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  1. Francis stirred, slowly rising out of the torpor he had been in. Slowly, as the pain lessened, his eyes began to slide open and adjust to the light in the room. Damn, shitty coordinates. Hope nothing bad happ- His hand was patting his holster where his Metro-Tech pistol is. Or was, rather to be honest. Same with his armor itself. The facts that these was not with him, and the possible implications, brought him up with a start and a gasp. His eyes somehow fastened on Kai, and the curious look told him that his chances of avoiding the 'not of this Earth' question was nil. Immediately, he rubbed his head and decided to test if he could make a cover identity in this situation. "First things first, where am I?"
  2. In a lab in Tokyo, in an alternate Earth... "Your orders, Gold, are to enter Earth Prime's dimension, and link up with our branch office in Tokyo. You're going to see how far you can get into this Satoshi corporation, and update us as soon as you can on our operations and the state of the situation there. Use your discretion if the branch office has been wiped out." Francis Gold saluted his briefing officer and then looked over to the techs setting his coordinates. One flashed the all clear signal, and then he donned his temporal harness. Suddenly, a freckled-face young man screeched "Wait! The coordin-" But Gold had already activated the harness. Then he found himself in the outdoors of an park, just before crashing back-first into the ground, hard. He barely had time to realize something went wrong before blacking out. The harness under his suit was built of super-strong materials, but the crash just after the effects of cross-dimensional travel had weakened it just long enough for the landing to inflict severe, and irreparable damage to the harness and attached comm-gear. In Earth Prime Tokyo's Central Park... A young woman looked over the re-seeding of the grass there, sprinkling a handful of seed in. Suddenly, a flash caught her eye as out of the air, a young man in dark-clad attire fell to the group with a thud. He did not move.
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