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  1. The young man teleporting away, annoyed Squatro, but the Saiyan's movements brought his gaze over to the logical path.... BINGO! Squatro jumped into the air, and started Sky Walking his way towards the priestess and the jacket-wearer. It was clear to them when they saw him that he wanted to have a word with them.
  2. The blitzkrieg had been swift and brutal, leaving Squatro with little but only time to defend himself and dodge attacks. As the aftermath settled down, Squatro looked around at the carnage, took a deep breath.... and let it out quietly. He walked aside, and if he seemed far too calm and dispassionate for such a scene, so be it. It was in his training after all. Don't lose your head, keep a clear mind. The whole thing made little sense. A sudden, massive paramilitary attack, with massive collateral damage, all just to get their hands on a.... a.... The fighter in the Capsule Corp jacket and carrying the sword had called it a Dragonball. If he knew what it was, he knew why this crime had occurred - and maybe who had done it. Squatro immediately started searching for that man. The government would need answers.
  3. AGENT SQUATRO Character Full Name: Squatro Jones Species: Human Gender: Male Height: 5'10 Weight: 160 lb. Age: 20 Likes: Black Noodle Dishes Crazy Food Combinations Fighting Dislikes: Paperwork Pink Spicy Foods Personality: Generally, Squatro is not hard going, going with the flow, though his occupation requires a hidden side of seriousness and even maybe ruthlessness if the job demands it. At heart he is a patriot for Earth and its people, having pretty much been raised to defend it from birth. He has a distinctive laugh: "Ske-hehehehehehe." Background: After the series of alien attacks hundreds of years ago, where individuals like Vegeta, Nappa, the Androids, Cell, and others proceeded to cause immense chaos and destruction - casually dismissive of official responses - it rankled the Government that civilians repeatedly saved the world. They were good Samaritans, true, but there was the principle of the thing. This provoked a long program of training and developing a cohort of overt and secret powered agents who worked for the King and Earth, and likewise keeping an eye on such time as the Cosmos Tournaments. Agent Squatro, a youth adopted as an infant by government officials and raised within the Program, has been tapped for this year's tourney, acting in plain view as a would-be competitor. Partly because he's an unknown, partly as a way of testing the potential already hinted at by his mastery of the Five Stars Style.
  4. Squatro did a couple of quick leg stretches while his opponent paraded in. Supubla, a purple-skinned alien that looked like a cross between a worm and a centaur, with an upright yet curved body, four legs and a large rounded nub of flexing flesh at what would be the rump of a human. Without fanfare, Supubla sprang forward. It was a prodigious leap. Squatro acted to block the soaring slam, blocking the accelerated punch with the side of his arm, but he had enough room for thought to remember his studies on his opponent. Those legs and lower muscles gave quite a lot of jumping power, and helped manage the presence of fatigue better than Squatro's would. Squatro retaliated with a quick chop. The two traded a flurry of punches, bouncing around the arena like Mexican jumping beans. When they broke off for a moment, Squatro felt bruises on his arms and sides, but so too had Supubla, if those bluish marks were any sign. Squatro grinned. Sure, he had his duty, and he was doing it. But business could mix with pleasure. To actually put himself to the test was fun. His feet beat a rhythm and Squatro flew into the air with Sky Walk. Then, he flipped over, head over heels, blue slashes lashing out. "Storm Slice!" The Storm Slice was fast, and the first once actually winged Supubla, whom leaped clear past the second---- Wait, where did he go? "Hoooooo!" Crap. Supubla had leaped high enough to get above Squatro, and grappled him for a painful landing. *KRAKOOM* Squatro groaned in the crater, but wasn't giving up yet. Down to the basics of dirty fighting. He slammed a knee between Supubla's legs. Whom staggered back several paces and hissed, but not actually that bothered. Dummy, Agent Squatro. Not everyone has their nads in the same--- Skehehehehehe. Of course. Squatro moved forward and so did Supubla - but Squatro broke out of his impromtu feint and came behind Supubla. "Pointer Pistol!" His index finger slammed rapid-fire into the nub of flesh, and the howl there confirmed his suspicions. The foot caught him as he was congratulating himself. Made him really mad. This is gonna suck. Which indeed it did.
  5. Francis crossed his fingers and paused in thought. In truth, it was one thing to fight in battle, knowing the risks and willingly taking them on. But here, it was explicitly clear that he wouldn't be coming back from this. Aradia was safe though... but for how long? A great cosmic reboot. That would be something for the memory books, though. "I can't say how I count as being touched... but... if this is the only way... I just hope it works... much less that we can meet again."
  6. "Ok, the obvious." Francis said, still tired-looking, and wearing somewhat damaged clothing as his armor was slowly slowly pulling itself back together in a laborious process. He looked like he was inside a scrapheap. "Do you know what's causing dimensions to just disappear?"
  7. Francis took a breath, panted with relief. Wow, hot damn. They had won. Then Lily's anguished cry snapped him over to Kai's limp form. Crap. "Don't.... don't tell me he's dead!?" Lily looked back at him with tearful eyes. "No, but with that manaburn, he probably wishes he was. We don't have any more flowers..." her voice trailed into a whisper. Francis still wasn't entirely up on the matters of magic and arcane intricacies... but it sounded like spells and sorcery wouldn't help him. Then it hit Francis, and with intelligence trained and honed over long years, the scientist part of him realized the trick to this. "The trick's pretty clear then." He announced with a sudden certainly. The others looked at him blankly, and Francis stifled a snort. "Gimme a moment." The suit was going to take this hard, but he calculated the loss of functionality to be only temporary. And Nagareboshi was right, it was only just a tool. The silvered armor of his Bankai started to split apart by rifts of energy, the techo-spiritual combination being emphasized on the technological part as Francis started inputting advanced commands. "Divert all power to Medical and Repair Nanites, 500% priority maximum healing and pain modulation." The silver armor whorled with the sudden appearance of the standard armor, twisting as a gray cloud seemed emerge from it... The system was being overloaded, but Francis stepped in and dropped his hands to Kai's body. The suit crackled, spat out the massive gray cloud around Kai as the nanites went to hyper-active work, and everything went dark around Francis. The armor-suit was silent at last. He groaned and dropped to a sitting position on the ground... but he was right. In seconds the nanites had percolated off Kai, who was looking like he'd never had a scratch in his life, and the last of the Amaha opened his eyes.
  8. Francis evading the first ball and the second impacted harmlessly against the forces his suit projected. "Sorry, I didn't hear you over the sound of your failure." Comet Storms continued to be fired back. OOC Soul roll: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 1+6+6: 13 Defense Rolls: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+6+20: 32 Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 3+3+20: 26 Second attack hits, Guard cuts it down to 62.5, soaked by Armor. Guard active again. Comet Storm x4 attacks: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+2+19: 27 Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 3+1+19: 23 Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 1+2+19: 22 Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 4+5+19: 28 500 per hit, and Autofire makes increments of 3 add more hits. HP: 900/900 EP: 505/880
  9. This is where, Francis concurred, the big guns went all out. Raising the chromed Nagareboshi, he pointed her at the demon lord and a fiery glow started to build up from the Zanpakuto. "Comet Storm." What followed was an inferno's worth of blasts, a sheer relentless storm of fiery fury. Surely the demon lord would be hard pressed to defend against those. OOC Activating Guard and Comet Storm for all 4 attacks: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 5+5+19: 29 Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 2+4+19: 25 Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 4+6+19: 29 Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 2+3+19: 24 Autofire, 500 per hit, and each excess increment of 3 on a successful attack means another hit. HP: 900/900 EP: 680/880
  10. *Well, what do ya know?* Apparently, Kai had more tricks up his sleeve than Francis had considered. Looks like after this he really owed Kai one. Before Albert's shocked gaze, Francis rose, body and armor reforming, and he agreed with Nagareboshi. *Now indeed.* Albert forced off his signs of dismay and shrugged, the demonic, nasty form crunching with the joints. "Well, props to you, Gold. I'll still win again, Bankai or not." Francis giggled, as he sensed the power there. "Oh, suuuuure. Bankai..." Crackling energy burst from his armor into an obscuring storm, jolts and volts making Albert flinch back. For long moments, the storm of electric and stranger energies continued, hiding Francis from view. Then it faded away, showing the agent's transformation. His armor had been transformed into a sleek, elegant, full-body armored suit of a chrome-platinum in color and appearance, without any lines or apparent deviation from the smooth flow of his body. Even Nagareboshi had apparently obtained a chrome-like plating, gleaming in the light. "...Nagareboshi Ferrus. Sucks to be you, Albert. Sorry about this." Before a word could pass further - a series of pistol reports sounded, and then the holes in Albert Grimm's head had become noticeable to observers. His mouth parted slightly, before his body fell limply to the ground.
  11. Albert laughed, a crackling, grotesque, tortured sound. "Keep your eye on the mission, Gold. I told you that years ago, and you're back to induction training again." Francis bowed his head, smiling off the insult, and let out one head clearing exhalation. Then he shifted into a firing stance and began shooting, a rattling volley from Nagareboshi. The demonic Agent grunted as two of the bullets hit, but raised his arms, sending a storm of spines at Francis. Francis started blinking out of position, using his teleport system to evade each sharp projectile before it could hit him. So far, so good. He continued firing with Nagareboshi with regular ammo, to weaken Albert before using the big firepower. Albert was still quick enough despite his bulk, leaving only one round to hit home of the salvo. Before Francis' eyes nearly a third of the damage to Albert healed, and his mouth opened revealing an inhuman grin, of canines and jagged frontal mandibles. Francis shrugged, even as the spray of spines filled the air. "Big deal. It's not going fast enough." More bullets, endless from Nagareboshi in response. Francis left every spot before a spine could pass through it, Albert grimaced, and continued moving trying to circle Francis. Another batch of spines thrown out, almost haphazardly. By luck, one of the spines sliced along Francis' side, but the armor blunted a fair portion of the cutting force as the point scratched its way through. His nanobots were already responding. The injury was currently negligible. Francis grinned in mockery back at Albert as he continued his teleporting enfilade. Albert merely chuckled as if it was no bother."You're not too bad, but I have your measure now." With that Albert shifted, his chitin-like skin glowing, as did all the spines. He suddenly moves much faster, and vanished. Francis was shocked out of his complacency... too late. Albert's claws struck with burning ichor and deep gouges on Francis' chest, lashing up, then tearing a great hack down Francis' stomach. What was more, the nanites were reporting increasing inflammation in the wounds. Stepping back a tad to avoid spine followups, Fracis spat a wad of blood out and looked at Albert more seriously. "Fine... COMET BULLET!" The massive attack hit, a radiant storm of energy, but Francis blinked in utter shock when Albert looked none the worse for wear afterward. "You were always so predictable. I was worried when you didn't use your energy pistols. Thanks for being you though." If anything, Albert looked better off now than he had before the massive shot. He sent a flight of spikes that missed due to heightened alertness on Francis' part, but he was smiling now, the smile of someone looking at a dead man. Francis' mouth dropped a fraction, and internally, he realized Albert might be right here. No more Comet Bullets, he supposed, but what then? Go for the weak points, he decided, shooting more regular shots, one targeted for the eyes. More of the chitin was flecked away, but still, it wasn't enough. From Albert's back, long claw-tipped arms reached out, looking to skewer Francis. Francis teleported twice in a row, and those arms could not reach the Agent of Homeline. Francis found one weak spot in the chitin with his next shot, but Albert laughed one more time and held out his arms. There was a crackling of energy between his mouth, arms and the arms on his back before a massive torrent of energy spewed forth, and swept the area, sickly green like balefire. Francis was engulfed with a cry, the green fire burning intensely, systems in the armor smoking out and becoming a wreck. The near corpse of his form collapsed onto the ground. Pain near to that of Sounga aggravated nerves. Albert looked on as, Francis coughed and gasped for breath, trying to draw breath through overheated lung, shaking his head through the pain. Yep, this was it. As Albert leered and peered down at his former pupil's charred body, Francis had a few regrets to admit to his Zanpakuto. *Well, Nagareboshi, I suppose this is it. Dammit, I just wish that if I were to die, I could take Albert with me... One less person to get in Kai and the others' way.* It was going to be incumbent on them to save the universe now.
  12. Irony. Francis had saved Kelly one day, and now everyone else in her team had fallen. So was she. Dammit, it really did get to him now, how so many had to fall before the universe had some frigging peace. Then the threats, the dueling. Probably a delaying tactic, then Francis saw and listened to all that came. Amaya, Archer (from the records of Ikaris, he recognized), the prototype Hideko. Sakura's mother. Kazuo. And Albert. Francis stared back quietly into those eyes. His mentor and old partner, eh? Agent Gold had no idea of what Grimm went through all these years, since he disappeared. One more thing to bring up violently with this white-haired guy. "Dammit. You really want to play it this way? Fine... You'll just be hearing from us when all is said and done. Me and Nagareboshi." OOC Initiative: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 3+6+18: 27
  13. Francis looked blank, struggling mightily to follow and comprehend the enormity of what was being suggested here. Finally he found something to latch onto that he could respond to here. "Akina was a guy? And isn't she all the way on Earth?"
  14. "What now?" Francis teleported onto the scene, apparently released from the medics now, armor repaired. "I get the feeling things may be getting worse?"
  15. Francis found the control, and tapped it, teleporting out the downed Spartans. His finger hovered on the button. "Ready to take us away on your go." Grace set up everything and shouted, "Go!" Before the underground lit up with ferocious explosions, Grace and Francis were gone, back up top with the injured, and then Francis teleported them again back to the base camp.
  16. *OOF* Francis shook his head. "You owe me nothing. I'm just doing what has to be done for comrades. And once the armor's nano-tech returns online, it'll restore to full integrity eventually." The reactor was still going, he observed. "So, set charges and then I'll teleport us out before blowing it?"
  17. The spray ate at his flesh and hurt, already alerts that his regenerative armor features were inadequate. It didn't matter, Kelly was swathed in it, and trusting he could make it through, he ran to her side and started wiping away the acid. Naturally it was biting even more, but even with tears Francis ignored it. Sounga had done far far worse to him than Invader ichor. More alerts of armor integrity damage. He didn't care. Kelly had no business dying now... OOC Francis is at 490 HP, having taken 200 direct damage for acid, cleaning it off, and additional burns.
  18. "Grace, fall back!" Francis ordered. At this rate, they'd be lucky if he kept alive to around to get them medical care. He lifted a foot, and then charged at the Queen, daring to leap on the tail and dart around spikes before firing another Comet Bullet. OOC Heals 25 from Regen Spirit Commands Active: Passion Comet Bullet on the Queen: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 4+5+19: 28 Jeremy *rolls* 1d6: 2: 2 Damage: 200x2 = 400 dmg HP: 690/700 EP: 385/680
  19. *Right, you heard her Nagareboshi.* Francis communicated to his Zanpakuto, even as he lined up another bead. *One... more... shot!* The Comet Bullet rocketed off, dead-on, but would it finish the Queen? OOC Heals 25 from Regen Spirit Commands Active: Passion Comet Bullet on the Queen: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+2+19: 27 Jeremy *rolls* 1d6: 2: 2 Damage: 200x2 = 400 dmg HP: 665/700 EP: 440/680
  20. The acid came in a great vitriolic spray, but it was met with glowing energy as Francis vented his armored in a defensive maneuver that stopped the wave sharp. The ground was eaten up nastily though. Francis glared back and fired another Comet Bullet, not even commanding this time. OOC Defense Rolls: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+6+19: 31 Heals 25 from Regen Spirit Commands Active: Passion Comet Bullet on the Queen: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 5+5+19: 29 Jeremy *rolls* 1d6: 3: 3 Damage: 300x2 = 600 dmg HP: 640/700 EP: 495/680
  21. Francis saw it sweep in, and tried to vault over each swipe. He managed the first, but the second had one spike stab deep into his thigh. Bitting back the pain, he realized this beast would probably take them out if not taken out first. "Ok, you, Queenie, and me. Comet Bullet!" And Nagareboshi belched fire out as a counterpoint. OOC Defense Rolls: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 4+2+19: 25 Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 1+1+19: 21 Second One hits then for 110 dmg, heals 25 from Regen Spirit Commands Active: Passion Comet Bullet on the Queen: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 4+4+19: 27 Jeremy *rolls* 1d6: 2: 2 Damage: 200x2 = 400 dmg HP: 615/700 EP: 560/680
  22. Oh great. Francis, wary of the collateral damage risks, but aware that the queen was going to wreak havoc, switched to regular bullets on the Alphas, hoping to save energy. OOC Spirit Commands Active: None Firing regular Nagareboshi bullets at Two Alphas, two on each. Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 4+1+19: 24 Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+4+19: 29 Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 1+3+19: 23 Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 1+3+19: 23 Damage: 150 each HP: 700/700 EP: 615/680
  23. The Spartans formed around Francis, and he looked at the odds. Eleven to Seven could change fast, if the eggs hatched. Focusing on a knot of Alphas, he focused with Nagareboshi. "Comet Bullet." A projectile whizzing, and burst-flame consuming Demon-Invaders. OOC Spirit Commands Active: Passion Comet Bullet vs. as many Alphas as can be caught in Area 4: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 3+6+19: 28 Jeremy *rolls* 1d6: 3: 3 Damage: 300x2 = 600 dmg HP: 700/700 EP: 615/680
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