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  1. Ali didn't know what had suddenly happened with Siobhan and the red spider. All he knew was that the girl with the gun had proven to be the most effective so far against the spider. If more attacked, or the big (comparative to normal spiders rather than the giant specimens rampaging in these underground depths) spider had a poison bite... Ali hurried over and delivered an openhanded smack to the big red. It had too much mass to fall off from the blow, but it seemed stunned...
  2. Str+Brawl to smack the spider off Siobhan's shoulder: DiceParserBOT Today at 12:12 PM # 5 Details:[4d2 (1 2 1 1)]
  3. Giant spiders. It had to be giant spiders. For a moment, Ali was four again, frightened by the tiny arachnid climbing up the wall. Little did his pre-school self imagine there would one day be spiders of a size that could actually eat him. It just wasn't enough to be kidnapped by Nazis. But he wasn't four, and people were in danger. Unfortunately, Juno throwing rocks wasn't enough to deter the monster from trying to eat Graham and Jenny. LaHaye was searching for weapons but there wouldn't be enough time. So instinctively, Ali put himself in the way, between Graham, Jenny and the arachnid terror. Self-sacrificing? True. But he'd scooped up some dirt before running and now tossed it into the thing's eyes. With so many of them, something ought to get in and weaken its assault.
  4. Ali gets in the way and throws dirt into spider eyes! Dex 2 + Athletics 2. DiceParserBOTToday at 12:24 PM # 6 Details:[4d2 (2 1 1 2)]
  5. Initiative Details:[5d2 (2 1 2 1 1)] 2 successes.
  6. "Nothing we can do about it." Ali acknowledged. Underground? Well, that would explain how these Nazis figured they could evade pursuit, but they had to come above ground, right? Living down here itself couldn't be sustainable. The answer might offer them a path towards escape. For now though, Ali bent his knees and prepared for some heavy labor hauling.
  7. Quietly, grudgingly, Ali began to put them on. It was a humiliation and horrible thing, but the Nazis had already demonstrated their complete willingness to follow up with their threats, and he did not want to serve as an example for anyone to get themselves abandoned and killed meaninglessly. Of course, after what happened to Graham, it was likely to be enough of an example to get his fellow prisoners to comply.
  8. "Ali, since I didn't get the chance earlier." Ali said as he finally joined Juno and LaHaye, face tired from the stress of being responsible for a man's life while being held prisoner by genuine monsters who lived up to their shoulder insignia. "Will you mind Arabic? Allah Akbar." He softly told the other two with a crooked smile. For God is great and kind and he will give us our chance.
  9. Ali was one of those calling for Jimmy and Graham to stop, and his face twisted in shock, outrage and horror when the latter was gunned down. Beyond question now, these were the genuine article of heartless murderers. But something then clicked in his head, and the same focus that had brought him into the alleyway in the first place turned on now, with a real emergency to deal with. "Lana, please move." Ali politely but firmly instructed her, taking her place over Graham's body. Many people never had to deal with treating a gunshot wound, let along three at once. But they had been taught in med school, so he pulled up his memory of the important elements. Stop the bleeding - pressure and dressings, if not a tourniquet. "Someone lend me their shirt, or something else you can spare." All above the waist, so don't elevate the legs. Ali knew he could have a chance to prevent the shock and blood loss from being fatal perhaps, but in this filthy place there was no way to prevent infection. No degree yet, absolute improvisation and no help to be expected from their guards. But he had to try and save Graham's life.
  10. Ali wasn't sure how the Nazis were achieving this removal, but it didn't really matter. It was clear that they had something up their sleeve and weren't planning on sharing it. So for now, he focused on helping treat the injured, no matter how minor they might be, and helping them cope. "We'll figure something out, and the authorities will crack down on these survivalist Nazis so hard their jaws will be stuck permanently open." he promised the pair of black youths, "We'll be back in no time and you'll have an entertaining story to tell your mother." This calmed them a little. "I'm Ali. You?" The boy answered, "I'm Shawn. This is Lana. You a doctor?" Ali blinked. "Medical student, actually. How'd you guess?" "You talk like the doctor did when he told Mama..." Shawn trailed off, clearly it was an uncomfortable subject and their mother had a serious medical condition. "Always try and think positive." Ali acknowledged.
  11. Ali's mind came to slowly, working in stages. First came basic awakening and sensory awareness of his self. On instinct, he was starting to check his arm when he realized that other people were positioned on his left, right and lap. So instead, he focused on helping the older man, and the teen up to sitting positions as they began to break from their slumber. Next came the black woman his age. It was then that he began to make sense of their surroundings and what had happened to him before hand. And there was a lot to take in. The bars and the door. The distinctly horrible smell of the buckets, which made Ali want to retch both as a physical reaction and as any quasi-decent medical professional would to the utter unsanitary condition of it all. Finally, the guards, whose uniforms and insignia were clear, but looked more like extras from a movie than any actual people today right? One of the other prisoners on the other side of the room expressed his thoughts, but unfortunately the reality of their circumstances and Ali's own memories were too strong to allow a lasting denial. However improbable it might be. "I can only speak for myself," Ali responded, throat a tad dry, "but in my experience no party requires its guests to be tricked into an alleyway and drugged. So yes, we have in fact been kidnapped by Nazis." The medical student's gaze, equally dry, turned on their captors. "Tell me, Herrs. Have you decided to upgrade from being merely skinheads, or do you claim to be the definitive article?"
  12. The noise of excitement generated by the crowd pumped up and down like roaring waves on a beach. One person stood at the fringe of that sea of people, not contributing to the volume or the excitement. Ali had a heavy hooded red winter coat on over a long shirt, and black snow pants over long pants. The weather had been cold enough to justify the extra layers, but right now he had his hood down. At a moment like this, one could feel subsumed into the crowd, just disappearing as one among many. Ali liked that feeling at the moment. Better to just be one of the New Year celebrants right now than Ali Badren. Supposedly, it only counted as henpecking when it was from your wife. But Ali wasn't married and he was pretty sure what he had gotten from his parents qualified. Questioning how his studies were going, what plans he had made for when his residency came, offering strong-worded - and not entirely optional - advice. His mother and father hadn't graduated out of being helicopter parents even though now Ali and Leyla were adults. Leyla had taken a backseat during their discussions, though she was likely just grateful to not be the focus of their attention. She was in college, yet to have to pick a major. Would she have said no if they insisted what it should be? Would she have told them to stop? Ali didn't know, because the uncomfortable fact was, he was old enough to vote, to drink (not that he did so), to drive and soon to be entrusted with the responsibility of the health of patients, but apparently not old enough to stand up to his parents. Ali felt angry. At them, and at himself. The truth was, he was feeling overworked, lonely and too much festering inside. He turned around and walked away, not sure which street he was walking on, but anything would do. He needed the cold air and time to think. Several blocks down, Ali caught the lights of the area illuminating a church, its sign at the front saying it was Roman Catholic. Not open, he observed with a sigh. Spiritual advice might have helped. Growing up in an interracial and interfaith family, a Muslim father and Catholic mother, Ali had responded by adopting both religions in a syncretic, flexible fashion. He attended services at either a church or a mosque, abstained from pork and alcohol (and went kosher with other meats) and celebrated Ramadan and Christmas with equal fervor. After all, God was the God of the book, Bible or Koran. "Someone help! Help!" When the shout broke in, Ali realized he was alone on the street, except for the man yelling from the entry of an alleyway. Ali rushed over and got a look at him. White man, blond hair. "What is it?" "My friend needs a doctor!" The man shouted frantically. "He's having problems breathing. There's no time for an ambulance. You have to help him!" "I will." Ali agreed without a moment's thought, following him into the alley. This was why Ali admittedly would likely have chosen to be a doctor anyway, even if Amin Badren hadn't expected his son to follow in his footsteps. He wanted to help people. Looking back, it should have been a flag that a complete stranger on the street knew Ali was in the medical profession without even asking. But Ali hadn't questioned in then. He hastened over, seeing a man on the ground halfway across. The patient, his symptoms were... A stabbing feeling lanced into his neck. A syringe, Ali realized. In moments his body seized up and hands caught him as his body began to collapse. The supposed victim began to get up. The last thing Ali heard was the bells and peak roar, signaling the beginning of 2019.
  13. Name: Ali Badren Archetype: Doctor Motivation: Duty Background Ali Badren lived within a constricting home in New York City. His father Amin, a Lebanese doctor who had immigrated to the United States and married Mara, Ali's Catholic mother, and they'd had him and his younger sister Leyla. Despite the apparent blush of diversity in such a household, the weight of parental expectation smothered the children anyway. Services every Sunday, whether it be at church or the mosque, Leyla couldn't be something ultimately as 'unproductive' as a Hollywood actress, and it was only natural for Ali to prepare for Johns Hopkins, Harvard or any other university with a first rate medical school. Programmed for obedience in his upbringing, though slowly and surely stewing at the enforced pressure on him, Ali dutifully plodded along. Granted, a kind person like Ali might have chosen to be a doctor anyway, but to have the decision foisted on him was an entirely different kettle of fish! Ultimately, he went through the University of Pennsylvania, diligent in his studies and bleeding out his frustration at the gym and through the punching bag. In the middle of medical school, he learned about the death of his childhood friend James Lee and came back for the funeral during the winter break. At Times Square, he went out alone, wanting time to think about his life and how he was going to handle the new year...
  14. Ali is having a meal with some dorm pals at Charlie Gitto's.
  15. It's the Hippocratic Oath, not a vow of pacifism, Dave. There's room for interpretation, and depending on what we're dealing with, room to sidestep. And in particular, that's why I linked to it, so we're clear that this does not mean Ali is a non-combatant.
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