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  1. Level Five Strangely, though it seemed roughly like this level was egg chambers here as well, it was bare. Only eggs dotted here and there - and no Guardians to resist the Spartan roasting techniques. More shrieks - growing louder and louder, Linda looked up from the charred remnants of the egg she'd burnt to ashes. "Is this an ambush?" "No...?" Francis pondered as he swept the area. "All sensor modes indicate nothing. Are they waiting for us at the core?" No ambush here, which seemed complete illogical, the eggs being completely undefended. "If so," Kelly commented sternly, "like I said - be sharp all of you." It was an utterly un-cheery thought.
  2. [This takes place during Chapter 14] Level One The Invaders circled and moved about in their nest. Cave-like crevices dotted the perimeter of this level, and the multi-legged monstrosities gathered and waited, whatever malign intelligence controlling them did not call for an assault on the remnants of Aradia yet. A glint of a blazing projectile caught some of their notice, but far too late as it exploded into a burst of fire and wrath. A gap burst in the motley horde, and screams, alien burst about. At that point from behind a section of rocks, Francis and the Spartans swung their weapons over the cover and began blazing away at the surprised and disorientated morass. Finally, the Invaders got their whits together, even as more limbs and the smell of their discolored blood began to paint the rock in an dark parody of ancient cave paintings. They charged - which was exactly the idea the Spartans had in mind. With the roar of their guns switching to fully automatic - except Nagareboshi, the tide of Invaders soon became a trickle. Two burst onto the rocks, still alive - but Grace suddenly blew hails of bullets into one, then adjusting with surprising speed to put down the next less than a moment later. "Whooo!" Ryan pumped his fist into the air, with excitement, "Way to go!" Francis clicked his tongue and Kelly nodded despite their glee. "Five more to go, team. The hard stuff's ahead." They formed up with Ajax on point, and quietly moved onwards.
  3. Francis nodded to Kelly, and with the group made their fanning advance through the trees. Perhaps in the nest they'd get an answer or two. He could feel Nagareboshi's presence and smiled. Let's kick butt.
  4. Francis communicated back: "Good. Perhaps we'll find something of use to know if we take it out." His sensors were showing it to not be anything other than a small stronghold.
  5. "Roger that." Francis acknowledged, as he set out on his own recon path but within easy contact of Kelly's team. It was a concerning thought, that this was only one small fraction of the world, demons and Invaders still present everyone. And the destruction of universes still was worrisomely present in his mind. What did they have to do with this? It seemed even for them, out of character to be so nilistically active, unless they were being driven by whatever force destroyed universes. But that was no help. Damnit, he thought as he sweeped the area, we're still barely any closer to the answer than before. OOC Perception roll: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 5+6+12: 23
  6. "Why not?" Francis was all for it. With his blood pounding from the thrill of unlocking that powerful attack with Nagareboshi, he wasn't exactly ready to simply stay back for the time being. He needed some sort of activity, and Kelly's suggestion did give him the answer to that need.
  7. Yes, Francis agreed as the last Invader tried to move despite a ripped up mid-section and collapsed with the futility. And plenty of targets to demonstrate that too... As the grass- still quite green crunched under his boots, Nagareboshi smiled- he could feel it, and offered a comment that surprised him. I think you're ready then. For what? It took a few hazy moments of communion to sort this all out, but Nagareboshi pointed out she'd been in Shikai all this time- Francis could only blame his lack of experience with the nature of Zanpakuto, otherwise he would have connected the facts that no mundane, technological pistol could deal damage the way her bullets could. Except now Francis had the power to bring their game up a notch. A horde of demons bunched up for another surge, and this time, Francis didn't wait. In a blink, he teleported right in front of their onrushing charge and grinned. Nagareboshi was raised, pointed out at the wave, and Francis focused his energies as he spoke the attack name. "Comet Bullet." A single bullet fired, with a fiery glow around it and tail of energy, moving at speeds far far faster than the regular bullet shot. It drilled right through the neck of a larger demon with insectoid features- and then exploded in a great sphere of fire, letting off a boom like an asteroid's impact with terrestrial ground. The blast swallowed up the demonic surge, and when it dissipated, there was nothing but a waste of incinerated bodies... Francis grinned and punched the air. "Yeeha!"
  8. "That's only going to be temporary," Francis pointed out, firing Nagareboshi and the continual stream of bullets cutting down a pack of wolf-sized Invaders on the charge. "Attrition's not on our side here, and once the enemy figures out what's going on... I fear we become the Three Hundred at the Hot Gates." On the plus side, we've got something to bond over, don't we Nagareboshi?
  9. Francis had teleported into the morass of the fight, Nagareboshi in had and blazing bullets in a constant stream of trigger pumping. Demons were worn down and penetrated in the eyes, head, anywhere vulnerable. He heard Lily's call, but that wasn't going to work. The circle of Aradians still had demons on their front, so Francis popped in, shot one, kicked another away from the Aradian it was going to chop and shot that. "Ok, cavalry's here. How bad is Aradia in general?"
  10. Francis' eyes were closed, his teeth lightly gritted and his hand rested on Nagareboshi's butt comfortingly. Homeline- gone. So another one is claimed- Nothing's going to happen to you. We'll put an end to this. Except they still didn't know any more other than hints of Bazaroth. The fact that Rebecca was reflexively reaching for every theory under the sun didn't help. "Except we're not much closer to the answer than before. There WERE Invaders coming in there though... though I don't know if even a full force of theirs could destroy an universe."
  11. Francis sighed. "Well, the question is then... since you apparently made such devices- where exactly did you keep them, and can you expect to be able to determine whether or not the universe destroying is the work of said technology?"
  12. Francis looked at Kai for a minute, then burst out laughing. "Blood tests? BLOOD TESTS?" Finally he regained control and sighed, grinning like a madman. "Blood tests. That's right... they're still in use on Earth Prime. You know, maybe when this is all over- good over- I'll talk to Ruri about the efficient methods we used here."
  13. Francis shrugged, affecting an air of nonchalance. "Yes, I knew. For how long have I known? That, I don't plan on sharing. Regardless, I would have told you earlier, if it weren't for the fact that you'd go haring off full tilt without the fleet. Based on my recollections and what I've learned in Satoshi, the Head Director's certainly a branch family member. Enjoy meeting your clansman."
  14. Francis nodded, and told the command staff the frequency channel to hail on. The world he'd known for so long glimmered in his view, and yet Earth Prime had made it lessened and stunted, not that the policies of Homeline hadn't done that to the industrialized- and clearly glowing city-scape world below. He stiffened into an alert pose, hands linked behind his back. "CTAA vessels, this is Epsilon 36273. Stand down, I repeat stand down, this is not a hostile incursion. I'm with them." The screens sparked to life, and the image of a man in his thirties, uniformed and with hard scars and lines in his face stared back at Francis. Francis of course, quirked an humorless grin, recognizing the cold-blue eyed beret wearing officer immediately. "Captain Argyle. Should have expected you to be around here John-" "Gold." Argyle was not so friendly, which was to be expected, but he seemed icier towards his old comrade. "Agent Gold. What the hell do you think you're doing? Your mere presence on those ships is---" "Not an invasion." Francis snapped, losing his grin and glaring back. "Yes, I've bloody broken the rules. We're not in a position to banter about that. Or is the Homeline economy not tanking after the loss of Cathedral and Imago, among others?" The remark took the immediate anger out of Argyle's face, but Francis knew things had changed between them. Argyle was always such a stickler for the gag of silence. "What do you want?" The CO of Omega Security Squad finally asked. "Put me through to Command." Francis requested, more calmly and diplomatically now. "I want to talk to the Head Director." Argyle stared for a moment, then called something out to an off-screen individual. The image went to white for a moment, then it revealed a suited young-looking man with dark glasses and a skin tone and hair matching that of Kai's. His expression seemed speculative as he observed Francis standing with Kai and Lily. Those two he seemed to have a frank interest in. "Can I help you, Agent Gold?" The Head Director would have been abreast of all this, and his appearance of leniency seemed more settling to Francis. And now the surprise was in, which brought a smile to his face. "Yes. I would like to make some introductions. From Earth Prime, Princess Aksaniolilly of the Dalaaran Empire, and Kai Morisato of Satoshi Heavy Industries, meet Head Director Hisagi Amaha of Homeline's Cross-Timeline Acquisition Authority. We have a proposition for you."
  15. "Then let's get this over with." Francis stated. Once more into the breach it would seem.
  16. "It was my home." Francis stated, the subtlety not hard to grasp. "I like it better here to be honest. And as for the trust?" Francis mock-sighed and rolled his eyes. "If I'm getting a dollar each time I hear that... I'll be a billionaire soon. One time's enough."
  17. "We're talking about Command. The Head Director and his adjutant, the Division Directors and their assistants. Basically, the top-rankers. Be polite, but I don't think you should sugar-coat it, these are hard-working people not unlike what we've got in Satoshi. And I realized that as long as we don't cause an out and out fight, we'll be fine." He tapped his head. "I almost forgot the one thing we have that will make things a lot easier. But I can't tell you just right now. Basically, when we jump, I'll keep Security from panicking, use my position to get our representatives in front of Command, and you guys take it from there."
  18. "Advanced tech." Francis reminded Kai. "Part of my armor had some, which got damaged on my 'crash landing.'" And yet he was wondering about one more ace in the hole, and his warnings to Kai. It had been rumored among the CTTA that the Head Director's surname was Amaha. Perhaps Satoshi might be able to act more smoothly. *What do you know, Nagareboshi? I had to leave this place behind in mind as well as body, and now we're heading back.*
  19. "Do you really want to know?" Francis knew heading home had scared him for so long, something he had resisted, and the reason was about to be unveiled. "The CTAA has a near-paranoid state of secrecy when it comes to Homeline's existence. As I said, to avoid reprisals, opposition in other Worlds, invasions, etc. Except they take it to an extreme degree. Any agent, even one as senior as I, could expect Darkpit if we came back and were determined to have spilled the beans. And they will find out. Under normal circumstances, we could expect a dramatic response from the Security division, and they'd pull out the Omega Squad to say the least. But this is not normal times, and they'll know something's wiping out dimensions left and right. If I can keep hostilities at bay, talk directly to Command like any Epsilon-clearance agent can... they'll help. The Directors aren't fools."
  20. Francis nodded. "I can recite them forwards or backwards if you wanted." His face grew a little more serious and he supported Ryoma's arguments. "Not that I don't think we could run into this dimension threat, but Ryoma's right. Part of why the CTAA is so anal about secrecy is that they want to protect Homeline from any other dimension's incursion, especially Bazaroth. You could easily be taken as such, and that would royally hamper things." "And Ryoma, in many ways Homeline is utterly dependent on the resources gained from cross-dimensional travel. They have every reason to search out this threat, and the knowledge base to figure things out."
  21. Francis nodded without quarrel. "Pretty much my view." He paused before deciding to add a warning. "Though if you're honestly thinking of going to Homeline, we need to discuss this later."
  22. "Great." Francis rubbed his head suddenly, as he realized the only suggestion he could offer with regards to potential multiversal catastrophe. "I guess I have to offer this dangerous idea, given the situation. Dangerous most likely for me... but anyway. It sounds as if we need help, and I know of a non-Prime Native group that not only specializes in regular trans-dimensional travel, but also has a vast body of knowledge and research on the subject of dimensions. My home timeline's Cross Time Acquisition Authority. The organization I used to work for."
  23. Francis smirked lightly. "If memory serves, 9,876. I saw that number during a briefing long before I arrived in this one. What we are actually having to go through-" his smirk disappeared... "I don't know, and I'm not sure I want to know."
  24. "Fuck." The word resounded around the room before Francis sighed. "Pardon my language. This just makes things more annoying, to say the least."
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