get involved in another war. Three, if Skye is suggesting a frontal assault on this Bonegate, I am tired of those. If she's actually as I suspect, implying she has positive relations with Lawrence, I'm not going to bet that his mad-on for Kai and company doesn't lead to an attack first and ask questions later decision. I would rather I took Skye there, and she can catch up with her old friend, acquaintance, whatever, prod him for knowledge on where Kazuo might be, hell, negotiate mercy for Kai or something. Everyone else should find a place to lay low until we return." His rant spent, he sighed and stared back. "Sorry. But this is a get in, get out situation, and clumping together as a group and flouncing across Ikaris will get us no where." OOC Sorry everyone, but this is one of those points where Francis has had enough.
  8. Has she gone insane? Francis didn't have much time to ponder any more of that, for he had to sidestep a bar of metal that would have cracked his skull and duck under the knives brandished in his face. "Get yourself beaten up if you want, I know they're in that mood for blood!" Sticking to Kai's orders though, he kneed the first assailant of his in the stomach, sending the man wheezing down. Number two got a swift palm socking in the jaw. The last one, a man with a bristling black beard and the drunkest of the lot, Francis would swear, raised his truncheon, but Francis swept the legs out from under him. The thud when sot met floor was quite audible, and a hell jab to a pressure point was just to ensure the boozer stayed down.
  9. Francis' turned his attention over to the barkeep, all thoughts of investigation banished. Two travelers with great power and artifacts... they were dead of course, but who could be utterly sure in their case- if it was them. "Those two... did they look like-" He gave a pair of rough physical descriptions that to the group lined up with Hizashi and Takashi. If it's them, we are screwed.
  10. Francis pushed off Rebecca and slid over to Lance. "Picking up anything?" He whispered sotto voce. "Like where the capital city is? I'm considering some solo visiting to investigate."
  11. Francis heard the conversation, then paused for a moment before his memory of the recorded logs caught up with him. "Lawrence. Ah." Then it caught up again. "Oh. Shite." This was another level of complications added on. "Well, barkeep? Ever seen a fellow with a foul attitude, wings, black hair..." A few of Kazuo's most prominent traits were given out.
  12. Francis smiled. "Thank you." Word had traveled fast from the gate. Returning to the group, he nodded to Kai. "If anyone minds a drink and whatever the news happens to be about, I'll lead the way."
  13. Francis raised an eyebrow as he listened to the discussion between Kai, Lily and Rebecca. "There's always one classic means of getting information." With a casual grin, he walked over to one of the few bold townsfolk and politely bowed his head. "Good sir, mind telling me where the local watering hole is?" "The what?" "Tavern, inn, place to get drinks." Francis explained. Nothing like intoxicants and the elders of a town that loved to tell stories, all they could do or so it seemed.
  14. Francis knew that the Amaha name had lasted even to his time, but it clearly had spread farther than he'd ever thought. Well, that helped a great deal. Curiousity struck him, and with the glasses still on, he started using sensors to examine the technology of the town as they went in, for mayhaps he could get a sense of what was the source/nature of their goods.
  15. Francis looked like he'd been kicked in the nuts, punched in the stomach and elbowed on the nose at once. "I think Kai meant both of us do it, not just you, silly. I could have spared myself and almost half of the remainder from that."
  16. Francis grinned sardonically. "Let me let you all in on something. For as long I remember, I've been able to sense time. Basically, know the exact time and date... but now it matters. I've been to Ikaris before... but this time: I got the date in my head and it's jumped forward by one hundred years. I'm certain. We'll see what influence caused that, I'm sure."
  17. "We've already got a surprise, Kai." Francis pronounced gravely. "I don't think anyone else checked the warships out, but I did." He tapped the sensor glasses before explaining the source of his concern. "They're sporting 21st century weapons, namely Satoshi-style laser cannons and railguns. Don't think we'll be seeing swords, shields and spears so much now." Then, suddenly an intuitive sort of hammer hit him in the mind, and his eyes grew utterly shocked. "I can feel the time flux here. Ikaris has always been in line with the timestream. Now its a hundred years ahead of us now. Damn if I know how." He returned to normal focus, bewildered for a moment, then sighed. "Basically, too late for avoiding surprises."
  18. Francis cast a concerned look at Skye before deciding to get the obvious out. "Well, it's obvious none of us here would say no to rescuing Kazuo. Even, though, let's be honest, Skye's the only one airing her true feelings about Ikaris here. No offense Lily, but I've seen the archives. I doubt Kai getting a new lease on life doesn't make up for all that happened. And Ikaris has a place in my memories for less than pleasant reasons. Meaning we'll really need to be ready when we head through the gate." He paused before moving onto the next thoughts. "Keeping Gai and the CRTs under Georgi and Eiji here is necessary, and I think they can handle anything coming their way- lest it be the main mass of Invaders at once. Shiyukumei... she's what really concerns me. Gai implied she's a criminal of notoriety among their people, and I can't say she doesn't give off that vibe."
  19. Francis shrugged. "Been there once, myself. But who says we'll be in the same region twice? Things get feisty down there, I've learned. Particularly in the Shards of Azar. Feudal lords tend to be a handful, not that we haven't learned that already."
  20. Francis looked a mite pensive, but he didn't seem overly worried. "If Gai's right, and he handles things, it shan't come to a fight. I hope." He folded his arms as he surveyed the scene and could do the only thing they all could. Wait.
  21. Francis supposed he could be at ease more. Not that he wasn't enjoying the party, but there had been a lot to digest. Fair enough that it called for some thought, though as he interacted with the Dalaaran and Satoshi soldiers, and even danced a couple rounds- things got easier. Finally he came up to Sakura and gave an exaggerated nod of respect. "Care to dance?" She assented and as they swirled around, Francis commented: "So you're Kai's relative, Skye is half-Dalaaran... I wonder, is sour-faced Lance a monkey's uncle?" The wry grin looked amused by his joke.
  22. "A little worrisome, actually." Francis commented, admitting his feelings on the subject. "It was really energetically fun... too much cutting loose. Honestly, I know how to fly these things now, but it does require a certain restraint, I think." A thought occurred to him and then he grinned. "I've earned my callsign alright."
  23. "Game." Francis assured her with a grin that said he was raring for action too. "And the civic work can't hurt... my last spot of effort on that was repairing the communications network, and we know how useful THAT was." He paused for a moment, remembering shooting Dyandiel and the massacre of nobility outright. "My word, let's hope the upper classes don't get out of hand again."
  24. Francis popped out of the SeaTalon and shortly later reappeared with the armor on over the flight suit and his helmet on. "All integrated and ready for training, Osprey." He pronounced, settling back down into a seat. "All the benefits of the armor, and the life support in place. You probably should take over the flight now."
  25. "Of course it should." Francis commented. "And we should practice that, I like the way you think here." A wicked idea came to him. "Does the SeaTalon have enough fuel for a VERY speedy round trip back? I do need to pick up the armored suit if we're doing that."
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